System Services


System services are admin configured services which are auto deployed during bootstrap of ResourceManager. This would work only when API-Server is started as part of ResourceManager. Refer Manage services on YARN. This document describes how to configure and deploy system services.


Name Description
yarn.service.system-service.dir FS directory path to load and deploy admin configured services. These service spec files should be kept with proper hierarchy.

Hierarchy of FS path

After configuring yarn.service.system-service.dir path, the spec files should be kept with below hierarchy.



Launch-Mode indicates that how the service should be deployed. Services can be auto deployed either synchronously or asynchronously.


These services are started synchronously along with RM. This might delay a bit RM transition to active period. This is useful when deploying critical services to get started sooner.


These services are started asynchronously without impacting RM transition period.


Users are the owner of the system service who has full access to modify it. Each users can own multiple services. Note that service names are unique per user.


YarnFiles are the spec files to launch services. These files must have .yarnfile extension otherwise those files are ignored.

Example of hierarchy to configure system services.

|---- sync
|     |--- user1
|     |    |---- service1.yarnfile
|     |    |---- service2.yarnfile
|     |--- user2
|     |    |---- service3.yarnfile
|     |    ....
|     |
|---- async
|     |--- user3
|     |    |---- service1.yarnfile
|     |    |---- service2.yarnfile
|     |--- user4
|     |    |---- service3.yarnfile
|     |    ....
|     |