Releases Archive

    release 0.14.3 available

    2007 Oct 19

    This release fixes critical bugs in release 0.14.2.

    release 0.14.1 available

    2007 Sep 4

    New features in release 0.14 include:

    • Better checksums in HDFS. Checksums are no longer stored in parallel HDFS files, but are stored directly by datanodes alongside blocks. This is more efficient for the namenode and also improves data integrity.
    • Pipes: A C++ API for MapReduce
    • Eclipse Plugin, including HDFS browsing, job monitoring, etc.
    • File modification times in HDFS.

    There are many other improvements, bug fixes, optimizations and new features. Performance and reliability are better than ever.

    When upgrading an existing HDFS filesystem to a 0.14.x release from a 0.13.x or earlier release, you should first start HDFS with ‘bin/ -upgrade’. See the Hadoop 0.14 Upgrade page for details.