Class MetricMutableCounter<T extends Number>

  extended by org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.lib.MetricMutable
      extended by org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.lib.MetricMutableCounter<T>
Type Parameters:
T - the type of the metric
Direct Known Subclasses:
MetricMutableCounterInt, MetricMutableCounterLong

public abstract class MetricMutableCounter<T extends Number>
extends MetricMutable

The mutable counter (monotonically increasing) metric interface

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.lib.MetricMutable
description, name
Constructor Summary
MetricMutableCounter(String name, String description)
          Construct the metric with name and description
Method Summary
abstract  void incr()
          Increment the metric value by 1.
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changed, clearChanged, setChanged, snapshot, snapshot
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Constructor Detail


public MetricMutableCounter(String name,
                            String description)
Construct the metric with name and description

name -
description -
Method Detail


public abstract void incr()
Increment the metric value by 1.

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