Releases Archive

    Release 0.23.3 available

    2012 Sep 17

    This release contains YARN and MRv2 but does not have Name Node High Avalability

    Please see the Hadoop 0.23.3 Release Notes for details.

    Release 2.0.1-alpha available

    2012 Jul 26

    This release contains important security fixes over hadoop-2.0.0-alpha.

    Please see the Hadoop 2.0.1-alpha Release Notes for details.

    Release 2.0.0-alpha available

    2012 May 23

    This is the first (alpha) version in the hadoop-2.x series.

    This delivers significant major features over the currently stable hadoop-1.x series including:

    • HDFS HA for NameNode (manual failover)
    • YARN aka NextGen MapReduce
    • HDFS Federation
    • Performance
    • Wire-compatibility for both HDFS and YARN/MapReduce (using protobufs)

    Please see the Hadoop 2.0.0-alpha Release Notes for details.

    Release 1.0.3 available

    2012 May 16

    This is a bug fix release for version 1.0.

    Bug fixes and feature enhancements in this minor release include:

    • 4 patches in support of non-Oracle JDKs
    • several patches to clean up error handling and log messages
    • various production issue fixes

    Please see the Hadoop 1.0.3 Release Notes for details.

    Release 1.0.2 available

    2012 Apr 3

    This is a bug fix release for version 1.0.

    Bug fixes and feature enhancements in this minor release include:

    • Snappy compressor/decompressor is available
    • Occassional deadlock in metrics serving thread fixed
    • 64-bit secure datanodes failed to start, now fixed
    • Changed package names for 64-bit rpm/debs to use “.x86_64.” instead of “.amd64.”

    Please see the Hadoop 1.0.2 Release Notes for details.

    Release 1.0.1 available

    2012 Mar 10

    This is a bug fix release for version 1.0. This release is now considered stable, replacing the long-standing 0.20.203.

    Bug fixes in this minor release include:

    • Added hadoop-client and hadoop-minicluster artifacts for ease of client install and testing
    • Support run-as-user in non-secure mode
    • Better compatibility with Ganglia, HBase, and Sqoop

    Please see the Hadoop 1.0.1 Release Notes for details.

    release 0.23.1 available

    2012 Feb 27

    This is the second alpha version of the hadoop-0.23 major release after the first alpha 0.23.0. This release has significant improvements compared to 0.23.0 but should still be considered as alpha-quality and not for production use.

    hadoop-0.23.1 contains several major advances from 0.23.0:

    • Lots of bug fixes and improvements in both HDFS and MapReduce
    • Major performance work to make this release either match or exceed performance of Hadoop-1 in most aspects of both HDFS and MapReduce.
    • Several downstream projects like HBase, Pig, Oozie, Hive etc. are better integrated with this release

    See the Hadoop 0.23.1 Release Notes for details.

    release 1.0.0 available

    2011 Dec 27

    After six years of gestation, Hadoop reaches 1.0.0! This release is from the 0.20-security code line, and includes support for:

    • security
    • HBase (append/hsynch/hflush, and security)
    • webhdfs (with full support for security)
    • performance enhanced access to local files for HBase
    • other performance enhancements, bug fixes, and features

    Please see the complete Hadoop 1.0.0 Release Notes for details.

    release 0.22.0 available

    2011 Dec 10

    This release contains many bug fixes and optimizations compared to its predecessor 0.21.0. See the Hadoop 0.22.0 Release Notes for details. Alternatively, you can look at the complete change log for this release


    The following features are not supported in Hadoop 0.22.0.

    • Security.
    • Latest optimizations of the MapReduce framework introduced in the Hadoop line of releases.
    • Disk-fail-in-place.
    • JMX-based metrics v2.

    Hadoop 0.22.0 features

    • HBase support with hflush and hsync.
    • New implementation of file append.
    • Symbolic links.
    • BackupNode and CheckpointNode.
    • Hierarchical job queues.
    • Job limits per queue/pool.
    • Dynamically stop/start job queues.
    • Andvances in new mapreduce API: Input/Output formats, ChainMapper/Reducer.
    • TaskTracker blacklisting.
    • DistributedCache sharing.

    release 0.23.0 available

    2011 Nov 11

    This is the alpha version of the hadoop-0.23 major release. This is the first release we’ve made off Apache Hadoop trunk in a long while. This release is alpha-quality and not yet ready for serious use.

    hadoop-0.23 contains several major advances:

    • HDFS Federation
    • NextGen MapReduce (YARN)

    It also has several major performance improvements to both HDFS and MapReduce.

    See the Hadoop 0.23.0 Release Notes for details.