Apache Hadoop Changelog

Release 3.3.2 - 2022-02-21


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HDFS-15814 Make some parameters configurable for DataNodeDiskMetrics Major hdfs tomscut tomscut


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HDFS-15288 Add Available Space Rack Fault Tolerant BPP Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HDFS-16048 RBF: Print network topology on the router web Minor . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16337 Show start time of Datanode on Web Minor . tomscut tomscut
HADOOP-17979 Interface EtagSource to allow FileStatus subclasses to provide etags Major fs, fs/azure, fs/s3 Steve Loughran Steve Loughran


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
YARN-10123 Error message around yarn app -stop/start can be improved to highlight that an implementation at framework level is needed for the stop/start functionality to work Minor client, documentation Siddharth Ahuja Siddharth Ahuja
HADOOP-17756 Increase precommit job timeout from 20 hours to 24 hours. Major build Takanobu Asanuma Takanobu Asanuma
HDFS-16073 Remove redundant RPC requests for getFileLinkInfo in ClientNamenodeProtocolTranslatorPB Minor . lei w lei w
HDFS-16074 Remove an expensive debug string concatenation Major . Wei-Chiu Chuang Wei-Chiu Chuang
HDFS-16080 RBF: Invoking method in all locations should break the loop after successful result Minor . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HDFS-16075 Use empty array constants present in StorageType and DatanodeInfo to avoid creating redundant objects Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
MAPREDUCE-7354 Use empty array constants present in TaskCompletionEvent to avoid creating redundant objects Minor . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HDFS-16082 Avoid non-atomic operations on exceptionsSinceLastBalance and failedTimesSinceLastSuccessfulBalance in Balancer Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HDFS-16076 Avoid using slow DataNodes for reading by sorting locations Major hdfs tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16085 Move the getPermissionChecker out of the read lock Minor . tomscut tomscut
YARN-10834 Intra-queue preemption: apps that don’t use defined custom resource won’t be preempted. Major . Eric Payne Eric Payne
HADOOP-17777 Update clover-maven-plugin version from 3.3.0 to 4.4.1 Major . Wanqiang Ji Wanqiang Ji
HDFS-16090 Fine grained locking for datanodeNetworkCounts Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HADOOP-17749 Remove lock contention in SelectorPool of SocketIOWithTimeout Major common Xuesen Liang Xuesen Liang
HADOOP-17775 Remove JavaScript package from Docker environment Major build Masatake Iwasaki Masatake Iwasaki
HADOOP-17402 Add GCS FS impl reference to core-default.xml Major fs Rafal Wojdyla Rafal Wojdyla
HADOOP-17794 Add a sample configuration to use ZKDelegationTokenSecretManager in Hadoop KMS Major documentation, kms, security Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HDFS-16122 Fix DistCpContext#toString() Minor . tomscut tomscut
HADOOP-12665 Document hadoop.security.token.service.use_ip Major documentation Arpit Agarwal Akira Ajisaka
YARN-10456 RM PartitionQueueMetrics records are named QueueMetrics in Simon metrics registry Major resourcemanager Eric Payne Eric Payne
HDFS-15650 Make the socket timeout for computing checksum of striped blocks configurable Minor datanode, ec, erasure-coding Yushi Hayasaka Yushi Hayasaka
YARN-10858 [UI2] YARN-10826 breaks Queue view Major yarn-ui-v2 Andras Gyori Masatake Iwasaki
HADOOP-16290 Enable RpcMetrics units to be configurable Major ipc, metrics Erik Krogen Viraj Jasani
YARN-10860 Make max container per heartbeat configs refreshable Major . Eric Badger Eric Badger
HADOOP-17813 Checkstyle - Allow line length: 100 Major . Akira Ajisaka Viraj Jasani
HADOOP-17811 ABFS ExponentialRetryPolicy doesn’t pick up configuration values Minor documentation, fs/azure Brian Frank Loss Brian Frank Loss
HADOOP-17819 Add extensions to ProtobufRpcEngine RequestHeaderProto Major common Hector Sandoval Chaverri Hector Sandoval Chaverri
HDFS-15936 Solve BlockSender#sendPacket() does not record SocketTimeout exception Minor . JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HDFS-16153 Avoid evaluation of LOG.debug statement in QuorumJournalManager Trivial . wangzhaohui wangzhaohui
HDFS-16154 TestMiniJournalCluster failing intermittently because of not reseting UserGroupInformation completely Minor . wangzhaohui wangzhaohui
HADOOP-17837 Make it easier to debug UnknownHostExceptions from NetUtils.connect Minor . Bryan Beaudreault Bryan Beaudreault
HDFS-16175 Improve the configurable value of Server #PURGE_INTERVAL_NANOS Major ipc JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HDFS-16173 Improve CopyCommands#Put#executor queue configurability Major fs JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HADOOP-17897 Allow nested blocks in switch case in checkstyle settings Minor build Masatake Iwasaki Masatake Iwasaki
HADOOP-17857 Check real user ACLs in addition to proxied user ACLs Major . Eric Payne Eric Payne
HDFS-16210 RBF: Add the option of refreshCallQueue to RouterAdmin Major . Janus Chow Janus Chow
HDFS-16221 RBF: Add usage of refreshCallQueue for Router Major . Janus Chow Janus Chow
HDFS-16223 AvailableSpaceRackFaultTolerantBlockPlacementPolicy should use chooseRandomWithStorageTypeTwoTrial() for better performance. Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HADOOP-17893 Improve PrometheusSink for Namenode TopMetrics Major metrics Max Xie Max Xie
HADOOP-17926 Maven-eclipse-plugin is no longer needed since Eclipse can import Maven projects by itself. Minor documentation Rintaro Ikeda Rintaro Ikeda
YARN-10935 AM Total Queue Limit goes below per-user AM Limit if parent is full. Major capacity scheduler, capacityscheduler Eric Payne Eric Payne
HADOOP-17939 Support building on Apple Silicon Major build, common Dongjoon Hyun Dongjoon Hyun
HADOOP-17941 Update xerces to 2.12.1 Minor . Zhongwei Zhu Zhongwei Zhu
HDFS-16246 Print lockWarningThreshold in InstrumentedLock#logWarning and InstrumentedLock#logWaitWarning Minor . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16252 Correct docs for dfs.http.client.retry.policy.spec Major . Stephen O’Donnell Stephen O’Donnell
HDFS-16241 Standby close reconstruction thread Major . zhanghuazong zhanghuazong
HADOOP-17974 Fix the import statements in hadoop-aws module Minor build, fs/azure Tamas Domok
HDFS-16277 Improve decision in AvailableSpaceBlockPlacementPolicy Major block placement guophilipse guophilipse
HADOOP-17770 WASB : Support disabling buffered reads in positional reads Major . Anoop Sam John Anoop Sam John
HDFS-16282 Duplicate generic usage information to hdfs debug command Minor tools daimin daimin
YARN-1115 Provide optional means for a scheduler to check real user ACLs Major capacity scheduler, scheduler Eric Payne
HDFS-16279 Print detail datanode info when process first storage report Minor . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16286 Debug tool to verify the correctness of erasure coding on file Minor erasure-coding, tools daimin daimin
HDFS-16294 Remove invalid DataNode#CONFIG_PROPERTY_SIMULATED Major datanode JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HDFS-16299 Fix bug for TestDataNodeVolumeMetrics#verifyDataNodeVolumeMetrics Minor . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16301 Improve BenchmarkThroughput#SIZE naming standardization Minor benchmarks, test JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HDFS-16287 Support to make dfs.namenode.avoid.read.slow.datanode reconfigurable Major . Haiyang Hu Haiyang Hu
HDFS-16321 Fix invalid config in TestAvailableSpaceRackFaultTolerantBPP Minor test guophilipse guophilipse
HDFS-16315 Add metrics related to Transfer and NativeCopy for DataNode Major . tomscut tomscut
HADOOP-17998 Allow get command to run with multi threads. Major fs Chengwei Wang Chengwei Wang
HDFS-16344 Improve DirectoryScanner.Stats#toString Major . tomscut tomscut
HADOOP-18023 Allow cp command to run with multi threads. Major fs Chengwei Wang Chengwei Wang
HDFS-16314 Support to make dfs.namenode.block-placement-policy.exclude-slow-nodes.enabled reconfigurable Major . Haiyang Hu Haiyang Hu
HADOOP-18026 Fix default value of Magic committer Minor common guophilipse guophilipse
HDFS-16345 Fix test cases fail in TestBlockStoragePolicy Major build guophilipse guophilipse
HADOOP-18040 Use maven.test.failure.ignore instead of ignoreTestFailure Major build Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HADOOP-17643 WASB : Make metadata checks case insensitive Major . Anoop Sam John Anoop Sam John
HADOOP-18033 Upgrade fasterxml Jackson to 2.13.0 Major build Akira Ajisaka Viraj Jasani
HDFS-16327 Make dfs.namenode.max.slowpeer.collect.nodes reconfigurable Major . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16375 The FBR lease ID should be exposed to the log Major . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16386 Reduce DataNode load when FsDatasetAsyncDiskService is working Major datanode JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HDFS-16391 Avoid evaluation of LOG.debug statement in NameNodeHeartbeatService Trivial . wangzhaohui wangzhaohui
YARN-8234 Improve RM system metrics publisher’s performance by pushing events to timeline server in batch Critical resourcemanager, timelineserver Hu Ziqian Ashutosh Gupta
HADOOP-18052 Support Apple Silicon in start-build-env.sh Major build Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HADOOP-18056 DistCp: Filter duplicates in the source paths Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HADOOP-18065 ExecutorHelper.logThrowableFromAfterExecute() is too noisy. Minor . Mukund Thakur Mukund Thakur
HDFS-16043 Add markedDeleteBlockScrubberThread to delete blocks asynchronously Major hdfs, namanode Xiangyi Zhu Xiangyi Zhu
HADOOP-18094 Disable S3A auditing by default. Blocker fs/s3 Steve Loughran Steve Loughran


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
YARN-10438 Handle null containerId in ClientRMService#getContainerReport() Major resourcemanager Raghvendra Singh Shubham Gupta
YARN-10428 Zombie applications in the YARN queue using FAIR + sizebasedweight Critical capacityscheduler Guang Yang Andras Gyori
HDFS-15916 DistCp: Backward compatibility: Distcp fails from Hadoop 3 to Hadoop 2 for snapshotdiff Major distcp Srinivasu Majeti Ayush Saxena
HDFS-15977 Call explicit_bzero only if it is available Major libhdfs++ Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HADOOP-14922 Build of Mapreduce Native Task module fails with unknown opcode “bswap” Major . Anup Halarnkar Anup Halarnkar
HADOOP-17700 ExitUtil#halt info log should log HaltException Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
YARN-10770 container-executor permission is wrong in SecureContainer.md Major documentation Akira Ajisaka Siddharth Ahuja
YARN-10691 DominantResourceCalculator isInvalidDivisor should consider only countable resource types Major . Bilwa S T Bilwa S T
HDFS-16031 Possible Resource Leak in org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.server.aliasmap#InMemoryAliasMap Major . Narges Shadab Narges Shadab
MAPREDUCE-7348 TestFrameworkUploader#testNativeIO fails Major test Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HDFS-15915 Race condition with async edits logging due to updating txId outside of the namesystem log Major hdfs, namenode Konstantin Shvachko Konstantin Shvachko
HDFS-16040 RpcQueueTime metric counts requeued calls as unique events. Major hdfs Simbarashe Dzinamarira Simbarashe Dzinamarira
MAPREDUCE-7287 Distcp will delete existing file , If we use “-delete and -update” options and distcp file. Major distcp zhengchenyu zhengchenyu
HDFS-15998 Fix NullPointException In listOpenFiles Major . Haiyang Hu Haiyang Hu
HDFS-16050 Some dynamometer tests fail Major test Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HADOOP-17631 Configuration ${env.VAR:-FALLBACK} should eval FALLBACK when restrictSystemProps=true Minor common Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
YARN-10809 testWithHbaseConfAtHdfsFileSystem consistently failing Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
YARN-10803 [JDK 11] TestRMFailoverProxyProvider and TestNoHaRMFailoverProxyProvider fails by ClassCastException Major test Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HDFS-16057 Make sure the order for location in ENTERING_MAINTENANCE state Minor . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16055 Quota is not preserved in snapshot INode Major hdfs Siyao Meng Siyao Meng
HDFS-16068 WebHdfsFileSystem has a possible connection leak in connection with HttpFS Major . Takanobu Asanuma Takanobu Asanuma
YARN-10767 Yarn Logs Command retrying on Standby RM for 30 times Major . D M Murali Krishna Reddy D M Murali Krishna Reddy
HADOOP-17760 Delete hadoop.ssl.enabled and dfs.https.enable from docs and core-default.xml Major documentation Takanobu Asanuma Takanobu Asanuma
HDFS-13671 Namenode deletes large dir slowly caused by FoldedTreeSet#removeAndGet Major . Yiqun Lin Haibin Huang
HDFS-16061 DFTestUtil.waitReplication can produce false positives Major hdfs Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HDFS-14575 LeaseRenewer#daemon threads leak in DFSClient Major . Tao Yang Renukaprasad C
YARN-10826 [UI2] Upgrade Node.js to at least v12.22.1 Major yarn-ui-v2 Akira Ajisaka Masatake Iwasaki
HADOOP-17769 Upgrade JUnit to 4.13.2 Major . Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
YARN-10824 Title not set for JHS and NM webpages Major . Rajshree Mishra Bilwa S T
HDFS-16092 Avoid creating LayoutFlags redundant objects Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HADOOP-17764 S3AInputStream read does not re-open the input stream on the second read retry attempt Major fs/s3 Zamil Majdy Zamil Majdy
HDFS-16109 Fix flaky some unit tests since they offen timeout Minor test tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16108 Incorrect log placeholders used in JournalNodeSyncer Minor . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
MAPREDUCE-7353 Mapreduce job fails when NM is stopped Major . Bilwa S T Bilwa S T
HDFS-16121 Iterative snapshot diff report can generate duplicate records for creates, deletes and Renames Major snapshots Srinivasu Majeti Shashikant Banerjee
HDFS-15796 ConcurrentModificationException error happens on NameNode occasionally Critical hdfs Daniel Ma Daniel Ma
HADOOP-17793 Better token validation Major . Artem Smotrakov Artem Smotrakov
HDFS-16042 DatanodeAdminMonitor scan should be delay based Major datanode Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HADOOP-17803 Remove WARN logging from LoggingAuditor when executing a request outside an audit span Major fs/s3 Mehakmeet Singh Mehakmeet Singh
HDFS-16127 Improper pipeline close recovery causes a permanent write failure or data loss. Major . Kihwal Lee Kihwal Lee
HADOOP-17028 ViewFS should initialize target filesystems lazily Major client-mounts, fs, viewfs Uma Maheswara Rao G Abhishek Das
HADOOP-17801 No error message reported when bucket doesn’t exist in S3AFS Major fs/s3 Mehakmeet Singh Mehakmeet Singh
HADOOP-17796 Upgrade jetty version to 9.4.43 Major . Wei-Chiu Chuang Renukaprasad C
HDFS-12920 HDFS default value change (with adding time unit) breaks old version MR tarball work with Hadoop 3.x Critical configuration, hdfs Junping Du Akira Ajisaka
HDFS-16145 CopyListing fails with FNF exception with snapshot diff Major distcp Shashikant Banerjee Shashikant Banerjee
YARN-10813 Set default capacity of root for node labels Major . Andras Gyori Andras Gyori
HDFS-16144 Revert HDFS-15372 (Files in snapshots no longer see attribute provider permissions) Major . Stephen O’Donnell Stephen O’Donnell
HADOOP-17817 HADOOP-17817. S3A to raise IOE if both S3-CSE and S3Guard enabled Major fs/s3 Mehakmeet Singh Mehakmeet Singh
YARN-9551 TestTimelineClientV2Impl.testSyncCall fails intermittently Minor ATSv2, test Prabhu Joseph Andras Gyori
HDFS-15175 Multiple CloseOp shared block instance causes the standby namenode to crash when rolling editlog Critical . Yicong Cai Wan Chang
YARN-10869 CS considers only the default maximum-allocation-mb/vcore property as a maximum when it creates dynamic queues Major capacity scheduler Benjamin Teke Benjamin Teke
YARN-10789 RM HA startup can fail due to race conditions in ZKConfigurationStore Major . Tarun Parimi Tarun Parimi
HADOOP-17812 NPE in S3AInputStream read() after failure to reconnect to store Major fs/s3 Bobby Wang Bobby Wang
YARN-6221 Entities missing from ATS when summary log file info got returned to the ATS before the domain log Critical yarn Sushmitha Sreenivasan Xiaomin Zhang
MAPREDUCE-7258 HistoryServerRest.html#Task_Counters_API, modify the jobTaskCounters’s itemName from “taskcounterGroup” to “taskCounterGroup”. Minor documentation jenny jenny
HADOOP-17370 Upgrade commons-compress to 1.21 Major common Dongjoon Hyun Akira Ajisaka
HDFS-16151 Improve the parameter comments related to ProtobufRpcEngine2#Server() Minor documentation JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HADOOP-17844 Upgrade JSON smart to 2.4.7 Major . Renukaprasad C Renukaprasad C
HDFS-16177 Bug fix for Util#receiveFile Minor . tomscut tomscut
YARN-10814 YARN shouldn’t start with empty hadoop.http.authentication.signature.secret.file Major . Benjamin Teke Tamas Domok
HADOOP-17858 Avoid possible class loading deadlock with VerifierNone initialization Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HADOOP-17869 fs.s3a.connection.maximum should be bigger than fs.s3a.threads.max Major common Dongjoon Hyun Dongjoon Hyun
HADOOP-17886 Upgrade ant to 1.10.11 Major . Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HADOOP-17874 ExceptionsHandler to add terse/suppressed Exceptions in thread-safe manner Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HADOOP-15129 Datanode caches namenode DNS lookup failure and cannot startup Minor ipc Karthik Palaniappan Chris Nauroth
HADOOP-17870 HTTP Filesystem to qualify paths in open()/getFileStatus() Minor fs VinothKumar Raman VinothKumar Raman
HADOOP-17899 Avoid using implicit dependency on junit-jupiter-api Major test Masatake Iwasaki Masatake Iwasaki
YARN-10901 Permission checking error on an existing directory in LogAggregationFileController#verifyAndCreateRemoteLogDir Major nodemanager Tamas Domok Tamas Domok
HADOOP-17804 Prometheus metrics only include the last set of labels Major common Adam Binford Adam Binford
HDFS-16207 Remove NN logs stack trace for non-existent xattr query Major namenode Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HDFS-16187 SnapshotDiff behaviour with Xattrs and Acls is not consistent across NN restarts with checkpointing Major snapshots Srinivasu Majeti Shashikant Banerjee
HDFS-16198 Short circuit read leaks Slot objects when InvalidToken exception is thrown Major . Eungsop Yoo Eungsop Yoo
YARN-10870 Missing user filtering check -> yarn.webapp.filter-entity-list-by-user for RM Scheduler page Major yarn Siddharth Ahuja Gergely Pollák
HADOOP-17891 lz4-java and snappy-java should be excluded from relocation in shaded Hadoop libraries Major . L. C. Hsieh L. C. Hsieh
HADOOP-17919 Fix command line example in Hadoop Cluster Setup documentation Minor documentation Rintaro Ikeda Rintaro Ikeda
YARN-9606 Set sslfactory for AuthenticatedURL() while creating LogsCLI#webServiceClient Major . Bilwa S T Bilwa S T
HDFS-16233 Do not use exception handler to implement copy-on-write for EnumCounters Major namenode Wei-Chiu Chuang Wei-Chiu Chuang
HDFS-16235 Deadlock in LeaseRenewer for static remove method Major hdfs angerszhu angerszhu
HADOOP-17940 Upgrade Kafka to 2.8.1 Major . Takanobu Asanuma Takanobu Asanuma
YARN-10970 Standby RM should expose prom endpoint Major resourcemanager Max Xie Max Xie
HADOOP-17934 NullPointerException when no HTTP response set on AbfsRestOperation Major fs/azure Josh Elser Josh Elser
HDFS-16181 [SBN Read] Fix metric of RpcRequestCacheMissAmount can’t display when tailEditLog form JN Critical . wangzhaohui wangzhaohui
HADOOP-17922 Lookup old S3 encryption configs for JCEKS Major fs/s3 Mehakmeet Singh Mehakmeet Singh
HADOOP-17925 BUILDING.txt should not encourage to activate docs profile on building binary artifacts Minor documentation Rintaro Ikeda Masatake Iwasaki
HADOOP-16532 Fix TestViewFsTrash to use the correct homeDir. Minor test, viewfs Steve Loughran Xing Lin
HDFS-16268 Balancer stuck when moving striped blocks due to NPE Major balancer & mover, erasure-coding Leon Gao Leon Gao
HDFS-16271 RBF: NullPointerException when setQuota through routers with quota disabled Major . Chengwei Wang Chengwei Wang
YARN-10976 Fix resource leak due to Files.walk Minor . lujie lujie
HADOOP-17932 Distcp file length comparison have no effect Major common, tools, tools/distcp yinan zhan yinan zhan
HDFS-16272 Int overflow in computing safe length during EC block recovery Critical 3.1.1 daimin daimin
HADOOP-17953 S3A: ITestS3AFileContextStatistics test to lookup global or per-bucket configuration for encryption algorithm Minor fs/s3 Mehakmeet Singh Mehakmeet Singh
HADOOP-17971 Exclude IBM Java security classes from being shaded/relocated Major build Nicholas Marion Nicholas Marion
HDFS-7612 TestOfflineEditsViewer.testStored() uses incorrect default value for cacheDir Major test Konstantin Shvachko Michael Kuchenbecker
HDFS-16269 [Fix] Improve NNThroughputBenchmark#blockReport operation Major benchmarks, namenode JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HADOOP-17945 JsonSerialization raises EOFException reading JSON data stored on google GCS Major fs Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
HDFS-16259 Catch and re-throw sub-classes of AccessControlException thrown by any permission provider plugins (eg Ranger) Major namenode Stephen O’Donnell Stephen O’Donnell
HADOOP-17988 Disable JIRA plugin for YETUS on Hadoop Critical build Gautham Banasandra Gautham Banasandra
HDFS-16311 Metric metadataOperationRate calculation error in DataNodeVolumeMetrics Major . tomscut tomscut
HADOOP-18002 abfs rename idempotency broken -remove recovery Major fs/azure Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
HDFS-16182 numOfReplicas is given the wrong value in BlockPlacementPolicyDefault$chooseTarget can cause DataStreamer to fail with Heterogeneous Storage Major namanode Max Xie Max Xie
HADOOP-17999 No-op implementation of setWriteChecksum and setVerifyChecksum in ViewFileSystem Major . Abhishek Das Abhishek Das
HDFS-16329 Fix log format for BlockManager Minor . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16330 Fix incorrect placeholder for Exception logs in DiskBalancer Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HDFS-16328 Correct disk balancer param desc Minor documentation, hdfs guophilipse guophilipse
HDFS-16334 Correct NameNode ACL description Minor documentation guophilipse guophilipse
HDFS-16343 Add some debug logs when the dfsUsed are not used during Datanode startup Major datanode Mukul Kumar Singh Mukul Kumar Singh
YARN-10991 Fix to ignore the grouping “[]” for resourcesStr in parseResourcesString method Minor distributed-shell Ashutosh Gupta Ashutosh Gupta
HADOOP-17975 Fallback to simple auth does not work for a secondary DistributedFileSystem instance Major ipc István Fajth István Fajth
HDFS-16350 Datanode start time should be set after RPC server starts successfully Minor . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
YARN-11007 Correct words in YARN documents Minor documentation guophilipse guophilipse
YARN-10975 EntityGroupFSTimelineStore#ActiveLogParser parses already processed files Major timelineserver Prabhu Joseph Ravuri Sushma sree
HDFS-16332 Expired block token causes slow read due to missing handling in sasl handshake Major datanode, dfs, dfsclient Shinya Yoshida Shinya Yoshida
HDFS-16293 Client sleeps and holds ‘dataQueue’ when DataNodes are congested Major hdfs-client Yuanxin Zhu Yuanxin Zhu
YARN-9063 ATS 1.5 fails to start if RollingLevelDb files are corrupt or missing Major timelineserver, timelineservice Tarun Parimi Ashutosh Gupta
HDFS-16333 fix balancer bug when transfer an EC block Major balancer & mover, erasure-coding qinyuren qinyuren
YARN-11020 [UI2] No container is found for an application attempt with a single AM container Major yarn-ui-v2 Andras Gyori Andras Gyori
HDFS-16373 Fix MiniDFSCluster restart in case of multiple namenodes Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HADOOP-18048 [branch-3.3] Dockerfile_aarch64 build fails with fatal error: Python.h: No such file or directory Major . Siyao Meng Siyao Meng
HDFS-16377 Should CheckNotNull before access FsDatasetSpi Major . tomscut tomscut
YARN-6862 Nodemanager resource usage metrics sometimes are negative Major nodemanager YunFan Zhou Benjamin Teke
HADOOP-13500 Synchronizing iteration of Configuration properties object Major conf Jason Darrell Lowe Dhananjay Badaya
YARN-10178 Global Scheduler async thread crash caused by ’Comparison method violates its general contract Major capacity scheduler tuyu Andras Gyori
YARN-11053 AuxService should not use class name as default system classes Major auxservices Cheng Pan Cheng Pan
HDFS-16395 Remove useless NNThroughputBenchmark#dummyActionNoSynch() Major benchmarks, namenode JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HADOOP-18045 Disable TestDynamometerInfra Major test Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HDFS-14099 Unknown frame descriptor when decompressing multiple frames in ZStandardDecompressor Major . xuzq xuzq
HADOOP-18063 Remove unused import AbstractJavaKeyStoreProvider in Shell class Minor . JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HDFS-16409 Fix typo: testHasExeceptionsReturnsCorrectValue -> testHasExceptionsReturnsCorrectValue Trivial . Ashutosh Gupta Ashutosh Gupta
HDFS-16408 Ensure LeaseRecheckIntervalMs is greater than zero Major namenode Jingxuan Fu Jingxuan Fu
HDFS-16410 Insecure Xml parsing in OfflineEditsXmlLoader Minor . Ashutosh Gupta Ashutosh Gupta
HDFS-16420 Avoid deleting unique data blocks when deleting redundancy striped blocks Critical ec, erasure-coding qinyuren Jackson Wang
YARN-10561 Upgrade node.js to 12.22.1 and yarn to 1.22.5 in YARN application catalog webapp Critical webapp Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HADOOP-18096 Distcp: Sync moves filtered file to home directory rather than deleting Critical . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
MAPREDUCE-7342 Stop RMService in TestClientRedirect.testRedirect() Minor . Zhengxi Li Zhengxi Li
MAPREDUCE-7311 Fix non-idempotent test in TestTaskProgressReporter Minor . Zhengxi Li Zhengxi Li
HADOOP-17936 TestLocalFSCopyFromLocal.testDestinationFileIsToParentDirectory failure after reverting HADOOP-16878 Major . Chao Sun Chao Sun
HDFS-15862 Make TestViewfsWithNfs3.testNfsRenameSingleNN() idempotent Minor nfs Zhengxi Li Zhengxi Li


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
YARN-10337 TestRMHATimelineCollectors fails on hadoop trunk Major test, yarn Ahmed Hussein Bilwa S T
HDFS-15457 TestFsDatasetImpl fails intermittently Major hdfs Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HADOOP-17424 Replace HTrace with No-Op tracer Major . Siyao Meng Siyao Meng
HADOOP-17705 S3A to add option fs.s3a.endpoint.region to set AWS region Major fs/s3 Mehakmeet Singh Mehakmeet Singh
HADOOP-17670 S3AFS and ABFS to log IOStats at DEBUG mode or optionally at INFO level in close() Minor fs/azure, fs/s3 Mehakmeet Singh Mehakmeet Singh
HADOOP-17511 Add an Audit plugin point for S3A auditing/context Major . Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
HADOOP-17470 Collect more S3A IOStatistics Major fs/s3 Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
HADOOP-17735 Upgrade aws-java-sdk to 1.11.1026 Major build, fs/s3 Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
HADOOP-17547 Magic committer to downgrade abort in cleanup if list uploads fails with access denied Major fs/s3 Steve Loughran Bogdan Stolojan
HADOOP-17771 S3AFS creation fails “Unable to find a region via the region provider chain.” Blocker fs/s3 Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
HDFS-15659 Set dfs.namenode.redundancy.considerLoad to false in MiniDFSCluster Major test Akira Ajisaka Ahmed Hussein
HADOOP-17774 bytesRead FS statistic showing twice the correct value in S3A Major fs/s3 Mehakmeet Singh Mehakmeet Singh
HADOOP-17290 ABFS: Add Identifiers to Client Request Header Major fs/azure Sumangala Patki Sumangala Patki
HADOOP-17250 ABFS: Random read perf improvement Major fs/azure Sneha Vijayarajan Mukund Thakur
HADOOP-17596 ABFS: Change default Readahead Queue Depth from num(processors) to const Major fs/azure Sumangala Patki Sumangala Patki
HADOOP-17715 ABFS: Append blob tests with non HNS accounts fail Minor . Sneha Varma Sneha Varma
HADOOP-17714 ABFS: testBlobBackCompatibility, testRandomRead & WasbAbfsCompatibility tests fail when triggered with default configs Minor test Sneha Varma Sneha Varma
HDFS-16140 TestBootstrapAliasmap fails by BindException Major test Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HADOOP-13887 Encrypt S3A data client-side with AWS SDK (S3-CSE) Minor fs/s3 Jeeyoung Kim Mehakmeet Singh
HADOOP-17458 S3A to treat “SdkClientException: Data read has a different length than the expected” as EOFException Minor fs/s3 Steve Loughran Bogdan Stolojan
HADOOP-17628 Distcp contract test is really slow with ABFS and S3A; timing out Minor fs/azure, fs/s3, test, tools/distcp Bilahari T H Steve Loughran
HADOOP-17822 fs.s3a.acl.default not working after S3A Audit feature added Major fs/s3 Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
HADOOP-17139 Re-enable optimized copyFromLocal implementation in S3AFileSystem Minor fs/s3 Sahil Takiar Bogdan Stolojan
HADOOP-17823 S3A Tests to skip if S3Guard and S3-CSE are enabled. Major build, fs/s3 Mehakmeet Singh Mehakmeet Singh
HDFS-16184 De-flake TestBlockScanner#testSkipRecentAccessFile Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HADOOP-17677 Distcp is unable to determine region with S3 PrivateLink endpoints Major fs/s3, tools/distcp KJ
HDFS-16192 ViewDistributedFileSystem#rename wrongly using src in the place of dst. Major . Uma Maheswara Rao G Uma Maheswara Rao G
HADOOP-17156 Clear abfs readahead requests on stream close Major fs/azure Rajesh Balamohan Mukund Thakur
HADOOP-17618 ABFS: Partially obfuscate SAS object IDs in Logs Major fs/azure Sumangala Patki Sumangala Patki
HADOOP-17894 CredentialProviderFactory.getProviders() recursion loading JCEKS file from s3a Major conf, fs/s3 Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
HADOOP-17126 implement non-guava Precondition checkNotNull Major . Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HADOOP-17195 Intermittent OutOfMemory error while performing hdfs CopyFromLocal to abfs Major fs/azure Mehakmeet Singh Mehakmeet Singh
HADOOP-17929 implement non-guava Precondition checkArgument Major . Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HADOOP-17198 Support S3 Access Points Major fs/s3 Steve Loughran Bogdan Stolojan
HADOOP-17871 S3A CSE: minor tuning Minor fs/s3 Steve Loughran Mehakmeet Singh
HADOOP-17947 Provide alternative to Guava VisibleForTesting Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HADOOP-17930 implement non-guava Precondition checkState Major . Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HADOOP-17374 AliyunOSS: support ListObjectsV2 Major fs/oss wujinhu wujinhu
HADOOP-17863 ABFS: Fix compiler deprecation warning in TextFileBasedIdentityHandler Minor fs/azure Sumangala Patki Sumangala Patki
HADOOP-17928 s3a: set fs.s3a.downgrade.syncable.exceptions = true by default Major fs/s3 Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
HDFS-16336 De-flake TestRollingUpgrade#testRollback Minor hdfs, test Kevin Wikant Viraj Jasani
HDFS-16171 De-flake testDecommissionStatus Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HADOOP-17226 Failure of ITestAssumeRole.testRestrictedCommitActions Minor fs/s3, test Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
HADOOP-14334 S3 SSEC tests to downgrade when running against a mandatory encryption object store Minor fs/s3, test Steve Loughran Monthon Klongklaew
HADOOP-16223 remove misleading fs.s3a.delegation.tokens.enabled prompt Minor fs/s3 Steve Loughran


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HDFS-16078 Remove unused parameters for DatanodeManager.handleLifeline() Minor . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16079 Improve the block state change log Minor . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16089 EC: Add metric EcReconstructionValidateTimeMillis for StripedBlockReconstructor Minor . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16298 Improve error msg for BlockMissingException Minor . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16312 Fix typo for DataNodeVolumeMetrics and ProfilingFileIoEvents Minor . tomscut tomscut
HADOOP-18005 Correct log format for LdapGroupsMapping Minor . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16319 Add metrics doc for ReadLockLongHoldCount and WriteLockLongHoldCount Minor . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16326 Simplify the code for DiskBalancer Minor . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16335 Fix HDFSCommands.md Minor . tomscut tomscut
HDFS-16339 Show the threshold when mover threads quota is exceeded Minor . tomscut tomscut
YARN-10820 Make GetClusterNodesRequestPBImpl thread safe Major client Prabhu Joseph SwathiChandrashekar
HADOOP-17808 ipc.Client not setting interrupt flag after catching InterruptedException Minor . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HADOOP-17834 Bump aliyun-sdk-oss to 3.13.0 Major . Siyao Meng Siyao Meng
HADOOP-17950 Provide replacement for deprecated APIs of commons-io IOUtils Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HADOOP-17955 Bump netty to the latest 4.1.68 Major . Takanobu Asanuma Takanobu Asanuma
HADOOP-17946 Update commons-lang to latest 3.x Minor . Sean Busbey Renukaprasad C
HDFS-16323 DatanodeHttpServer doesn’t require handler state map while retrieving filter handlers Minor . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HADOOP-13464 update GSON to 2.7+ Minor build Sean Busbey Igor Dvorzhak
HADOOP-18061 Update the year to 2022 Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena