class org.apache.hadoop.fs.FSDataOutputStreamBuilder

Builder pattern for FSDataOutputStream and its subclasses. It is used to create a new file or open an existing file on FileSystem for write.


The FSDataOutputStreamBuilder interface does not validate parameters and modify the state of FileSystem until build() is invoked.

Implementation-agnostic parameters.

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder create()

Specify FSDataOutputStreamBuilder to create a file on FileSystem, equivalent to CreateFlag#CREATE.

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder append()

Specify FSDataOutputStreamBuilder to append to an existing file on FileSystem, equivalent to CreateFlag#APPEND.

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder overwrite(boolean overwrite)

Specify FSDataOutputStreamBuilder to overwrite an existing file or not. If giving overwrite==true, it truncates an existing file, equivalent to CreateFlag#OVERWITE.

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder permission(FsPermission permission)

Set permission for the file.

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder bufferSize(int bufSize)

Set the size of the buffer to be used.

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder replication(short replica)

Set the replication factor.

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder blockSize(long size)

Set block size in bytes.

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder recursive()

Create parent directories if they do not exist.

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder progress(Progresable prog)

Set the facility of reporting progress.

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder checksumOpt(ChecksumOpt chksumOpt)

Set checksum opt.

Set optional or mandatory parameters

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder opt(String key, ...)
FSDataOutputStreamBuilder must(String key, ...)

Set optional or mandatory parameters to the builder. Using opt() or must(), client can specify FS-specific parameters without inspecting the concrete type of FileSystem.

// Don't
if (fs instanceof FooFileSystem) {
    FooFileSystem fs = (FooFileSystem) fs;
    out = dfs.createFile(path)
} else if (fs instanceof BarFileSystem) {

// Do
out = fs.createFile(path)
    .opt("foofs:option.a", true)
    .opt("foofs:option.b", "value")
    .opt("barfs:cache", true)
    .must("foofs:cache", true)
    .must("barfs:cache-size", 256 * 1024 * 1024)

Implementation Notes

The concrete FileSystem and/or FSDataOutputStreamBuilder implementation MUST verify that implementation-agnostic parameters (i.e., “syncable”) or implementation-specific parameters (i.e., “foofs:cache”) are supported. FileSystem will satisfy optional parameters (via opt(key, ...)) on best effort. If the mandatory parameters (via must(key, ...)) can not be satisfied in the FileSystem, IllegalArgumentException should be thrown in build().

The behavior of resolving the conflicts between the parameters set by builder methods (i.e., bufferSize()) and opt()/must() is undefined.

HDFS-specific parameters.

HdfsDataOutputStreamBuilder extends FSDataOutputStreamBuilder provides additional HDFS-specific parameters, for further customize file creation / append behavior.

FSDataOutpuStreamBuilder favoredNodes(InetSocketAddress[] nodes)

Set favored DataNodes for new blocks.

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder syncBlock()

Force closed blocks to the disk device. See CreateFlag#SYNC_BLOCK

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder lazyPersist()

Create the block on transient storage if possible.

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder newBlock()

Append data to a new block instead of the end of the last partial block.

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder noLocalWrite()

Advise that a block replica NOT be written to the local DataNode.

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder ecPolicyName()

Enforce the file to be a striped file with erasure coding policy ‘policyName’, no matter what its parent directory’s replication or erasure coding policy is.

FSDataOutputStreamBuilder replicate()

Enforce the file to be a replicated file, no matter what its parent directory’s replication or erasure coding policy is.

Builder interface

FSDataOutputStream build()

Create a new file or append an existing file on the underlying FileSystem, and return FSDataOutputStream for write.


The following combinations of parameters are not supported:

if APPEND|OVERWRITE: raise HadoopIllegalArgumentException
if CREATE|APPEND|OVERWRITE: raise HadoopIllegalArgumentExdeption

FileSystem may reject the request for other reasons and throw IOException, see FileSystem#create(path, ...) and FileSystem#append().


FS' where :
   FS'.Files'[p] == []
   ancestors(p) is-subset-of FS'.Directories'

result = FSDataOutputStream

The result is FSDataOutputStream to be used to write data to filesystem.