Package org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.exceptions

Registry Service Exceptions


Exception Summary
InvalidPathnameException A path name was invalid.
InvalidRecordException Raised if an attempt to parse a record failed.
NoChildrenForEphemeralsException This is a manifestation of the Zookeeper restrictions about what nodes may act as parents.
NoRecordException Raised if there is no ServiceRecord resolved at the end of the specified path.
RegistryIOException Base exception for registry operations.

Package org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.exceptions Description

Registry Service Exceptions

These are the Registry-specific exceptions that may be raised during Registry operations.

Other exceptions may be raised, especially IOExceptions triggered by network problems, and IllegalArgumentException exceptions that may be raised if invalid (often null) arguments are passed to a method call.

All exceptions in this package are derived from RegistryIOException

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