Apache Hadoop Changelog

Release 2.7.3 - 2016-08-25


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-11252 RPC client does not time out by default Critical ipc Wilfred Spiegelenburg Masatake Iwasaki


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
YARN-4785 inconsistent value type of the “type” field for LeafQueueInfo in response of RM REST API - cluster/scheduler Major webapp Jayesh Varun Vasudev


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HDFS-2580 NameNode#main(…) can make use of GenericOptionsParser. Minor namenode Harsh J Harsh J
HDFS-8101 DFSClient use of non-constant DFSConfigKeys pulls in WebHDFS classes at runtime Minor hdfs-client Sean Busbey Sean Busbey
YARN-3404 View the queue name to YARN Application page Minor . Ryu Kobayashi Ryu Kobayashi
HDFS-8647 Abstract BlockManager’s rack policy into BlockPlacementPolicy Major . Ming Ma Brahma Reddy Battula
MAPREDUCE-5485 Allow repeating job commit by extending OutputCommitter API Critical . Nemon Lou Junping Du
HDFS-9314 Improve BlockPlacementPolicyDefault’s picking of excess replicas Major . Ming Ma Xiao Chen
MAPREDUCE-6436 JobHistory cache issue Blocker . Ryu Kobayashi Kai Sasaki
HDFS-9198 Coalesce IBR processing in the NN Major namenode Daryn Sharp Daryn Sharp
HADOOP-12570 HDFS Secure Mode Documentation updates Major documentation Arpit Agarwal Arpit Agarwal
HDFS-9569 Log the name of the fsimage being loaded for better supportability Trivial namenode Yongjun Zhang Yongjun Zhang
HDFS-9415 Document dfs.cluster.administrators and dfs.permissions.superusergroup Major documentation Arpit Agarwal Xiaobing Zhou
YARN-4492 Add documentation for preemption supported in Capacity scheduler Minor capacity scheduler Naganarasimha G R Naganarasimha G R
HDFS-9654 Code refactoring for HDFS-8578 Minor datanode Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze
HDFS-9669 TcpPeerServer should respect ipc.server.listen.queue.size Major . Elliott Clark Elliott Clark
HDFS-9629 Update the footer of Web UI to show year 2016 Major . Xiao Chen Xiao Chen
HADOOP-12772 NetworkTopologyWithNodeGroup.getNodeGroup() can loop infinitely for invalid ‘loc’ values Minor . Kuhu Shukla Kuhu Shukla
HADOOP-12805 Annotate CanUnbuffer with @InterfaceAudience.Public Major . Ted Yu Ted Yu
YARN-4690 Skip object allocation in FSAppAttempt#getResourceUsage when possible Major . Ming Ma Ming Ma
HDFS-4946 Allow preferLocalNode in BlockPlacementPolicyDefault to be configurable Major namenode James Kinley Nathan Roberts
HADOOP-12794 Support additional compression levels for GzipCodec Major io Ravi Mutyala Ravi Mutyala
HADOOP-12800 Copy docker directory from 2.8 to 2.7/2.6 repos to enable pre-commit Jenkins runs Major build, yetus Zhe Zhang Zhe Zhang
HDFS-8578 On upgrade, Datanode should process all storage/data dirs in parallel Critical datanode Raju Bairishetti Vinayakumar B
MAPREDUCE-6622 Add capability to set JHS job cache to a task-based limit Critical jobhistoryserver Ray Chiang Ray Chiang
HDFS-9906 Remove spammy log spew when a datanode is restarted Major namenode Elliott Clark Brahma Reddy Battula
HADOOP-12789 log classpath of ApplicationClassLoader at INFO level Minor util Sangjin Lee Sangjin Lee
HDFS-9860 Backport HDFS-9638 to branch-2.7. Major distcp, documentation Gary Steelman Wei-Chiu Chuang
HDFS-10264 Logging improvements in FSImageFormatProtobuf.Saver Major namenode Konstantin Shvachko Xiaobing Zhou
HADOOP-13039 Add documentation for configuration property ipc.maximum.data.length for controlling maximum RPC message size. Major documentation Chris Nauroth Mingliang Liu
HADOOP-13103 Group resolution from LDAP may fail on javax.naming.ServiceUnavailableException Minor security Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze
HDFS-10488 Update WebHDFS documentation regarding CREATE and MKDIR default permissions Minor documentation, webhdfs Wellington Chevreuil Wellington Chevreuil
HADOOP-13298 Fix the leftover L&N files in hadoop-build-tools/src/main/resources/META-INF/ Minor . Xiao Chen Tsuyoshi Ozawa


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-8818 Should use equals() rather than == to compare String or Text in MD5MD5CRC32FileChecksum and TFileDumper Minor fs, io Brandon Li Brandon Li
HADOOP-9121 InodeTree.java has redundant check for vName while throwing exception Major fs Arup Malakar Arup Malakar
HADOOP-7817 RawLocalFileSystem.append() should give FSDataOutputStream with accurate .getPos() Major fs Kristofer Tomasette Kanaka Kumar Avvaru
MAPREDUCE-6413 TestLocalJobSubmission is failing with unknown host Major test Jason Lowe zhihai xu
YARN-3695 ServerProxy (NMProxy, etc.) shouldn’t retry forever for non network exception. Major . Junping Du Raju Bairishetti
HADOOP-12107 long running apps may have a huge number of StatisticsData instances under FileSystem Critical fs Sangjin Lee Sangjin Lee
YARN-3849 Too much of preemption activity causing continuos killing of containers across queues Critical capacityscheduler Sunil Govindan Sunil Govindan
HDFS-8772 Fix TestStandbyIsHot#testDatanodeRestarts which occasionally fails Major . Walter Su Walter Su
MAPREDUCE-5817 Mappers get rescheduled on node transition even after all reducers are completed Major applicationmaster Sangjin Lee Sangjin Lee
HDFS-8845 DiskChecker should not traverse the entire tree Major . Chang Li Chang Li
YARN-4121 Typos in capacity scheduler documentation. Trivial documentation Kai Sasaki Kai Sasaki
HDFS-8581 ContentSummary on / skips further counts on yielding lock Minor namenode tongshiquan J.Andreina
HADOOP-12348 MetricsSystemImpl creates MetricsSourceAdapter with wrong time unit parameter. Major metrics zhihai xu zhihai xu
HADOOP-12374 Description of hdfs expunge command is confusing Major documentation, trash Weiwei Yang Weiwei Yang
HDFS-9072 Fix random failures in TestJMXGet Critical test J.Andreina J.Andreina
MAPREDUCE-6460 TestRMContainerAllocator.testAttemptNotFoundCausesRMCommunicatorException fails Major test zhihai xu zhihai xu
MAPREDUCE-6302 Preempt reducers after a configurable timeout irrespective of headroom Critical . mai shurong Karthik Kambatla
YARN-4288 NodeManager restart should keep retrying to register to RM while connection exception happens during RM failed over. Critical nodemanager Junping Du Junping Du
HDFS-9313 Possible NullPointerException in BlockManager if no excess replica can be chosen Major . Ming Ma Ming Ma
HADOOP-12296 when setnetgrent returns 0 in linux, exception should be thrown Major . Chang Li Chang Li
HDFS-4937 ReplicationMonitor can infinite-loop in BlockPlacementPolicyDefault#chooseRandom() Major namenode Kihwal Lee Kihwal Lee
HDFS-6481 DatanodeManager#getDatanodeStorageInfos() should check the length of storageIDs Minor namenode Ted Yu Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze
HDFS-9383 TestByteArrayManager#testByteArrayManager fails Major . Kihwal Lee Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze
HADOOP-12482 Race condition in JMX cache update Major . Tony Wu Tony Wu
YARN-4347 Resource manager fails with Null pointer exception Major yarn Yesha Vora Jian He
HADOOP-12545 Hadoop javadoc has broken links for AccessControlList, ImpersonationProvider, DefaultImpersonationProvider, and DistCp Major documentation Mohammad Arshad Mohammad Arshad
YARN-4374 RM capacity scheduler UI rounds user limit factor Major capacityscheduler Chang Li Chang Li
YARN-3769 Consider user limit when calculating total pending resource for preemption policy in Capacity Scheduler Major capacityscheduler Eric Payne Eric Payne
YARN-4380 TestResourceLocalizationService.testDownloadingResourcesOnContainerKill fails intermittently Major test Tsuyoshi Ozawa Varun Saxena
YARN-4398 Yarn recover functionality causes the cluster running slowly and the cluster usage rate is far below 100 Major resourcemanager NING DING NING DING
HADOOP-12565 Replace DSA with RSA for SSH key type in SingleCluster.md Minor documentation Alexander Veit Mingliang Liu
YARN-4422 Generic AHS sometimes doesn’t show started, node, or logs on App page Major . Eric Payne Eric Payne
HADOOP-12602 TestMetricsSystemImpl#testQSize occasionally fail Major test Wei-Chiu Chuang Masatake Iwasaki
YARN-4439 Clarify NMContainerStatus#toString method. Major . Jian He Jian He
HDFS-9516 truncate file fails with data dirs on multiple disks Major datanode Bogdan Raducanu Plamen Jeliazkov
YARN-4452 NPE when submit Unmanaged application Critical . Naganarasimha G R Naganarasimha G R
HDFS-9533 seen_txid in the shared edits directory is modified during bootstrapping Major ha, namenode Kihwal Lee Kihwal Lee
HDFS-9347 Invariant assumption in TestQuorumJournalManager.shutdown() is wrong Major test Wei-Chiu Chuang Wei-Chiu Chuang
HADOOP-12636 Prevent ServiceLoader failure init for unused FileSystems Major fs Íñigo Goiri Íñigo Goiri
MAPREDUCE-6583 Clarify confusing sentence in MapReduce tutorial document Minor documentation chris snow Kai Sasaki
HDFS-9505 HDFS Architecture documentation needs to be refreshed. Major documentation Chris Nauroth Masatake Iwasaki
HDFS-7163 WebHdfsFileSystem should retry reads according to the configured retry policy. Major webhdfs Eric Payne Eric Payne
HADOOP-12559 KMS connection failures should trigger TGT renewal Major security Zhe Zhang Zhe Zhang
HADOOP-12682 Fix TestKMS#testKMSRestart* failure Major . Wei-Chiu Chuang Wei-Chiu Chuang
MAPREDUCE-6577 MR AM unable to load native library without MR_AM_ADMIN_USER_ENV set Critical mr-am Sangjin Lee Sangjin Lee
YARN-4546 ResourceManager crash due to scheduling opportunity overflow Critical resourcemanager Jason Lowe Jason Lowe
HDFS-9600 do not check replication if the block is under construction Critical . Phil Yang Phil Yang
HADOOP-12613 TestFind.processArguments occasionally fails Major test Wei-Chiu Chuang Wei-Chiu Chuang
YARN-4414 Nodemanager connection errors are retried at multiple levels Major nodemanager Jason Lowe Chang Li
HDFS-9648 TestStartup.testImageChecksum is broken by HDFS-9569’s message change Trivial namenode Wei-Chiu Chuang Wei-Chiu Chuang
HADOOP-12706 TestLocalFsFCStatistics#testStatisticsThreadLocalDataCleanUp times out occasionally Major test Jason Lowe Sangjin Lee
YARN-4581 AHS writer thread leak makes RM crash while RM is recovering Major resourcemanager sandflee sandflee
MAPREDUCE-6554 MRAppMaster servicestart failing with NPE in MRAppMaster#parsePreviousJobHistory Critical . Bibin A Chundatt Bibin A Chundatt
HDFS-9661 Deadlock in DN.FsDatasetImpl between moveBlockAcrossStorage and createRbw Major datanode ade ade
HDFS-9625 set replication for empty file failed when set storage policy Major namenode DENG FEI DENG FEI
HDFS-9634 webhdfs client side exceptions don’t provide enough details Major webhdfs Eric Payne Eric Payne
YARN-4610 Reservations continue looking for one app causes other apps to starve Blocker capacityscheduler Jason Lowe Jason Lowe
YARN-4598 Invalid event: RESOURCE_FAILED at CONTAINER_CLEANEDUP_AFTER_KILL Major nodemanager tangshangwen tangshangwen
HDFS-9690 ClientProtocol.addBlock is not idempotent after HDFS-8071 Major namenode Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze
MAPREDUCE-6619 HADOOP_CLASSPATH is overwritten in MR container Major mrv2 shanyu zhao Junping Du
YARN-4428 Redirect RM page to AHS page when AHS turned on and RM page is not available Major . Chang Li Chang Li
MAPREDUCE-6618 YarnClientProtocolProvider leaking the YarnClient thread. Major . Xuan Gong Xuan Gong
YARN-3102 Decommisioned Nodes not listed in Web UI Minor resourcemanager Bibin A Chundatt Kuhu Shukla
HDFS-9406 FSImage may get corrupted after deleting snapshot Major namenode Stanislav Antic Yongjun Zhang
MAPREDUCE-6621 Memory Leak in JobClient#submitJobInternal() Major . Xuan Gong Xuan Gong
HDFS-9740 Use a reasonable limit in DFSTestUtil.waitForMetric() Major test Kihwal Lee Chang Li
HADOOP-12761 incremental maven build is not really incremental Minor build Sangjin Lee Sangjin Lee
HDFS-9743 Fix TestLazyPersistFiles#testFallbackToDiskFull in branch-2.7 Major . Kihwal Lee Kihwal Lee
HDFS-9730 Storage ID update does not happen when there is a layout change Major datanode Kihwal Lee Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze
HDFS-9724 Degraded performance in WebHDFS listing as it does not reuse ObjectMapper Critical performance Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HADOOP-12773 HBase classes fail to load with client/job classloader enabled Major util Sangjin Lee Sangjin Lee
HDFS-9784 Example usage is not correct in Transparent Encryption document Major documentation Takashi Ohnishi Takashi Ohnishi
HDFS-9752 Permanent write failures may happen to slow writers during datanode rolling upgrades Critical . Kihwal Lee Walter Su
HDFS-9779 TestReplicationPolicyWithNodeGroup NODE variable picks wrong rack value Minor test Kuhu Shukla Kuhu Shukla
HADOOP-12792 TestUserGroupInformation#testGetServerSideGroups fails in chroot Minor security, test Eric Badger Eric Badger
HADOOP-12589 Fix intermittent test failure of TestCopyPreserveFlag Major test Tsuyoshi Ozawa Masatake Iwasaki
HADOOP-12786 “hadoop key” command usage is not documented Major documentation Akira Ajisaka Xiao Chen
HDFS-9765 TestBlockScanner#testVolumeIteratorWithCaching fails intermittently Major test Mingliang Liu Akira Ajisaka
HADOOP-12810 FileSystem#listLocatedStatus causes unnecessary RPC calls Major fs, fs/s3 Ryan Blue Ryan Blue
MAPREDUCE-6637 Testcase Failure : TestFileInputFormat.testSplitLocationInfo Major test Brahma Reddy Battula Brahma Reddy Battula
YARN-4707 Remove the extra char (>) from SecureContainer.md Major documentation Brahma Reddy Battula Brahma Reddy Battula
MAPREDUCE-6635 Unsafe long to int conversion in UncompressedSplitLineReader and IndexOutOfBoundsException Critical . Sergey Shelukhin Junping Du
YARN-2046 Out of band heartbeats are sent only on container kill and possibly too early Major nodemanager Jason Lowe Ming Ma
YARN-4722 AsyncDispatcher logs redundant event queue sizes Major . Jason Lowe Jason Lowe
YARN-4723 NodesListManager$UnknownNodeId ClassCastException Critical resourcemanager Jason Lowe Kuhu Shukla
HDFS-9864 Correct reference for RENEWDELEGATIONTOKEN and CANCELDELEGATIONTOKEN in webhdfs doc Major documentation Brahma Reddy Battula Brahma Reddy Battula
HDFS-9880 TestDatanodeRegistration fails occasionally Major test Kihwal Lee Kihwal Lee
HDFS-9766 TestDataNodeMetrics#testDataNodeTimeSpend fails intermittently Major test Mingliang Liu Xiao Chen
HDFS-9851 Name node throws NPE when setPermission is called on a path that does not exist Critical namenode David Yan Brahma Reddy Battula
HADOOP-12870 Fix typo admininistration in CommandsManual.md Minor documentation Akira Ajisaka John Zhuge
HDFS-9048 DistCp documentation is out-of-dated Major . Haohui Mai Daisuke Kobayashi
HADOOP-12871 Fix dead link to NativeLibraries.html in CommandsManual.md Minor documentation Akira Ajisaka Brahma Reddy Battula
HADOOP-12872 Fix formatting in ServiceLevelAuth.md Trivial documentation Akira Ajisaka Brahma Reddy Battula
MAPREDUCE-4785 TestMRApp occasionally fails Major mrv2, test Jason Lowe Haibo Chen
YARN-4761 NMs reconnecting with changed capabilities can lead to wrong cluster resource calculations on fair scheduler Major fairscheduler Sangjin Lee Sangjin Lee
YARN-4760 proxy redirect to history server uses wrong URL Major webapp Jason Lowe Eric Badger
HDFS-9865 TestBlockReplacement fails intermittently in trunk Major test Yiqun Lin Yiqun Lin
HDFS-9812 Streamer threads leak if failure happens when closing DFSOutputStream Major hdfs-client Yiqun Lin Yiqun Lin
HADOOP-12688 Fix deadlinks in Compatibility.md Major documentation Akira Ajisaka Gabor Liptak
HDFS-9904 testCheckpointCancellationDuringUpload occasionally fails Major test Kihwal Lee Yiqun Lin
MAPREDUCE-6645 TestWordStats outputs logs under directories other than target/test-dir Major test Akira Ajisaka Gabor Liptak
HDFS-9874 Long living DataXceiver threads cause volume shutdown to block. Critical datanode Rushabh S Shah Rushabh S Shah
YARN-4686 MiniYARNCluster.start() returns before cluster is completely started Major test Rohith Sharma K S Eric Badger
MAPREDUCE-6363 [NNBench] Lease mismatch error when running with multiple mappers Critical benchmarks Brahma Reddy Battula Bibin A Chundatt
MAPREDUCE-6580 Test failure : TestMRJobsWithProfiler Major . Rohith Sharma K S Eric Badger
MAPREDUCE-6656 [NNBench] OP_DELETE operation isn’t working after MAPREDUCE-6363 Blocker . J.Andreina J.Andreina
YARN-4850 test-fair-scheduler.xml isn’t valid xml Blocker fairscheduler, test Allen Wittenauer Yufei Gu
HADOOP-12958 PhantomReference for filesystem statistics can trigger OOM Major . Jason Lowe Sangjin Lee
HDFS-10182 Hedged read might overwrite user’s buf Major . zhouyingchao zhouyingchao
YARN-4773 Log aggregation performs extraneous filesystem operations when rolling log aggregation is disabled Minor nodemanager Jason Lowe Jun Gong
HDFS-9478 Reason for failing ipc.FairCallQueue contruction should be thrown Minor . Archana T Ajith S
HADOOP-12902 JavaDocs for SignerSecretProvider are out-of-date in AuthenticationFilter Major documentation Robert Kanter Gabor Liptak
YARN-4183 Clarify the behavior of timeline service config properties Major . Mit Desai Naganarasimha G R
YARN-4706 UI Hosting Configuration in TimelineServer doc is broken Critical documentation Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka
HDFS-10178 Permanent write failures can happen if pipeline recoveries occur for the first packet Critical . Kihwal Lee Kihwal Lee
HDFS-9917 IBR accumulate more objects when SNN was down for sometime. Critical . Brahma Reddy Battula Brahma Reddy Battula
HDFS-10239 Fsshell mv fails if port usage doesn’t match in src and destination paths Major . Kuhu Shukla Kuhu Shukla
YARN-4915 Fix typo in YARN Secure Containers documentation Trivial documentation, yarn Takashi Ohnishi Takashi Ohnishi
YARN-4917 Fix typos in documentation of Capacity Scheduler. Minor documentation Takashi Ohnishi Takashi Ohnishi
HDFS-10261 TestBookKeeperHACheckpoints doesn’t handle ephemeral HTTP ports Major . Eric Badger Eric Badger
MAPREDUCE-6670 TestJobListCache#testEviction sometimes fails on Windows with timeout Minor test Gergely Novák Gergely Novák
MAPREDUCE-6633 AM should retry map attempts if the reduce task encounters commpression related errors. Major . Rushabh S Shah Rushabh S Shah
YARN-4938 MiniYarnCluster should not request transitionToActive to RM on non-HA environment Major test Akira Ajisaka Eric Badger
HADOOP-12406 AbstractMapWritable.readFields throws ClassNotFoundException with custom writables Blocker io Nadeem Douba Nadeem Douba
HDFS-10271 Extra bytes are getting released from reservedSpace for append Critical . Brahma Reddy Battula Brahma Reddy Battula
YARN-4794 Deadlock in NMClientImpl Critical . Sumana Sathish Jian He
HDFS-9772 TestBlockReplacement#testThrottler doesn’t work as expected Minor test Yiqun Lin Yiqun Lin
YARN-4924 NM recovery race can lead to container not cleaned up Major nodemanager Nathan Roberts sandflee
HADOOP-12989 Some tests in org.apache.hadoop.fs.shell.find occasionally time out Major test Akira Ajisaka Takashi Ohnishi
YARN-4940 yarn node -list -all failed if RM start with decommissioned node Major . sandflee sandflee
HDFS-10275 TestDataNodeMetrics failing intermittently due to TotalWriteTime counted incorrectly Major test Yiqun Lin Yiqun Lin
MAPREDUCE-6680 JHS UserLogDir scan algorithm sometime could skip directory with update in CloudFS (Azure FileSystem, S3, etc.) Major jobhistoryserver Junping Du Junping Du
HADOOP-13042 Restore lost leveldbjni LICENSE and NOTICE changes Major . Andrew Wang Andrew Wang
HADOOP-13043 Add LICENSE.txt entries for bundled javascript dependencies Major . Andrew Wang Andrew Wang
HDFS-10319 Balancer should not try to pair storages with different types Minor balancer & mover Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze
HDFS-9555 LazyPersistFileScrubber should still sleep if there are errors in the clear progress Major . Phil Yang Phil Yang
HADOOP-13052 ChecksumFileSystem mishandles crc file permissions Major fs Daryn Sharp Daryn Sharp
HDFS-9905 WebHdfsFileSystem#runWithRetry should display original stack trace on error Major test Kihwal Lee Wei-Chiu Chuang
HDFS-10245 Fix the findbug warnings in branch-2.7 Major . Brahma Reddy Battula Brahma Reddy Battula
YARN-4556 TestFifoScheduler.testResourceOverCommit fails Major scheduler, test Akihiro Suda Akihiro Suda
HDFS-9958 BlockManager#createLocatedBlocks can throw NPE for corruptBlocks on failed storages. Major . Kuhu Shukla Kuhu Shukla
YARN-5008 LeveldbRMStateStore database can grow substantially leading to long recovery times Major resourcemanager Jason Lowe Jason Lowe
YARN-5009 NMLeveldbStateStoreService database can grow substantially leading to longer recovery times Major nodemanager Jason Lowe Jason Lowe
HDFS-10335 Mover$Processor#chooseTarget() always chooses the first matching target storage group Critical balancer & mover Mingliang Liu Mingliang Liu
HDFS-10347 Namenode report bad block method doesn’t log the bad block or datanode. Minor namenode Rushabh S Shah Rushabh S Shah
YARN-4834 ProcfsBasedProcessTree doesn’t track daemonized processes Major nodemanager Nathan Roberts Nathan Roberts
MAPREDUCE-6514 Job hangs as ask is not updated after ramping down of all reducers Blocker applicationmaster Varun Saxena Varun Saxena
HDFS-2043 TestHFlush failing intermittently Major test Aaron T. Myers Yiqun Lin
MAPREDUCE-6689 MapReduce job can infinitely increase number of reducer resource requests Blocker . Wangda Tan Wangda Tan
YARN-4747 AHS error 500 due to NPE when container start event is missing Major timelineserver Jason Lowe Varun Saxena
HADOOP-13084 Fix ASF License warnings in branch-2.7 Major . Brahma Reddy Battula Brahma Reddy Battula
HDFS-10372 Fix for failing TestFsDatasetImpl#testCleanShutdownOfVolume Major test Rushabh S Shah Rushabh S Shah
MAPREDUCE-6558 multibyte delimiters with compressed input files generate duplicate records Major mrv1, mrv2 Wilfred Spiegelenburg Wilfred Spiegelenburg
MAPREDUCE-6513 MR job got hanged forever when one NM unstable for some time Critical applicationmaster, resourcemanager Bob.zhao Varun Saxena
YARN-3840 Resource Manager web ui issue when sorting application by id (with application having id > 9999) Major resourcemanager LINTE Varun Saxena
YARN-5055 max apps per user can be larger than max per queue Minor capacityscheduler, resourcemanager Jason Lowe Eric Badger
YARN-4751 In 2.7, Labeled queue usage not shown properly in capacity scheduler UI Major capacity scheduler, yarn Eric Payne Eric Payne
HDFS-9365 Balancer does not work with the HDFS-6376 HA setup Major balancer & mover Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze
YARN-4459 container-executor should only kill process groups Major nodemanager Jun Gong Jun Gong
HDFS-9476 TestDFSUpgradeFromImage#testUpgradeFromRel1BBWImage occasionally fail Major . Wei-Chiu Chuang Masatake Iwasaki
HDFS-10458 getFileEncryptionInfo should return quickly for non-encrypted cluster Major encryption, namenode Zhe Zhang Zhe Zhang
YARN-5206 RegistrySecurity includes id:pass in exception text if considered invalid Minor client, security Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
HADOOP-13270 BZip2CompressionInputStream finds the same compression marker twice in corner case, causing duplicate data blocks Critical . Haibo Chen Kai Sasaki
HADOOP-13255 KMSClientProvider should check and renew tgt when doing delegation token operations. Major kms Xiao Chen Xiao Chen
HDFS-10474 hftp copy fails when file name with Chinese+special char in branch-2 Critical . Brahma Reddy Battula Brahma Reddy Battula
HADOOP-13192 org.apache.hadoop.util.LineReader cannot handle multibyte delimiters correctly Critical util binde binde
HADOOP-13350 Additional fix to LICENSE and NOTICE Blocker build Xiao Chen Xiao Chen
HADOOP-12893 Verify LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt Blocker build Allen Wittenauer Xiao Chen
HADOOP-13297 Add missing dependency in setting maven-remote-resource-plugin to fix builds Major build Akira Ajisaka Sean Busbey
HDFS-10623 Remove unused import of httpclient.HttpConnection from TestWebHdfsTokens. Major hdfs Jitendra Nath Pandey Hanisha Koneru
YARN-5309 Fix SSLFactory truststore reloader thread leak in TimelineClientImpl Blocker timelineserver, yarn Thomas Friedrich Weiwei Yang
HDFS-8914 Document HA support in the HDFS HdfsDesign.md Major documentation Ravindra Babu Lars Francke
HADOOP-12588 Fix intermittent test failure of TestGangliaMetrics Major . Tsuyoshi Ozawa Masatake Iwasaki
HADOOP-13434 Add quoting to Shell class Major . Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
HDFS-9530 ReservedSpace is not cleared for abandoned Blocks Critical datanode Fei Hui Brahma Reddy Battula


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
MAPREDUCE-6191 TestJavaSerialization fails with getting incorrect MR job result Minor test sam liu sam liu
YARN-3602 TestResourceLocalizationService.testPublicResourceInitializesLocalDir fails Intermittently due to IOException from cleanup Minor test zhihai xu zhihai xu
HADOOP-12736 TestTimedOutTestsListener#testThreadDumpAndDeadlocks sometimes times out Major . Xiao Chen Xiao Chen
HADOOP-12715 TestValueQueue#testgetAtMostPolicyALL fails intermittently Major . Xiao Chen Xiao Chen
HDFS-9688 Test the effect of nested encryption zones in HDFS downgrade Major encryption, test Zhe Zhang Zhe Zhang
YARN-5069 TestFifoScheduler.testResourceOverCommit race condition Major test Eric Badger Eric Badger


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
YARN-4623 TestSystemMetricsPublisher#testPublishAppAttemptMetricsForUnmanagedAM fails with NPE Major yarn Jason Lowe Naganarasimha G R
HDFS-10186 DirectoryScanner: Improve logs by adding full path of both actual and expected block directories Minor datanode Rakesh R Rakesh R
HADOOP-13154 S3AFileSystem printAmazonServiceException/printAmazonClientException appear copy & paste of AWS examples Blocker fs/s3 Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
YARN-3362 Add node label usage in RM CapacityScheduler web UI Major capacityscheduler, resourcemanager, webapp Wangda Tan Naganarasimha G R
YARN-3426 Add jdiff support to YARN Blocker . Li Lu Li Lu


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-11814 Reformat hadoop-annotations, o.a.h.classification.tools Minor . Li Lu Li Lu
YARN-4653 Document YARN security model from the perspective of Application Developers Major site Steve Loughran Steve Loughran
HADOOP-13312 Update CHANGES.txt to reflect all the changes in branch-2.7 Blocker . Akira Ajisaka Akira Ajisaka