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Class org.apache.hadoop.yarn.api.records.Resource

Added Methods
int castToIntSafely(long) Convert long to int for a resource value safely.
int compareTo(Resource)  
String getFormattedString() This method is to get memory in terms of KB|MB|GB.
long getMemorySize() Get memory of the resource.
ResourceInformation getResourceInformation(String) Get ResourceInformation for a specified resource.
long getResourceValue(String) Get the value for a specified resource.
ResourceInformation newDefaultInformation(String, String, long) Create ResourceInformation with basic fields.
Resource newInstance(long, int)  
Resource newInstance(long, int, Map) Create a new Resource instance with the given CPU and memory values and additional resource values as set in the {@code others} parameter.
void setMemorySize(long) Set memory of the resource.
void setResourceInformation(String, ResourceInformation) Set the ResourceInformation object for a particular resource.
void setResourceValue(String, long) Set the value of a resource in the ResourceInformation object.
void throwExceptionWhenArrayOutOfBound(int)  

Added Fields
ResourceInformation[] resources