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Packages that use DataChecksum
org.apache.hadoop.util Common utilities. 

Uses of DataChecksum in org.apache.hadoop.util

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.util that return DataChecksum
static DataChecksum DataChecksum.newDataChecksum(byte[] bytes, int offset)
          Creates a DataChecksum from HEADER_LEN bytes from arr[offset].
static DataChecksum DataChecksum.newDataChecksum(DataInputStream in)
          This constructucts a DataChecksum by reading HEADER_LEN bytes from input stream in
static DataChecksum DataChecksum.newDataChecksum(int type, int bytesPerChecksum)

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.util with parameters of type DataChecksum
static void ChecksumUtil.updateChunkChecksum(byte[] buf, int checksumOff, int dataOff, int dataLen, DataChecksum checksum)
          updates the checksum for a buffer

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