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Uses of TypeID in org.apache.hadoop.record.meta

Subclasses of TypeID in org.apache.hadoop.record.meta
 class MapTypeID
          Represents typeID for a Map
 class StructTypeID
          Represents typeID for a struct
 class VectorTypeID
          Represents typeID for vector.

Fields in org.apache.hadoop.record.meta declared as TypeID
static TypeID TypeID.BoolTypeID
          Constant classes for the basic types, so we can share them.
static TypeID TypeID.BufferTypeID
static TypeID TypeID.ByteTypeID
static TypeID TypeID.DoubleTypeID
static TypeID TypeID.FloatTypeID
static TypeID TypeID.IntTypeID
static TypeID TypeID.LongTypeID
static TypeID TypeID.StringTypeID

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.record.meta that return TypeID
 TypeID VectorTypeID.getElementTypeID()
 TypeID MapTypeID.getKeyTypeID()
          get the TypeID of the map's key element
 TypeID FieldTypeInfo.getTypeID()
          get the field's TypeID object
 TypeID MapTypeID.getValueTypeID()
          get the TypeID of the map's value element

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.record.meta with parameters of type TypeID
 void RecordTypeInfo.addField(String fieldName, TypeID tid)
          Add a field.
static void Utils.skip(RecordInput rin, String tag, TypeID typeID)
          read/skip bytes from stream based on a type

Constructors in org.apache.hadoop.record.meta with parameters of type TypeID
MapTypeID(TypeID typeIDKey, TypeID typeIDValue)
VectorTypeID(TypeID typeIDElement)

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