Apache Hadoop Changelog

Release 3.1.4 - 2020-07-21


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
YARN-9761 Allow overriding application submissions based on server side configs Major . Jonathan Hung pralabhkumar
YARN-9760 Support configuring application priorities on a workflow level Major . Jonathan Hung Varun Saxena
HDFS-14745 Backport HDFS persistent memory read cache support to branch-3.1 Major . Feilong He Feilong He
HDFS-12943 Consistent Reads from Standby Node Major hdfs Konstantin Shvachko Konstantin Shvachko


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
YARN-8361 Change App Name Placement Rule to use App Name instead of App Id for configuration Major yarn Zian Chen Zian Chen
YARN-8750 Refactor TestQueueMetrics Minor resourcemanager Szilard Nemeth Szilard Nemeth
HADOOP-15849 Upgrade netty version to 3.10.6 Major . Xiao Chen Xiao Chen
HDFS-14064 WEBHDFS: Support Enable/Disable EC Policy Major erasure-coding, webhdfs Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HDFS-14113 EC : Add Configuration to restrict UserDefined Policies Major erasure-coding Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HDFS-14124 EC : Support EC Commands (set/get/unset EcPolicy) via WebHdfs Major erasure-coding, httpfs, webhdfs Souryakanta Dwivedy Ayush Saxena
HDFS-14006 Refactor name node to allow different token verification implementations Major . CR Hota CR Hota
HADOOP-15909 KeyProvider class should implement Closeable Major kms Kuhu Shukla Kuhu Shukla
HDFS-14187 Make warning message more clear when there are not enough data nodes for EC write Major erasure-coding Kitti Nanasi Kitti Nanasi
HDFS-14235 Handle ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in DataNodeDiskMetrics#slowDiskDetectionDaemon Major . Surendra Singh Lilhore Ranith Sardar
HADOOP-16126 ipc.Client.stop() may sleep too long to wait for all connections Major ipc Tsz-wo Sze Tsz-wo Sze
HADOOP-16140 hadoop fs expunge to add -immediate option to purge trash immediately Major fs Stephen O’Donnell Stephen O’Donnell
HADOOP-15014 KMS should log the IP address of the clients Major kms Zsombor Gegesy Zsombor Gegesy
HDFS-14460 DFSUtil#getNamenodeWebAddr should return HTTPS address based on policy configured Major . CR Hota CR Hota
HDFS-14624 When decommissioning a node, log remaining blocks to replicate periodically Major namenode Stephen O’Donnell Stephen O’Donnell
HDFS-13693 Remove unnecessary search in INodeDirectory.addChild during image loading Major namenode zhouyingchao Lisheng Sun
HDFS-14313 Get hdfs used space from FsDatasetImpl#volumeMap#ReplicaInfo in memory instead of df/du Major datanode, performance Lisheng Sun Lisheng Sun
HDFS-14678 Allow triggerBlockReport to a specific namenode Major datanode Leon Gao Leon Gao
HDFS-14523 Remove excess read lock for NetworkToplogy Major . Wu Weiwei Wu Weiwei
HDFS-14497 Write lock held by metasave impact following RPC processing Major namenode Xiaoqiao He Xiaoqiao He
YARN-9756 Create metric that sums total memory/vcores preempted per round Major capacity scheduler Eric Payne Manikandan R
YARN-9810 Add queue capacity/maxcapacity percentage metrics Major . Jonathan Hung Shubham Gupta
HADOOP-16531 Log more detail for slow RPC Major . Chen Zhang Chen Zhang
YARN-9763 Print application tags in application summary Major . Jonathan Hung Manoj Kumar
YARN-9764 Print application submission context label in application summary Major . Jonathan Hung Manoj Kumar
YARN-9824 Fall back to configured queue ordering policy class name Major . Jonathan Hung Jonathan Hung
HADOOP-16069 Support configure ZK_DTSM_ZK_KERBEROS_PRINCIPAL in ZKDelegationTokenSecretManager using principal with Schema /_HOST Minor common luhuachao luhuachao
YARN-9762 Add submission context label to audit logs Major . Jonathan Hung Manoj Kumar
HDFS-14850 Optimize FileSystemAccessService#getFileSystemConfiguration Major httpfs, performance Lisheng Sun Lisheng Sun
HDFS-14192 Track missing DFS operations in Statistics and StorageStatistics Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HADOOP-16625 Backport HADOOP-14624 to branch-3.1 Major . Wei-Chiu Chuang Wei-Chiu Chuang
YARN-9356 Add more tests to ratio method in TestResourceCalculator Major . Szilard Nemeth Zoltan Siegl
HDFS-14915 Move Superuser Check Before Taking Lock For Encryption API Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HDFS-14921 Remove SuperUser Check in Setting Storage Policy in FileStatus During Listing Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HDFS-14923 Remove dead code from HealthMonitor Minor . Fei Hui Fei Hui
YARN-9914 Use separate configs for free disk space checking for full and not-full disks Minor yarn Jim Brennan Jim Brennan
MAPREDUCE-7208 Tuning TaskRuntimeEstimator Minor . Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HDFS-14942 Change Log Level to debug in JournalNodeSyncer#syncWithJournalAtIndex Minor . Lisheng Sun Lisheng Sun
HDFS-14979 [Observer Node] Balancer should submit getBlocks to Observer Node when possible Major balancer & mover, hdfs Erik Krogen Erik Krogen
HADOOP-16705 MBeanInfoBuilder puts unnecessary memory pressure on the system with a debug log Major metrics Lukas Majercak Lukas Majercak
HADOOP-16712 Config ha.failover-controller.active-standby-elector.zk.op.retries is not in core-default.xml Trivial . Wei-Chiu Chuang Xieming Li
HADOOP-16703 Backport HADOOP-16152 to branch-3.1 Major . Siyao Meng Siyao Meng
HDFS-14952 Skip safemode if blockTotal is 0 in new NN Trivial namenode Rajesh Balamohan Xiaoqiao He
YARN-8842 Expose metrics for custom resource types in QueueMetrics Major . Szilard Nemeth Szilard Nemeth
YARN-9966 Code duplication in UserGroupMappingPlacementRule Major . Szilard Nemeth Kevin Su
YARN-9937 Add missing queue configs in RMWebService#CapacitySchedulerQueueInfo Major capacity scheduler Prabhu Joseph Prabhu Joseph
HADOOP-16718 Allow disabling Server Name Indication (SNI) for Jetty Major . Siyao Meng Aravindan Vijayan
HADOOP-16735 Make it clearer in config default that EnvironmentVariableCredentialsProvider supports AWS_SESSION_TOKEN Minor documentation, fs/s3 Mingliang Liu Mingliang Liu
YARN-10012 Guaranteed and max capacity queue metrics for custom resources Major . Jonathan Hung Manikandan R
HDFS-15050 Optimize log information when DFSInputStream meet CannotObtainBlockLengthException Major dfsclient Xiaoqiao He Xiaoqiao He
YARN-10033 TestProportionalCapacityPreemptionPolicy not initializing vcores for effective max resources Major capacity scheduler, test Eric Payne Eric Payne
YARN-10039 Allow disabling app submission from REST endpoints Major . Jonathan Hung Jonathan Hung
YARN-9894 CapacitySchedulerPerf test for measuring hundreds of apps in a large number of queues. Major capacity scheduler, test Eric Payne Eric Payne
HADOOP-16771 Update checkstyle to 8.26 and maven-checkstyle-plugin to 3.1.0 Major build Andras Bokor Andras Bokor
YARN-10009 In Capacity Scheduler, DRC can treat minimum user limit percent as a max when custom resource is defined Critical capacity scheduler Eric Payne Eric Payne
HDFS-12999 When reach the end of the block group, it may not need to flush all the data packets(flushAllInternals) twice. Major erasure-coding, hdfs-client lufei lufei
HDFS-15074 DataNode.DataTransfer thread should catch all the expception and log it. Major datanode Surendra Singh Lilhore Hemanth Boyina
HDFS-14740 Recover data blocks from persistent memory read cache during datanode restarts Major caching, datanode Feilong He Feilong He
HDFS-15097 Purge log in KMS and HttpFS Minor httpfs, kms Doris Gu Doris Gu
HDFS-14968 Add ability to know datanode staleness Minor datanode, logging, namenode Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
YARN-7913 Improve error handling when application recovery fails with exception Major resourcemanager Gergo Repas Wilfred Spiegelenburg
HDFS-15119 Allow expiration of cached locations in DFSInputStream Minor dfsclient Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
MAPREDUCE-7262 MRApp helpers block for long intervals (500ms) Minor mr-am Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
YARN-10084 Allow inheritance of max app lifetime / default app lifetime Major capacity scheduler Eric Payne Eric Payne
HDFS-12491 Support wildcard in CLASSPATH for libhdfs Major libhdfs John Zhuge Muhammad Samir Khan
YARN-10116 Expose diagnostics in RMAppManager summary Major . Jonathan Hung Jonathan Hung
HDFS-14758 Decrease lease hard limit Minor . Eric Payne Hemanth Boyina
HDFS-15086 Block scheduled counter never get decremet if the block got deleted before replication. Major 3.1.1 Surendra Singh Lilhore Hemanth Boyina
HDFS-15174 Optimize ReplicaCachingGetSpaceUsed by reducing unnecessary io operations Major . Lisheng Sun Lisheng Sun
YARN-9018 Add functionality to AuxiliaryLocalPathHandler to return all locations to read for a given path Major . Kuhu Shukla Kuhu Shukla
HDFS-14861 Reset LowRedundancyBlocks Iterator periodically Major namenode Stephen O’Donnell Stephen O’Donnell
HADOOP-16882 Update jackson-databind to in branch-3.1, branch-2.10 Blocker . Wei-Chiu Chuang Lisheng Sun
HADOOP-16776 backport HADOOP-16775: distcp copies to s3 are randomly corrupted Blocker tools/distcp Amir Shenavandeh Amir Shenavandeh
HDFS-15197 [SBN read] Change ObserverRetryOnActiveException log to debug Minor hdfs Chen Liang Chen Liang
YARN-10200 Add number of containers to RMAppManager summary Major . Jonathan Hung Jonathan Hung
HADOOP-16952 Add .diff to gitignore Minor . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
YARN-10212 Create separate configuration for max global AM attempts Major . Jonathan Hung Bilwa S T
YARN-9954 Configurable max application tags and max tag length Major . Jonathan Hung Bilwa S T
HADOOP-17001 The suffix name of the unified compression class Major io bianqi bianqi
HDFS-15295 AvailableSpaceBlockPlacementPolicy should use chooseRandomWithStorageTypeTwoTrial() for better performance. Minor . Jinglun Jinglun
HADOOP-17127 Use RpcMetrics.TIMEUNIT to initialize rpc queueTime and processingTime Minor common Jim Brennan Jim Brennan


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HDFS-13806 EC: No error message for unsetting EC policy of the directory inherits the erasure coding policy from an ancestor directory Minor erasure-coding Souryakanta Dwivedy Ayush Saxena
HDFS-12459 Fix revert: Add new op GETFILEBLOCKLOCATIONS to WebHDFS REST API Major webhdfs Weiwei Yang Weiwei Yang
HADOOP-15418 Hadoop KMSAuthenticationFilter needs to use getPropsByPrefix instead of iterator to avoid ConcurrentModificationException Major common Suma Shivaprasad Suma Shivaprasad
HDFS-14004 TestLeaseRecovery2#testCloseWhileRecoverLease fails intermittently in trunk Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HDFS-13959 TestUpgradeDomainBlockPlacementPolicy is flaky Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
YARN-8948 PlacementRule interface should be for all YarnSchedulers Major . Bibin Chundatt Bibin Chundatt
HADOOP-16013 DecayRpcScheduler decay thread should run as a daemon Major ipc Erik Krogen Erik Krogen
HDFS-14175 EC: Native XOR decoder should reset the output buffer before using it. Major ec, hdfs Surendra Singh Lilhore Ayush Saxena
HDFS-14202 “dfs.disk.balancer.max.disk.throughputInMBperSec” property is not working as per set value. Major diskbalancer Ranith Sardar Ranith Sardar
HADOOP-16032 Distcp It should clear sub directory ACL before applying new ACL on it. Major tools/distcp Ranith Sardar Ranith Sardar
HADOOP-16127 In ipc.Client, put a new connection could happen after stop Major ipc Tsz-wo Sze Tsz-wo Sze
YARN-4901 QueueMetrics needs to be cleared before MockRM is initialized Major scheduler Daniel Templeton Peter Bacsko
HADOOP-16161 NetworkTopology#getWeightUsingNetworkLocation return unexpected result Major net Xiaoqiao He Xiaoqiao He
HDFS-14434 webhdfs that connect secure hdfs should not use user.name parameter Minor webhdfs KWON BYUNGCHANG KWON BYUNGCHANG
HDFS-14527 Stop all DataNodes may result in NN terminate Major namenode Xiaoqiao He Xiaoqiao He
HDFS-14494 Move Server logging of StatedId inside receiveRequestState() Major . Konstantin Shvachko Shweta
HDFS-14618 Incorrect synchronization of ArrayList field (ArrayList is thread-unsafe). Critical . Paul Ward Paul Ward
HDFS-14610 HashMap is not thread safe. Field storageMap is typically synchronized by storageMap. However, in one place, field storageMap is not protected with synchronized. Critical . Paul Ward Paul Ward
HDFS-14499 Misleading REM_QUOTA value with snapshot and trash feature enabled for a directory Major snapshots Shashikant Banerjee Shashikant Banerjee
HDFS-14647 NPE during secure namenode startup Major hdfs Fengnan Li Fengnan Li
HADOOP-16461 Regression: FileSystem cache lock parses XML within the lock Major fs Gopal Vijayaraghavan Gopal Vijayaraghavan
HDFS-14660 [SBN Read] ObserverNameNode should throw StandbyException for requests not from ObserverProxyProvider Major . Chao Sun Chao Sun
HDFS-14569 Result of crypto -listZones is not formatted properly Major . Hemanth Boyina Hemanth Boyina
HADOOP-12282 Connection thread’s name should be updated after address changing is detected Major ipc zhouyingchao Lisheng Sun
HDFS-14686 HttpFS: HttpFSFileSystem#getErasureCodingPolicy always returns null Major httpfs Siyao Meng Siyao Meng
HADOOP-15865 ConcurrentModificationException in Configuration.overlay() method Major . Oleksandr Shevchenko Oleksandr Shevchenko
HDFS-14759 HDFS cat logs an info message Major . Eric Badger Eric Badger
HDFS-2470 NN should automatically set permissions on dfs.namenode.*.dir Major namenode Aaron Myers Siddharth Wagle
YARN-9718 Yarn REST API, services endpoint remote command ejection Major . Eric Yang Eric Yang
YARN-9813 RM does not start on JDK11 when UIv2 is enabled Critical resourcemanager, yarn Adam Antal Adam Antal
YARN-9820 RM logs InvalidStateTransitionException when app is submitted Critical . Rohith Sharma K S Prabhu Joseph
HDFS-14838 RBF: Display RPC (instead of HTTP) Port Number in RBF web UI Minor rbf, ui Xieming Li Xieming Li
HDFS-14699 Erasure Coding: Storage not considered in live replica when replication streams hard limit reached to threshold Critical ec Zhao Yi Ming Zhao Yi Ming
YARN-9833 Race condition when DirectoryCollection.checkDirs() runs during container launch Major . Peter Bacsko Peter Bacsko
YARN-9837 YARN Service fails to fetch status for Stopped apps with bigger spec files Major yarn-native-services Tarun Parimi Tarun Parimi
YARN-2255 YARN Audit logging not added to log4j.properties Major . Varun Saxena Aihua Xu
HDFS-14836 FileIoProvider should not increase FileIoErrors metric in datanode volume metric Minor . Aiphago Aiphago
HADOOP-16581 ValueQueue does not trigger an async refill when number of values falls below watermark Major common, kms Yuval Degani Yuval Degani
HDFS-14853 NPE in DFSNetworkTopology#chooseRandomWithStorageType() when the excludedNode is not present Major . Ranith Sardar Ranith Sardar
HDFS-13660 DistCp job fails when new data is appended in the file while the distCp copy job is running Critical distcp Mukund Thakur Mukund Thakur
HDFS-14808 EC: Improper size values for corrupt ec block in LOG Major ec Harshakiran Reddy Ayush Saxena
HDFS-14849 Erasure Coding: the internal block is replicated many times when datanode is decommissioning Major ec, erasure-coding HuangTao HuangTao
YARN-9858 Optimize RMContext getExclusiveEnforcedPartitions Major . Jonathan Hung Jonathan Hung
HDFS-14492 Snapshot memory leak Major snapshots Wei-Chiu Chuang Wei-Chiu Chuang
HDFS-14418 Remove redundant super user priveledge checks from namenode. Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HDFS-14216 NullPointerException happens in NamenodeWebHdfs Critical . lujie lujie
HDFS-14637 Namenode may not replicate blocks to meet the policy after enabling upgradeDomain Major namenode Stephen O’Donnell Stephen O’Donnell
HDFS-14879 Header was wrong in Snapshot web UI Major . Hemanth Boyina Hemanth Boyina
HDFS-14655 [SBN Read] Namenode crashes if one of The JN is down Critical . Harshakiran Reddy Ayush Saxena
HDFS-14859 Prevent unnecessary evaluation of costly operation getNumLiveDataNodes when dfs.namenode.safemode.min.datanodes is not zero Major hdfs Srinivasu Majeti Srinivasu Majeti
YARN-6715 Fix documentation about NodeHealthScriptRunner Major documentation, nodemanager Peter Bacsko Peter Bacsko
YARN-9552 FairScheduler: NODE_UPDATE can cause NoSuchElementException Major fairscheduler Peter Bacsko Peter Bacsko
HDFS-14754 Erasure Coding : The number of Under-Replicated Blocks never reduced Critical ec Hemanth Boyina Hemanth Boyina
HDFS-14245 Class cast error in GetGroups with ObserverReadProxyProvider Major . Shen Yinjie Erik Krogen
HDFS-14373 EC : Decoding is failing when block group last incomplete cell fall in to AlignedStripe Critical ec, hdfs-client Surendra Singh Lilhore Surendra Singh Lilhore
HDFS-14509 DN throws InvalidToken due to inequality of password when upgrade NN 2.x to 3.x Blocker . Yuxuan Wang Yuxuan Wang
HDFS-14886 In NameNode Web UI’s Startup Progress page, Loading edits always shows 0 sec Major . Hemanth Boyina Hemanth Boyina
YARN-8453 Additional Unit tests to verify queue limit and max-limit with multiple resource types Major capacity scheduler Sunil G Adam Antal
HDFS-14890 Setting permissions on name directory fails on non posix compliant filesystems Blocker . hirik Siddharth Wagle
HADOOP-16580 Disable retry of FailoverOnNetworkExceptionRetry in case of AccessControlException Major common Adam Antal Adam Antal
HDFS-14909 DFSNetworkTopology#chooseRandomWithStorageType() should not decrease storage count for excluded node which is already part of excluded scope Major namenode Surendra Singh Lilhore Surendra Singh Lilhore
HADOOP-16600 StagingTestBase uses methods not available in Mockito 1.8.5 in branch-3.1 Major . Lisheng Sun Duo Zhang
MAPREDUCE-6441 Improve temporary directory name generation in LocalDistributedCacheManager for concurrent processes Major . William Watson Haibo Chen
HADOOP-16662 Remove unnecessary InnerNode check in NetworkTopology#add() Minor . Lisheng Sun Lisheng Sun
HDFS-14847 Erasure Coding: Blocks are over-replicated while EC decommissioning Critical ec Fei Hui Fei Hui
HDFS-14913 Correct the value of available count in DFSNetworkTopology#chooseRandomWithStorageType() Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
YARN-9915 Fix FindBug issue in QueueMetrics Minor . Prabhu Joseph Prabhu Joseph
HDFS-12749 DN may not send block report to NN after NN restart Major datanode TanYuxin Xiaoqiao He
HDFS-13901 INode access time is ignored because of race between open and rename Major . Jinglun Jinglun
YARN-9921 Issue in PlacementConstraint when YARN Service AM retries allocation on component failure. Major . Tarun Parimi Tarun Parimi
HDFS-14910 Rename Snapshot with Pre Descendants Fail With IllegalArgumentException. Blocker . Íñigo Goiri Wei-Chiu Chuang
HDFS-14308 DFSStripedInputStream curStripeBuf is not freed by unbuffer() Major ec Joe McDonnell Zhao Yi Ming
HDFS-14931 hdfs crypto commands limit column width Major . Eric Badger Eric Badger
HADOOP-16669 TestRawLocalFileSystemContract.testPermission fails if no native library Minor common, test Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
HDFS-14920 Erasure Coding: Decommission may hang If one or more datanodes are out of service during decommission Major ec Fei Hui Fei Hui
HDFS-13736 BlockPlacementPolicyDefault can not choose favored nodes when ‘dfs.namenode.block-placement-policy.default.prefer-local-node’ set to false Major . hu xiaodong hu xiaodong
HDFS-14925 rename operation should check nest snapshot Major namenode Junwang Zhao Junwang Zhao
YARN-9949 Add missing queue configs for root queue in RMWebService#CapacitySchedulerInfo Minor capacity scheduler Prabhu Joseph Prabhu Joseph
HDFS-14945 Revise PacketResponder’s log. Minor datanode Xudong Cao Xudong Cao
HDFS-14946 Erasure Coding: Block recovery failed during decommissioning Major . Fei Hui Fei Hui
HDFS-14384 When lastLocatedBlock token expire, it will take 1~3s second to refetch it. Major hdfs-client Surendra Singh Lilhore Surendra Singh Lilhore
HDFS-14806 Bootstrap standby may fail if used in-progress tailing Major namenode Chen Liang Chen Liang
HDFS-14958 TestBalancerWithNodeGroup is not using NetworkTopologyWithNodeGroup Minor hdfs Jim Brennan Jim Brennan
HDFS-14720 DataNode shouldn’t report block as bad block if the block length is Long.MAX_VALUE. Major datanode Surendra Singh Lilhore Hemanth Boyina
HADOOP-16677 Recalculate the remaining timeout millis correctly while throwing an InterupptedException in SocketIOWithTimeout. Minor common Xudong Cao Xudong Cao
HDFS-14884 Add sanity check that zone key equals feinfo key while setting Xattrs Major encryption, hdfs Mukul Kumar Singh Mukul Kumar Singh
HADOOP-15097 AbstractContractDeleteTest::testDeleteNonEmptyDirRecursive with misleading path Minor fs, test zhoutai.zt Xieming Li
YARN-9984 FSPreemptionThread can cause NullPointerException while app is unregistered with containers running on a node Major fairscheduler Wilfred Spiegelenburg Wilfred Spiegelenburg
YARN-9983 Typo in YARN Service overview documentation Trivial documentation Denes Gerencser Denes Gerencser
HADOOP-16719 Remove the disallowed element config within maven-checkstyle-plugin Major . Wanqiang Ji Wanqiang Ji
HADOOP-16700 RpcQueueTime may be negative when the response has to be sent later Minor . xuzq xuzq
HADOOP-15686 Supress bogus AbstractWadlGeneratorGrammarGenerator in KMS stderr Major kms Wei-Chiu Chuang Wei-Chiu Chuang
HDFS-14940 HDFS Balancer : Do not allow to set balancer maximum network bandwidth more than 1TB Minor balancer & mover Souryakanta Dwivedy Hemanth Boyina
YARN-9838 Fix resource inconsistency for queues when moving app with reserved container to another queue Critical capacity scheduler jiulongzhu jiulongzhu
YARN-9968 Public Localizer is exiting in NodeManager due to NullPointerException Major nodemanager Tarun Parimi Tarun Parimi
YARN-9011 Race condition during decommissioning Major nodemanager Peter Bacsko Peter Bacsko
HDFS-14973 Balancer getBlocks RPC dispersal does not function properly Major balancer & mover Erik Krogen Erik Krogen
MAPREDUCE-7240 Exception ’ Invalid event: TA_TOO_MANY_FETCH_FAILURE at SUCCESS_FINISHING_CONTAINER’ cause job error Critical . luhuachao luhuachao
HDFS-14986 ReplicaCachingGetSpaceUsed throws ConcurrentModificationException Major datanode, performance Ryan Wu Aiphago
MAPREDUCE-7249 Invalid event TA_TOO_MANY_FETCH_FAILURE at SUCCESS_CONTAINER_CLEANUP causes job failure Critical applicationmaster, mrv2 Wilfred Spiegelenburg Wilfred Spiegelenburg
HDFS-15010 BlockPoolSlice#addReplicaThreadPool static pool should be initialized by static method Major datanode Surendra Singh Lilhore Surendra Singh Lilhore
HADOOP-16744 Fix building instruction to enable zstd Minor documentation Masatake Iwasaki Masatake Iwasaki
HDFS-14869 Data loss in case of distcp using snapshot diff. Replication should include rename records if file was skipped in the previous iteration Major distcp Aasha Medhi Aasha Medhi
HADOOP-16754 Fix docker failed to build yetus/hadoop Blocker build Kevin Su Kevin Su
HDFS-15032 Balancer crashes when it fails to contact an unavailable NN via ObserverReadProxyProvider Major balancer & mover Erik Krogen Erik Krogen
HDFS-15036 Active NameNode should not silently fail the image transfer Major namenode Konstantin Shvachko Chen Liang
HDFS-14519 NameQuota is not update after concat operation, so namequota is wrong Major . Ranith Sardar Ranith Sardar
YARN-10055 bower install fails Blocker build, yarn-ui-v2 Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HDFS-15076 Fix tests that hold FSDirectory lock, without holding FSNamesystem lock. Major test Konstantin Shvachko Konstantin Shvachko
HDFS-15073 Replace curator-shaded guava import with the standard one Minor hdfs-client Akira Ajisaka Chandra Sanivarapu
HADOOP-16042 Update the link to HadoopJavaVersion Minor documentation Akira Ajisaka Chandra Sanivarapu
HDFS-14934 [SBN Read] Standby NN throws many InterruptedExceptions when dfs.ha.tail-edits.period is 0 Major . Takanobu Asanuma Ayush Saxena
YARN-10053 Placement rules do not use correct group service init Major yarn Wilfred Spiegelenburg Wilfred Spiegelenburg
HDFS-15068 DataNode could meet deadlock if invoke refreshVolumes when register Major datanode Xiaoqiao He Aiphago
MAPREDUCE-7255 Fix typo in MapReduce documentaion example Trivial documentation Sergey Pogorelov Sergey Pogorelov
HDFS-15072 HDFS MiniCluster fails to start when run in directory path with a % Minor . Geoffrey Jacoby Masatake Iwasaki
HDFS-15077 Fix intermittent failure of TestDFSClientRetries#testLeaseRenewSocketTimeout Minor test Masatake Iwasaki Masatake Iwasaki
HDFS-15080 Fix the issue in reading persistent memory cached data with an offset Major caching, datanode Feilong He Feilong He
YARN-7387 org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.scheduler.capacity.TestIncreaseAllocationExpirer fails intermittently Major . Miklos Szegedi Jim Brennan
YARN-8672 TestContainerManager#testLocalingResourceWhileContainerRunning occasionally times out Major nodemanager Jason Darrell Lowe Chandni Singh
HDFS-14957 INodeReference Space Consumed was not same in QuotaUsage and ContentSummary Major namenode Hemanth Boyina Hemanth Boyina
MAPREDUCE-7252 Handling 0 progress in SimpleExponential task runtime estimator Minor . Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HADOOP-16749 Configuration parsing of CDATA values are blank Major conf Jonathan Turner Eagles Daryn Sharp
HDFS-15095 Fix accidental comment in flaky test TestDecommissioningStatus Major hdfs Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HDFS-15099 [SBN Read] checkOperation(WRITE) should throw ObserverRetryOnActiveException on ObserverNode Major namenode Konstantin Shvachko Chen Liang
HDFS-14578 AvailableSpaceBlockPlacementPolicy always prefers local node Major block placement Wei-Chiu Chuang Ayush Saxena
HADOOP-16683 Disable retry of FailoverOnNetworkExceptionRetry in case of wrapped AccessControlException Major common Adam Antal Adam Antal
MAPREDUCE-7256 Fix javadoc error in SimpleExponentialSmoothing Minor documentation Masatake Iwasaki Masatake Iwasaki
YARN-8373 RM Received RMFatalEvent of type CRITICAL_THREAD_CRASH Major fairscheduler, resourcemanager Girish Bhat Wilfred Spiegelenburg
MAPREDUCE-7247 Modify HistoryServerRest.html content,change The job attempt id‘s datatype from string to int Major documentation zhaoshengjie
YARN-8148 Update decimal values for queue capacities shown on queue status CLI Major client Prabhu Joseph Prabhu Joseph
HADOOP-16808 Use forkCount and reuseForks parameters instead of forkMode in the config of maven surefire plugin Minor build Akira Ajisaka Xieming Li
HADOOP-16793 Remove WARN log when ipc connection interrupted in Client#handleSaslConnectionFailure() Minor . Lisheng Sun Lisheng Sun
YARN-9790 Failed to set default-application-lifetime if maximum-application-lifetime is less than or equal to zero Major . kyungwan nam kyungwan nam
HDFS-14993 checkDiskError doesn’t work during datanode startup Major datanode Yang Yun Yang Yun
HDFS-13179 TestLazyPersistReplicaRecovery#testDnRestartWithSavedReplicas fails intermittently Critical fs Gabor Bota Ahmed Hussein
MAPREDUCE-7259 testSpeculateSuccessfulWithUpdateEvents fails Intermittently Minor . Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
MAPREDUCE-7079 JobHistory#ServiceStop implementation is incorrect Major . Jason Darrell Lowe Ahmed Hussein
HDFS-15118 [SBN Read] Slow clients when Observer reads are enabled but there are no Observers on the cluster. Major hdfs-client Konstantin Shvachko Chen Liang
HDFS-7175 Client-side SocketTimeoutException during Fsck Major namenode Carl Steinbach Stephen O’Donnell
HDFS-15148 dfs.namenode.send.qop.enabled should not apply to primary NN port Major . Chen Liang Chen Liang
HDFS-15115 Namenode crash caused by NPE in BlockPlacementPolicyDefault when dynamically change logger to debug Major . wangzhixiang wangzhixiang
HDFS-15157 Fix compilation failure for branch-3.1 Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HDFS-15158 The number of failed volumes mismatch with volumeFailures of Datanode metrics Minor datanode Yang Yun Yang Yun
HADOOP-16849 start-build-env.sh behaves incorrectly when username is numeric only Minor build Jihyun Cho Jihyun Cho
HDFS-15161 When evictableMmapped or evictable size is zero, do not throw NoSuchElementException in ShortCircuitCache#close() Major . Lisheng Sun Lisheng Sun
HDFS-15164 Fix TestDelegationTokensWithHA Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HADOOP-16868 ipc.Server readAndProcess threw NullPointerException Major rpc-server Tsz-wo Sze Tsz-wo Sze
HADOOP-16869 Upgrade findbugs-maven-plugin to 3.0.5 to fix mvn findbugs:findbugs failure Major build Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HDFS-15052 WebHDFS getTrashRoot leads to OOM due to FileSystem object creation Major webhdfs Wei-Chiu Chuang Masatake Iwasaki
HDFS-15185 StartupProgress reports edits segments until the entire startup completes Major namenode Konstantin Shvachko Konstantin Shvachko
HDFS-15166 Remove redundant field fStream in ByteStringLog Major . Konstantin Shvachko Xieming Li
HADOOP-16841 The description of hadoop.http.authentication.signature.secret.file contains outdated information Minor documentation Akira Ajisaka Xieming Li
YARN-10156 Fix typo ‘complaint’ which means quite different in Federation.md Minor documentation, federation Sungpeo Kook Sungpeo Kook
HDFS-15147 LazyPersistTestCase wait logic is error-prone Minor . Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HDFS-14668 Support Fuse with Users from multiple Security Realms Critical fuse-dfs Sailesh Patel Istvan Fajth
HDFS-15111 stopStandbyServices() should log which service state it is transitioning from. Major hdfs, logging Konstantin Shvachko Xieming Li
HDFS-15199 NPE in BlockSender Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HADOOP-16891 Upgrade jackson-databind to Blocker . Siyao Meng Siyao Meng
HADOOP-16840 AliyunOSS: getFileStatus throws FileNotFoundException in versioning bucket Major fs/oss wujinhu wujinhu
YARN-9427 TestContainerSchedulerQueuing.testKillOnlyRequiredOpportunisticContainers fails sporadically Major scheduler, test Prabhu Joseph Ahmed Hussein
HDFS-15216 Wrong Use Case of -showprogress in fsck Major . Ravuri Sushma sree Ravuri Sushma sree
HDFS-15211 EC: File write hangs during close in case of Exception during updatePipeline Critical . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HDFS-15208 Suppress bogus AbstractWadlGeneratorGrammarGenerator in KMS stderr in hdfs Trivial . Wei-Chiu Chuang Wei-Chiu Chuang
HDFS-15219 DFS Client will stuck when ResponseProcessor.run throw Error Major hdfs-client zhengchenyu zhengchenyu
HADOOP-16949 pylint fails in the build environment Critical build Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HADOOP-14836 Upgrade maven-clean-plugin to 3.1.0 Major build Allen Wittenauer Akira Ajisaka
MAPREDUCE-7272 TaskAttemptListenerImpl excessive log messages Major . Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HDFS-15283 Cache pool MAXTTL is not persisted and restored on cluster restart Major namenode Stephen O’Donnell Stephen O’Donnell
HADOOP-16944 Use Yetus 0.12.0 in GitHub PR Major build Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HDFS-15276 Concat on INodeRefernce fails with illegal state exception Critical . Hemanth Boyina Hemanth Boyina
HDFS-15281 ZKFC ignores dfs.namenode.rpc-bind-host and uses dfs.namenode.rpc-address to bind to host address Major ha, namenode Dhiraj Hegde Dhiraj Hegde
HDFS-15297 TestNNHandlesBlockReportPerStorage::blockReport_02 fails intermittently in trunk Major datanode, test Mingliang Liu Ayush Saxena
HADOOP-17014 Upgrade jackson-databind to Blocker . Siyao Meng Siyao Meng
HDFS-15286 Concat on a same files deleting the file Critical . Hemanth Boyina Hemanth Boyina
HADOOP-15565 ViewFileSystem.close doesn’t close child filesystems and causes FileSystem objects leak. Major . Jinglun Jinglun
HADOOP-17052 NetUtils.connect() throws unchecked exception (UnresolvedAddressException) causing clients to abort Major net Dhiraj Hegde Dhiraj Hegde
YARN-10347 Fix double locking in CapacityScheduler#reinitialize in branch-3.1 Critical capacity scheduler Masatake Iwasaki Masatake Iwasaki


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
YARN-10072 TestCSAllocateCustomResource failures Major yarn Jim Brennan Jim Brennan
YARN-10161 TestRouterWebServicesREST is corrupting STDOUT Minor yarn Jim Brennan Jim Brennan
HADOOP-14206 TestSFTPFileSystem#testFileExists failure: Invalid encoding for signature Major fs, test John Zhuge Jim Brennan


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-15636 Add ITestDynamoDBMetadataStore Minor fs/s3, test Sean Mackrory Gabor Bota
HADOOP-15787 [JDK11] TestIPC.testRTEDuringConnectionSetup fails Major . Akira Ajisaka Zsolt Venczel
HDFS-14262 [SBN read] Unclear Log.WARN message in GlobalStateIdContext Major hdfs Shweta Shweta
HDFS-14590 [SBN Read] Add the document link to the top page Major documentation Takanobu Asanuma Takanobu Asanuma
YARN-9791 Queue Mutation API does not allow to remove a config Major capacity scheduler Prabhu Joseph Prabhu Joseph
HDFS-14822 [SBN read] Revisit GlobalStateIdContext locking when getting server state id Major hdfs Chen Liang Chen Liang
HDFS-14785 [SBN read] Change client logging to be less aggressive Major hdfs Chen Liang Chen Liang
YARN-9864 Format CS Configuration present in Configuration Store Major capacity scheduler Prabhu Joseph Prabhu Joseph
YARN-9801 SchedConfCli does not work with https mode Major . Prabhu Joseph Prabhu Joseph
HDFS-14858 [SBN read] Allow configurably enable/disable AlignmentContext on NameNode Major hdfs Chen Liang Chen Liang
HDFS-12979 StandbyNode should upload FsImage to ObserverNode after checkpointing. Major hdfs Konstantin Shvachko Chen Liang
YARN-9873 Mutation API Config Change need to update Version Number Major . Prabhu Joseph Prabhu Joseph
HDFS-14162 Balancer should work with ObserverNode Major . Konstantin Shvachko Erik Krogen
YARN-9773 Add QueueMetrics for Custom Resources Major . Manikandan R Manikandan R
HADOOP-16598 Backport “HADOOP-16558 [COMMON+HDFS] use protobuf-maven-plugin to generate protobuf classes” to all active branches Major common Duo Zhang Duo Zhang
YARN-9950 Unset Ordering Policy of Leaf/Parent queue converted from Parent/Leaf queue respectively Major capacity scheduler Prabhu Joseph Prabhu Joseph
YARN-9900 Revert to previous state when Invalid Config is applied and Refresh Support in SchedulerConfig Format Major capacity scheduler Prabhu Joseph Prabhu Joseph
HADOOP-16610 Upgrade to yetus 0.11.1 and use emoji vote on github pre commit Major build Duo Zhang Duo Zhang
YARN-9909 Offline format of YarnConfigurationStore Major capacity scheduler Prabhu Joseph Prabhu Joseph
YARN-9836 General usability improvements in showSimulationTrace.html Minor scheduler-load-simulator Adam Antal Adam Antal
HADOOP-16758 Refine testing.md to tell user better how to use auth-keys.xml Minor fs/s3 Mingliang Liu Mingliang Liu
HADOOP-16609 Add Jenkinsfile for all active branches Major build Duo Zhang Akira Ajisaka
YARN-10022 Create RM Rest API to validate a CapacityScheduler Configuration Major . Kinga Marton Kinga Marton
HDFS-15173 RBF: Delete repeated configuration ‘dfs.federation.router.metrics.enable’ Minor documentation, rbf panlijie panlijie
YARN-10139 ValidateAndGetSchedulerConfiguration API fails when cluster max allocation > default 8GB Major . Prabhu Joseph Prabhu Joseph
HDFS-14731 [FGL] Remove redundant locking on NameNode. Major namenode Konstantin Shvachko Konstantin Shvachko
HADOOP-14918 Remove the Local Dynamo DB test option Major fs/s3 Steve Loughran Gabor Bota
HDFS-15305 Extend ViewFS and provide ViewFSOverloadScheme implementation with scheme configurable. Major fs, hadoop-client, hdfs-client, viewfs Uma Maheswara Rao G Uma Maheswara Rao G


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
YARN-8016 Refine PlacementRule interface and add a app-name queue mapping rule as an example Major . Zian Chen Zian Chen
HADOOP-16491 Upgrade jetty version to 9.3.27 Major . Hrishikesh Gadre Hrishikesh Gadre
HADOOP-16542 Update commons-beanutils version to 1.9.4 Major . Wei-Chiu Chuang Kevin Su
HADOOP-16551 The changelog*.md seems not generated when create-release Blocker . Zhankun Tang
YARN-9730 Support forcing configured partitions to be exclusive based on app node label Major . Jonathan Hung Jonathan Hung
HDFS-14959 [SBNN read] access time should be turned off Major documentation Wei-Chiu Chuang Chao Sun
HADOOP-16784 Update the year to 2020 Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HADOOP-16871 Upgrade Netty version to 4.1.45.Final to handle CVE-2019-20444,CVE-2019-16869 Major . Aray Chenchu Sukesh Aray Chenchu Sukesh
HADOOP-16982 Update Netty to 4.1.48.Final Blocker . Wei-Chiu Chuang Lisheng Sun