Hadoop Auth, Java HTTP SPNEGO - Building It


  • Java 7+
  • Maven 3+
  • Kerberos KDC (for running Kerberos test cases)


Use Maven goals: clean, test, compile, package, install

Available profiles: docs, testKerberos


By default Kerberos testcases are not run.

The requirements to run Kerberos testcases are a running KDC, a keytab file with a client principal and a kerberos principal.

To run Kerberos tescases use the testKerberos Maven profile:

$ mvn test -PtestKerberos

The following Maven -D options can be used to change the default values:

  • hadoop-auth.test.kerberos.realm: default value LOCALHOST
  • hadoop-auth.test.kerberos.client.principal: default value client
  • hadoop-auth.test.kerberos.server.principal: default value HTTP/localhost (it must start ‘HTTP/’)
  • hadoop-auth.test.kerberos.keytab.file: default value $HOME/$USER.keytab

Generating Documentation

To create the documentation use the docs Maven profile:

$ mvn package -Pdocs

The generated documentation is available at hadoop-auth/target/site/.