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Packages that use InvalidRecordException
org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.api YARN Registry Client API. 
org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.binding Registry binding utility classes. 

Uses of InvalidRecordException in org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.api

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.api that throw InvalidRecordException
 ServiceRecord RegistryOperations.resolve(String path)
          Resolve the record at a path

Uses of InvalidRecordException in org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.binding

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.binding that throw InvalidRecordException
static String RegistryTypeUtils.getAddressField(Map<String,String> address, String field)
          Get a specific field from an address -raising an exception if the field is not present
static void RegistryTypeUtils.requireAddressType(String required, Endpoint epr)
          Require a specific address type on an endpoint
static List<String> RegistryTypeUtils.retrieveAddressesUriType(Endpoint epr)
          Get a single URI endpoint
static List<URL> RegistryTypeUtils.retrieveAddressURLs(Endpoint epr)
          Get the address URLs.
static void RegistryTypeUtils.validateEndpoint(String path, Endpoint endpoint)
          Validate the endpoint by checking for null fields and other invalid conditions
static void RegistryTypeUtils.validateServiceRecord(String path, ServiceRecord record)
          Validate the record by checking for null fields and other invalid conditions

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