Package org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.lib

Class Summary
AbstractMetricsSource A convenient base class for writing metrics sources
MetricMutable The mutable metric interface
MetricMutableCounter<T extends Number> The mutable counter (monotonically increasing) metric interface
MetricMutableCounterInt A mutable int counter for implementing metrics sources
MetricMutableCounterLong A mutable long counter
MetricMutableFactory Factory class for mutable metrics
MetricMutableGauge<T extends Number> The mutable gauge metric interface
MetricMutableGaugeInt A mutable int gauge
MetricMutableGaugeLong A mutable long gauge
MetricMutableStat A mutable metric with stats Useful for keep throughput/latency stats.
MetricsRegistry An optional metrics registry class for creating and maintaining a collection of MetricsMutables, making writing metrics source easier.

Enum Summary
DefaultMetricsSystem The default metrics system singleton

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