Releases Archive

    Release 2.6.2 available

    2015 Oct 28

    Apache Hadoop 2.6.2 is a point release in the 2.6.x release line, and fixes a few critical issues in 2.6.1.

    Please see the Hadoop 2.6.2 Release Notes for details.

    Release 2.6.1 available

    2015 Sep 23

    Apache Hadoop 2.6.1 is a point release in the 2.6.x release line, and fixes a lot of critical issues in 2.6.0.

    Please see the Hadoop 2.6.1 Release Notes for details.

    Release 2.7.1 (stable) available

    2015 Jul 6

    A point release for the 2.7 line. This release is now considered stable.

    Please see the Hadoop 2.7.1 Release Notes for the list of 131 bug fixes and patches since the previous release 2.7.0. Please look at the 2.7.0 section below for the list of enhancements enabled by this first stable release of 2.7.x.

    Release 2.7.0 available

    2015 Apr 21

    Apache Hadoop 2.7.0 contains a number of significant enhancements. A few of them are noted below.

    • IMPORTANT notes
    • This release drops support for JDK6 runtime and works with JDK 7+ only.
    • This release is not yet ready for production use. Critical issues are being ironed out via testing and downstream adoption. Production users should wait for a 2.7.1/2.7.2 release.
    • Hadoop Common
    • HADOOP-9629 - Support Windows Azure Storage - Blob as a file system in Hadoop.
    • Hadoop HDFS
    • HDFS-3107 - Support for file truncate
    • HDFS-7584 - Support for quotas per storage type
    • HDFS-3689 - Support for files with variable-length blocks
    • Hadoop YARN
    • YARN-3100 - Make YARN authorization pluggable
    • YARN-1492 - Automatic shared, global caching of YARN localized resources (beta)
    • Hadoop MapReduce
    • MAPREDUCE-5583 - Ability to limit running Map/Reduce tasks of a job
    • MAPREDUCE-4815 - Speed up FileOutputCommitter for very large jobs with many output files.

    Please see the Hadoop 2.7.0 Release Notes for details.

    Release 2.5.2 available

    2014 Nov 19

    Apache Hadoop 2.5.2 is a point release in the 2.5.x release line, and fixes a few critical issues in 2.5.1

    Release 2.6.0 available

    2014 Nov 18

    Apache Hadoop 2.6.0 contains a number of significant enhancements such as:

    • Hadoop Common
    • HADOOP-10433 - Key management server (beta)
    • HADOOP-10607 - Credential provider (beta)
    • Hadoop HDFS
    • Heterogeneous Storage Tiers - Phase 2
    • HDFS-5682 - Application APIs for heterogeneous storage
    • HDFS-7228 - SSD storage tier
    • HDFS-5851 - Memory as a storage tier (beta)
    • HDFS-6584 - Support for Archival Storage
    • HDFS-6134 - Transparent data at rest encryption (beta)
    • HDFS-2856 - Operating secure DataNode without requiring root access
    • HDFS-6740 - Hot swap drive: support add/remove data node volumes without restarting data node (beta)
    • HDFS-6606 - AES support for faster wire encryption
    • Hadoop YARN
    • YARN-896 - Support for long running services in YARN
    • YARN-913 - Service Registry for applications
    • YARN-666 - Support for rolling upgrades
    • YARN-556 - Work-preserving restarts of ResourceManager
    • YARN-1336 - Container-preserving restart of NodeManager
    • YARN-796 - Support node labels during scheduling
    • YARN-1051 - Support for time-based resource reservations in Capacity Scheduler (beta)
    • YARN-1964 - Support running of applications natively in Docker containers (alpha)

    Please see the Hadoop 2.6.0 Release Notes for details.

    Release 2.5.1 available

    2014 Sep 12

    Apache Hadoop 2.5.1 is a point release in the 2.5.x release line, and fixes a few release issues with 2.5.0.

    Release 2.5.0 available

    2014 Aug 11

    Apache Hadoop 2.5.0 is a minor release in the 2.x release line.

    The release includes the following major features and improvements:

    • Authentication improvements when using an HTTP proxy server.
    • A new Hadoop Metrics sink that allows writing directly to Graphite.
    • Specification for Hadoop Compatible Filesystem effort.
    • Support for POSIX-style filesystem extended attributes.
    • OfflineImageViewer to browse an fsimage via the WebHDFS API.
    • Supportability improvements and bug fixes to the NFS gateway.
    • Modernized web UIs (HTML5 and Javascript) for HDFS daemons.
    • YARN’s REST APIs support submitting and killing applications.
    • Kerberos integration for the YARN’s timeline store.
    • FairScheduler allows creating user queues at runtime under any specified parent queue.

    Users are encouraged to try out 2.5.0

    Please see the Hadoop 2.5.0 Release Notes for details.

    Release 2.4.1 available

    2014 Jun 30

    Apache Hadoop 2.4.1 is a bug-fix release for the stable 2.4.x line.

    There is also a security bug fix in this minor release.

    • CVE-2014-0229: Add privilege checks to HDFS admin sub-commands refreshNamenodes, deleteBlockPool and shutdownDatanode.

    Users are encouraged to immediately move to 2.4.1.

    Please see the Hadoop 2.4.1 Release Notes for details.

    Release 0.23.11 available

    2014 Jun 27

    A point release for the 0.23.X line. Bug fixes to continue stabilization.

    Please see the Hadoop 0.23.11 Release Notes for details.