The S3N Client

S3N was a Hadoop filesystem client which can read or write data stored in Amazon S3. It uses URLs with the schema s3n://.

Hadoop’s S3N client for Amazon S3 has been superceded by the S3A connector

Please upgrade to S3A for a supported, higher-performance S3 Client

How to migrate to to the S3A client

  1. Keep the hadoop-aws JAR on your classpath.

  2. Add the aws-java-sdk-bundle.jar JAR which Hadoop ships with to your classpath.

  3. Change the authentication keys

    old key new key
    fs.s3n.awsAccessKeyId fs.s3a.access.key
    fs.s3n.awsSecretAccessKey fs.s3a.secret.key

    Do make sure the property names are correct. For S3A, they are fs.s3a.access.key and fs.s3a.secret.key —you cannot just copy the S3N properties and replace s3n with s3a.

  4. Replace URLs which began with s3n:// with s3a://

  5. You may now remove the jets3t JAR, as it is no longer needed.