Apache Hadoop Changelog

Release 3.2.4 - 2022-07-12


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HDFS-16337 Show start time of Datanode on Web Minor . Tao Li Tao Li


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HDFS-15075 Remove process command timing from BPServiceActor Major . Íñigo Goiri Xiaoqiao He
HDFS-15150 Introduce read write lock to Datanode Major datanode Stephen O’Donnell Stephen O’Donnell
HDFS-16175 Improve the configurable value of Server #PURGE_INTERVAL_NANOS Major ipc JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HDFS-16173 Improve CopyCommands#Put#executor queue configurability Major fs JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HADOOP-17897 Allow nested blocks in switch case in checkstyle settings Minor build Masatake Iwasaki Masatake Iwasaki
HADOOP-17857 Check real user ACLs in addition to proxied user ACLs Major . Eric Payne Eric Payne
HDFS-14997 BPServiceActor processes commands from NameNode asynchronously Major datanode Xiaoqiao He Xiaoqiao He
HADOOP-17926 Maven-eclipse-plugin is no longer needed since Eclipse can import Maven projects by itself. Minor documentation Rintaro Ikeda Rintaro Ikeda
YARN-10935 AM Total Queue Limit goes below per-user AM Limit if parent is full. Major capacity scheduler, capacityscheduler Eric Payne Eric Payne
HDFS-16241 Standby close reconstruction thread Major . zhanghuazong zhanghuazong
YARN-1115 Provide optional means for a scheduler to check real user ACLs Major capacity scheduler, scheduler Eric Payne
HDFS-16279 Print detail datanode info when process first storage report Minor . Tao Li Tao Li
HDFS-16294 Remove invalid DataNode#CONFIG_PROPERTY_SIMULATED Major datanode JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HDFS-16299 Fix bug for TestDataNodeVolumeMetrics#verifyDataNodeVolumeMetrics Minor . Tao Li Tao Li
HDFS-16301 Improve BenchmarkThroughput#SIZE naming standardization Minor benchmarks, test JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
YARN-10997 Revisit allocation and reservation logging Major . Andras Gyori Andras Gyori
HDFS-16315 Add metrics related to Transfer and NativeCopy for DataNode Major . Tao Li Tao Li
HADOOP-17998 Allow get command to run with multi threads. Major fs Chengwei Wang Chengwei Wang
HDFS-16345 Fix test cases fail in TestBlockStoragePolicy Major build guophilipse guophilipse
HADOOP-18035 Skip unit test failures to run all the unit tests Major build Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HADOOP-18040 Use maven.test.failure.ignore instead of ignoreTestFailure Major build Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HDFS-16352 return the real datanode numBlocks in #getDatanodeStorageReport Major . qinyuren qinyuren
HDFS-16386 Reduce DataNode load when FsDatasetAsyncDiskService is working Major datanode JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HDFS-16391 Avoid evaluation of LOG.debug statement in NameNodeHeartbeatService Trivial . wangzhaohui wangzhaohui
YARN-8234 Improve RM system metrics publisher’s performance by pushing events to timeline server in batch Critical resourcemanager, timelineserver Hu Ziqian Ashutosh Gupta
HDFS-16430 Validate maximum blocks in EC group when adding an EC policy Minor ec, erasure-coding daimin daimin
HDFS-16403 Improve FUSE IO performance by supporting FUSE parameter max_background Minor fuse-dfs daimin daimin
HADOOP-18136 Verify FileUtils.unTar() handling of missing .tar files Minor test, util Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
HDFS-16529 Remove unnecessary setObserverRead in TestConsistentReadsObserver Trivial test wangzhaohui wangzhaohui
HDFS-16530 setReplication debug log creates a new string even if debug is disabled Major namenode Stephen O’Donnell Stephen O’Donnell
HDFS-16427 Add debug log for BlockManager#chooseExcessRedundancyStriped Minor erasure-coding Tao Li Tao Li
HDFS-16389 Improve NNThroughputBenchmark test mkdirs Major benchmarks, namenode JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
MAPREDUCE-7373 Building MapReduce NativeTask fails on Fedora 34+ Major build, nativetask Kengo Seki Kengo Seki
HDFS-16355 Improve the description of dfs.block.scanner.volume.bytes.per.second Minor documentation, hdfs guophilipse guophilipse
HADOOP-18088 Replace log4j 1.x with reload4j Major . Wei-Chiu Chuang Wei-Chiu Chuang
HDFS-16501 Print the exception when reporting a bad block Major datanode qinyuren qinyuren
YARN-11116 Migrate Times util from SimpleDateFormat to thread-safe DateTimeFormatter class Minor . Jonathan Turner Eagles Jonathan Turner Eagles
YARN-10080 Support show app id on localizer thread pool Major nodemanager zhoukang Ashutosh Gupta
HADOOP-18240 Upgrade Yetus to 0.14.0 Major build Akira Ajisaka Ashutosh Gupta
HDFS-16585 Add @VisibleForTesting in Dispatcher.java after HDFS-16268 Trivial . Wei-Chiu Chuang Ashutosh Gupta
HDFS-16610 Make fsck read timeout configurable Major hdfs-client Stephen O’Donnell Stephen O’Donnell


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HDFS-13983 TestOfflineImageViewer crashes in windows Major . Vinayakumar B Vinayakumar B
YARN-9744 RollingLevelDBTimelineStore.getEntityByTime fails with NPE Major timelineserver Prabhu Joseph Prabhu Joseph
HDFS-15113 Missing IBR when NameNode restart if open processCommand async feature Blocker datanode Xiaoqiao He Xiaoqiao He
HADOOP-16985 Handle release package related issues Major . Vinayakumar B Vinayakumar B
HADOOP-17116 Skip Retry INFO logging on first failover from a proxy Major ha Hanisha Koneru Hanisha Koneru
HDFS-15651 Client could not obtain block when DN CommandProcessingThread exit Major . Yiqun Lin Mingxiang Li
HDFS-15963 Unreleased volume references cause an infinite loop Critical datanode Shuyan Zhang Shuyan Zhang
HDFS-14575 LeaseRenewer#daemon threads leak in DFSClient Major . Tao Yang Renukaprasad C
HADOOP-17796 Upgrade jetty version to 9.4.43 Major . Wei-Chiu Chuang Renukaprasad C
HDFS-15175 Multiple CloseOp shared block instance causes the standby namenode to crash when rolling editlog Critical . Yicong Cai Wan Chang
HDFS-16177 Bug fix for Util#receiveFile Minor . Tao Li Tao Li
YARN-10814 YARN shouldn’t start with empty hadoop.http.authentication.signature.secret.file Major . Benjamin Teke Tamas Domok
HADOOP-17874 ExceptionsHandler to add terse/suppressed Exceptions in thread-safe manner Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HADOOP-15129 Datanode caches namenode DNS lookup failure and cannot startup Minor ipc Karthik Palaniappan Chris Nauroth
YARN-10901 Permission checking error on an existing directory in LogAggregationFileController#verifyAndCreateRemoteLogDir Major nodemanager Tamas Domok Tamas Domok
HDFS-16207 Remove NN logs stack trace for non-existent xattr query Major namenode Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HDFS-16187 SnapshotDiff behaviour with Xattrs and Acls is not consistent across NN restarts with checkpointing Major snapshots Srinivasu Majeti Shashikant Banerjee
HDFS-16198 Short circuit read leaks Slot objects when InvalidToken exception is thrown Major . Eungsop Yoo Eungsop Yoo
YARN-10870 Missing user filtering check -> yarn.webapp.filter-entity-list-by-user for RM Scheduler page Major yarn Siddharth Ahuja Gergely Pollák
HADOOP-17919 Fix command line example in Hadoop Cluster Setup documentation Minor documentation Rintaro Ikeda Rintaro Ikeda
HDFS-16235 Deadlock in LeaseRenewer for static remove method Major hdfs angerszhu angerszhu
HDFS-16181 [SBN Read] Fix metric of RpcRequestCacheMissAmount can’t display when tailEditLog form JN Critical . wangzhaohui wangzhaohui
HADOOP-17925 BUILDING.txt should not encourage to activate docs profile on building binary artifacts Minor documentation Rintaro Ikeda Masatake Iwasaki
HADOOP-16532 Fix TestViewFsTrash to use the correct homeDir. Minor test, viewfs Steve Loughran Xing Lin
HDFS-16268 Balancer stuck when moving striped blocks due to NPE Major balancer & mover, erasure-coding Leon Gao Leon Gao
HDFS-7612 TestOfflineEditsViewer.testStored() uses incorrect default value for cacheDir Major test Konstantin Shvachko Michael Kuchenbecker
HDFS-16311 Metric metadataOperationRate calculation error in DataNodeVolumeMetrics Major . Tao Li Tao Li
HDFS-16182 numOfReplicas is given the wrong value in BlockPlacementPolicyDefault$chooseTarget can cause DataStreamer to fail with Heterogeneous Storage Major namanode Max Xie Max Xie
HADOOP-17999 No-op implementation of setWriteChecksum and setVerifyChecksum in ViewFileSystem Major . Abhishek Das Abhishek Das
HDFS-16329 Fix log format for BlockManager Minor . Tao Li Tao Li
HDFS-16330 Fix incorrect placeholder for Exception logs in DiskBalancer Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HDFS-16328 Correct disk balancer param desc Minor documentation, hdfs guophilipse guophilipse
HDFS-16343 Add some debug logs when the dfsUsed are not used during Datanode startup Major datanode Mukul Kumar Singh Mukul Kumar Singh
YARN-10991 Fix to ignore the grouping “[]” for resourcesStr in parseResourcesString method Minor distributed-shell Ashutosh Gupta Ashutosh Gupta
HADOOP-17975 Fallback to simple auth does not work for a secondary DistributedFileSystem instance Major ipc István Fajth István Fajth
HDFS-16350 Datanode start time should be set after RPC server starts successfully Minor . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
YARN-11007 Correct words in YARN documents Minor documentation guophilipse guophilipse
HDFS-16332 Expired block token causes slow read due to missing handling in sasl handshake Major datanode, dfs, dfsclient Shinya Yoshida Shinya Yoshida
YARN-9063 ATS 1.5 fails to start if RollingLevelDb files are corrupt or missing Major timelineserver, timelineservice Tarun Parimi Ashutosh Gupta
HDFS-16333 fix balancer bug when transfer an EC block Major balancer & mover, erasure-coding qinyuren qinyuren
HDFS-16373 Fix MiniDFSCluster restart in case of multiple namenodes Major . Ayush Saxena Ayush Saxena
HDFS-16377 Should CheckNotNull before access FsDatasetSpi Major . Tao Li Tao Li
YARN-6862 Nodemanager resource usage metrics sometimes are negative Major nodemanager YunFan Zhou Benjamin Teke
YARN-10178 Global Scheduler async thread crash caused by ’Comparison method violates its general contract Major capacity scheduler tuyu Andras Gyori
HDFS-16395 Remove useless NNThroughputBenchmark#dummyActionNoSynch() Major benchmarks, namenode JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HADOOP-18063 Remove unused import AbstractJavaKeyStoreProvider in Shell class Minor . JiangHua Zhu JiangHua Zhu
HDFS-16409 Fix typo: testHasExeceptionsReturnsCorrectValue -> testHasExceptionsReturnsCorrectValue Trivial . Ashutosh Gupta Ashutosh Gupta
HDFS-16408 Ensure LeaseRecheckIntervalMs is greater than zero Major namenode Jingxuan Fu Jingxuan Fu
YARN-11055 In cgroups-operations.c some fprintf format strings don’t end with “\n” Minor nodemanager Gera Shegalov Gera Shegalov
HDFS-16303 Losing over 100 datanodes in state decommissioning results in full blockage of all datanode decommissioning Major . Kevin Wikant Kevin Wikant
HDFS-16443 Fix edge case where DatanodeAdminDefaultMonitor doubly enqueues a DatanodeDescriptor on exception Major hdfs Kevin Wikant Kevin Wikant
HDFS-16449 Fix hadoop web site release notes and changelog not available Minor documentation guophilipse guophilipse
HADOOP-18192 Fix multiple_bindings warning about slf4j-reload4j Major . Masatake Iwasaki Masatake Iwasaki
HDFS-16479 EC: NameNode should not send a reconstruction work when the source datanodes are insufficient Critical ec, erasure-coding Yuanbo Liu Takanobu Asanuma
HDFS-16509 Fix decommission UnsupportedOperationException: Remove unsupported Major namenode daimin daimin
HDFS-16456 EC: Decommission a rack with only on dn will fail when the rack number is equal with replication Critical ec, namenode caozhiqiang caozhiqiang
HDFS-16437 ReverseXML processor doesn’t accept XML files without the SnapshotDiffSection. Critical hdfs yanbin.zhang yanbin.zhang
HDFS-16507 [SBN read] Avoid purging edit log which is in progress Critical . Tao Li Tao Li
YARN-10720 YARN WebAppProxyServlet should support connection timeout to prevent proxy server from hanging Critical . Qi Zhu Qi Zhu
HDFS-16428 Source path with storagePolicy cause wrong typeConsumed while rename Major hdfs, namenode lei w lei w
YARN-11014 YARN incorrectly validates maximum capacity resources on the validation API Major . Benjamin Teke Benjamin Teke
YARN-11075 Explicitly declare serialVersionUID in LogMutation class Major . Benjamin Teke Benjamin Teke
HDFS-11041 Unable to unregister FsDatasetState MBean if DataNode is shutdown twice Trivial datanode Wei-Chiu Chuang Wei-Chiu Chuang
HDFS-16538 EC decoding failed due to not enough valid inputs Major erasure-coding qinyuren qinyuren
HDFS-16544 EC decoding failed due to invalid buffer Major erasure-coding qinyuren qinyuren
HDFS-16546 Fix UT TestOfflineImageViewer#testReverseXmlWithoutSnapshotDiffSection to branch branch-3.2 Major test daimin daimin
HDFS-16552 Fix NPE for TestBlockManager Major . Tao Li Tao Li
MAPREDUCE-7246 In MapredAppMasterRest#Mapreduce_Application_Master_Info_API, the datatype of appId should be “string”. Major documentation jenny Ashutosh Gupta
YARN-10187 Removing hadoop-yarn-project/hadoop-yarn/README as it is no longer maintained. Minor documentation N Sanketh Reddy Ashutosh Gupta
HDFS-16185 Fix comment in LowRedundancyBlocks.java Minor documentation Akira Ajisaka Ashutosh Gupta
HADOOP-17479 Fix the examples of hadoop config prefix Minor documentation Akira Ajisaka Ashutosh Gupta
HDFS-16579 Fix build failure for TestBlockManager on branch-3.2 Major . Tao Li Tao Li
YARN-11092 Upgrade jquery ui to 1.13.1 Major . D M Murali Krishna Reddy Ashutosh Gupta
YARN-11133 YarnClient gets the wrong EffectiveMinCapacity value Major api Zilong Zhu Zilong Zhu
YARN-10850 TimelineService v2 lists containers for all attempts when filtering for one Major timelinereader Benjamin Teke Benjamin Teke
YARN-11126 ZKConfigurationStore Java deserialisation vulnerability Major yarn Tamas Domok Tamas Domok
YARN-11162 Set the zk acl for nodes created by ZKConfigurationStore. Major resourcemanager Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
HDFS-16586 Purge FsDatasetAsyncDiskService threadgroup; it causes BPServiceActor$CommandProcessingThread IllegalThreadStateException ‘fatal exception and exit’ Major datanode Michael Stack Michael Stack
HADOOP-18251 Fix failure of extracting JIRA id from commit message in git_jira_fix_version_check.py Minor build Masatake Iwasaki Masatake Iwasaki
HDFS-16583 DatanodeAdminDefaultMonitor can get stuck in an infinite loop Major . Stephen O’Donnell Stephen O’Donnell
HDFS-16623 IllegalArgumentException in LifelineSender Major . ZanderXu ZanderXu
HDFS-16064 Determine when to invalidate corrupt replicas based on number of usable replicas Major datanode, namenode Kevin Wikant Kevin Wikant
HADOOP-18100 Change scope of inner classes in InodeTree to make them accessible outside package Major . Abhishek Das Abhishek Das
HADOOP-18334 Fix create-release to address removal of GPG_AGENT_INFO in branch-3.2 Major build Masatake Iwasaki Masatake Iwasaki


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
MAPREDUCE-7342 Stop RMService in TestClientRedirect.testRedirect() Minor . Zhengxi Li Zhengxi Li
MAPREDUCE-7311 Fix non-idempotent test in TestTaskProgressReporter Minor . Zhengxi Li Zhengxi Li
HDFS-15862 Make TestViewfsWithNfs3.testNfsRenameSingleNN() idempotent Minor nfs Zhengxi Li Zhengxi Li


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HDFS-15457 TestFsDatasetImpl fails intermittently Major hdfs Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HDFS-15818 Fix TestFsDatasetImpl.testReadLockCanBeDisabledByConfig Minor test Leon Gao Leon Gao
YARN-10503 Support queue capacity in terms of absolute resources with custom resourceType. Critical . Qi Zhu Qi Zhu
HADOOP-17126 implement non-guava Precondition checkNotNull Major . Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HADOOP-17929 implement non-guava Precondition checkArgument Major . Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HADOOP-17947 Provide alternative to Guava VisibleForTesting Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HADOOP-17930 implement non-guava Precondition checkState Major . Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein
HADOOP-17374 AliyunOSS: support ListObjectsV2 Major fs/oss wujinhu wujinhu
HDFS-16336 De-flake TestRollingUpgrade#testRollback Minor hdfs, test Kevin Wikant Viraj Jasani
HDFS-16171 De-flake testDecommissionStatus Major . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HDFS-16169 Fix TestBlockTokenWithDFSStriped#testEnd2End failure Major test Hui Fei secfree
HDFS-16484 [SPS]: Fix an infinite loop bug in SPSPathIdProcessor thread Major . qinyuren qinyuren
HADOOP-16663 Backport “HADOOP-16560 [YARN] use protobuf-maven-plugin to generate protobuf classes” to all active branches Major . Duo Zhang Duo Zhang
HADOOP-16664 Backport “HADOOP-16561 [MAPREDUCE] use protobuf-maven-plugin to generate protobuf classes” to all active branches Major . Duo Zhang Duo Zhang


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HDFS-16298 Improve error msg for BlockMissingException Minor . Tao Li Tao Li
HDFS-16312 Fix typo for DataNodeVolumeMetrics and ProfilingFileIoEvents Minor . Tao Li Tao Li
HDFS-16326 Simplify the code for DiskBalancer Minor . Tao Li Tao Li
HDFS-16339 Show the threshold when mover threads quota is exceeded Minor . Tao Li Tao Li
YARN-10820 Make GetClusterNodesRequestPBImpl thread safe Major client Prabhu Joseph SwathiChandrashekar
HADOOP-13464 update GSON to 2.7+ Minor build Sean Busbey Igor Dvorzhak
HADOOP-18191 Log retry count while handling exceptions in RetryInvocationHandler Minor . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HDFS-16551 Backport HADOOP-17588 to 3.3 and other active old branches. Major . Renukaprasad C Renukaprasad C
HDFS-16618 sync_file_range error should include more volume and file info Minor . Viraj Jasani Viraj Jasani
HADOOP-18300 Update Gson to 2.9.0 Minor build Igor Dvorzhak Igor Dvorzhak