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org.apache.hadoop.streaming Hadoop Streaming is a utility which allows users to create and run Map-Reduce jobs with any executables (e.g.   

Uses of PipeMapRed in org.apache.hadoop.streaming

Subclasses of PipeMapRed in org.apache.hadoop.streaming
 class PipeCombiner
 class PipeMapper
          A generic Mapper bridge.
 class PipeReducer
          A generic Reducer bridge.

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Methods in with parameters of type PipeMapRed
 void RawBytesInputWriter.initialize(PipeMapRed pipeMapRed)
 void InputWriter.initialize(PipeMapRed pipeMapRed)
          Initializes the InputWriter.
 void TextOutputReader.initialize(PipeMapRed pipeMapRed)
 void OutputReader.initialize(PipeMapRed pipeMapRed)
          Initializes the OutputReader.
 void TypedBytesInputWriter.initialize(PipeMapRed pipeMapRed)
 void TypedBytesOutputReader.initialize(PipeMapRed pipeMapRed)
 void RawBytesOutputReader.initialize(PipeMapRed pipeMapRed)
 void TextInputWriter.initialize(PipeMapRed pipeMapRed)

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