Hadoop CVE List

This page lists security fixes that the Hadoop PMC felt warranted a CVE. If you think something is missing from this list or if you think the set of impacted or fixed versions is incomplete then please ask on the Security list.

CVEs are presented in most-recent-first order of announcement.

CVE-2018-8009 Zip Slip impact on Apache Hadoop

Details to follow. See the extended vulnerability description from the reporter.

CVE-2016-6811 Apache Hadoop Privilege escalation vulnerability

A user who can escalate to yarn user can possibly run arbitrary commands as root user.

CVE-2017-15718 Apache Hadoop YARN NodeManager vulnerability

In Apache Hadoop 2.7.3 and 2.7.4, the security fix for CVE-2016-3086 is incomplete. The YARN NodeManager can leak the password for credential store provider used by the NodeManager to YARN Applications.

If you use the CredentialProvider feature to encrypt passwords used in NodeManager configs, it may be possible for any Container launched by that NodeManager to gain access to the encryption password. The other passwords themselves are not directly exposed.

CVE-2017-15713 Apache Hadoop MapReduce job history server vulnerability

Vulnerability allows a cluster user to expose private files owned by the user running the MapReduce job history server process. The malicious user can construct a configuration file containing XML directives that reference sensitive files on the MapReduce job history server host.

CVE-2017-3166 Apache Hadoop Privilege escalation vulnerability

In a cluster where the YARN user has been granted access to all HDFS encryption keys, if a file in an encryption zone with access permissions that make it world readable is localized via YARN’s localization mechanism, e.g. via the MapReduce distributed cache, that file will be stored in a world-readable location and shared freely with any application that requests to localize that file, no matter who the application owner is or whether that user should be allowed to access files from the target encryption zone.