Package org.apache.hadoop.util

Common utilities.


Interface Summary
IndexedSortable Interface for collections capable of being sorted by IndexedSorter algorithms.
IndexedSorter Interface for sort algorithms accepting IndexedSortable items.
Progressable A facility for reporting progress.
Tool A tool interface that supports handling of generic command-line options.

Class Summary
CyclicIteration<K,V> Provide an cyclic Iterator for a NavigableMap.
Daemon A thread that has called Thread.setDaemon(boolean) with true.
DataChecksum This class provides inteface and utilities for processing checksums for DFS data transfers.
DiskChecker Class that provides utility functions for checking disk problem
GenericOptionsParser GenericOptionsParser is a utility to parse command line arguments generic to the Hadoop framework.
GenericsUtil Contains utility methods for dealing with Java Generics.
HeapSort An implementation of the core algorithm of HeapSort.
LineReader A class that provides a line reader from an input stream.
LinuxMemoryCalculatorPlugin Deprecated. Use LinuxResourceCalculatorPlugin instead
LinuxResourceCalculatorPlugin Plugin to calculate resource information on Linux systems.
MemoryCalculatorPlugin Deprecated. Use ResourceCalculatorPlugin instead
MergeSort An implementation of the core algorithm of MergeSort.
NativeCodeLoader A helper to load the native hadoop code i.e.
PlatformName A helper class for getting build-info of the java-vm.
PrintJarMainClass A micro-application that prints the main class name out of a jar file.
PriorityQueue<T> A PriorityQueue maintains a partial ordering of its elements such that the least element can always be found in constant time.
ProcessTree Process tree related operations
ProcfsBasedProcessTree A Proc file-system based ProcessTree.
ProgramDriver A driver that is used to run programs added to it
Progress Utility to assist with generation of progress reports.
QueueProcessingStatistics Hadoop has several work queues, such as FSNamesystem.neededReplications With a properly throttled queue, a worker thread cycles repeatedly, doing a chunk of work each cycle then resting a bit, until the queue is empty.
QuickSort An implementation of the core algorithm of QuickSort.
ReflectionUtils General reflection utils
ResourceCalculatorPlugin Plugin to calculate resource information on the system.
RunJar Run a Hadoop job jar.
Shell A base class for running a Unix command.
Shell.ShellCommandExecutor A simple shell command executor.
StringUtils General string utils
ToolRunner A utility to help run Tools.
VersionInfo This class finds the package info for Hadoop and the HadoopVersionAnnotation information.
XMLUtils General xml utilities.

Enum Summary
ProcessTree.Signal The constants for the signals.
QueueProcessingStatistics.State This enum provides the "states" of a state machine for QueueProcessingStatistics.
StringUtils.TraditionalBinaryPrefix The traditional binary prefixes, kilo, mega, ..., exa, which can be represented by a 64-bit integer.

Exception Summary
Shell.ExitCodeException This is an IOException with exit code added.

Package org.apache.hadoop.util Description

Common utilities.

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