Apache Hadoop Changelog

Release 3.3.3 - 2022-05-09


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
MAPREDUCE-7373 Building MapReduce NativeTask fails on Fedora 34+ Major build, nativetask Kengo Seki Kengo Seki
HDFS-16355 Improve the description of dfs.block.scanner.volume.bytes.per.second Minor documentation, hdfs guophilipse guophilipse
HADOOP-18155 Refactor tests in TestFileUtil Trivial common Gautham Banasandra Gautham Banasandra
HADOOP-18088 Replace log4j 1.x with reload4j Major . Wei-Chiu Chuang Wei-Chiu Chuang
HDFS-16501 Print the exception when reporting a bad block Major datanode qinyuren qinyuren
HADOOP-18214 Update BUILDING.txt Minor build, documentation Steve Loughran
HDFS-16556 Fix typos in distcp Minor documentation guophilipse guophilipse


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-17341 Upgrade commons-codec to 1.15 Minor . Dongjoon Hyun Dongjoon Hyun
HADOOP-17650 Fails to build using Maven 3.8.1 Major build Wei-Chiu Chuang Viraj Jasani
HADOOP-18178 Upgrade jackson to 2.13.2 and jackson-databind to Major . PJ Fanning PJ Fanning
HDFS-16535 SlotReleaser should reuse the domain socket based on socket paths Major hdfs-client Quanlong Huang
HADOOP-18109 Ensure that default permissions of directories under internal ViewFS directories are the same as directories on target filesystems Major viewfs Chentao Yu Chentao Yu
HDFS-16422 Fix thread safety of EC decoding during concurrent preads Critical dfsclient, ec, erasure-coding daimin daimin
HDFS-16437 ReverseXML processor doesn’t accept XML files without the SnapshotDiffSection. Critical hdfs yanbin.zhang yanbin.zhang
HDFS-16507 [SBN read] Avoid purging edit log which is in progress Critical . Tao Li Tao Li
YARN-10720 YARN WebAppProxyServlet should support connection timeout to prevent proxy server from hanging Critical . Qi Zhu Qi Zhu
HDFS-16428 Source path with storagePolicy cause wrong typeConsumed while rename Major hdfs, namenode lei w lei w
YARN-11014 YARN incorrectly validates maximum capacity resources on the validation API Major . Benjamin Teke Benjamin Teke
YARN-11075 Explicitly declare serialVersionUID in LogMutation class Major . Benjamin Teke Benjamin Teke
HDFS-11041 Unable to unregister FsDatasetState MBean if DataNode is shutdown twice Trivial datanode Wei-Chiu Chuang Wei-Chiu Chuang
HADOOP-18160 `org.wildfly.openssl` should not be shaded by Hadoop build Major build André F. André F.
HADOOP-18202 create-release fails fatal: unsafe repository (‘/build/source’ is owned by someone else) Major build Steve Loughran Steve Loughran


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-18125 Utility to identify git commit / Jira fixVersion discrepancies for RC preparation Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani