Apache Hadoop Changelog

Release 0.5.0 - 2006-08-04


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-339 making improvements to the jobclients to get information on currenlyl running jobs and the jobqueue Minor . Mahadev konar Mahadev konar
HADOOP-359 add optional compression of map outputs Major . Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
HADOOP-342 Design/Implement a tool to support archival and analysis of logfiles. Major . Arun C Murthy
HADOOP-347 Implement HDFS content browsing interface Major . Devaraj Das Devaraj Das
HADOOP-381 keeping files for tasks that match regex on task id Major . Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
HADOOP-386 Periodically move blocks from full nodes to those with space Major . Johan Oskarsson Johan Oskarsson
HADOOP-369 Added ability to copy all part-files into one output file Trivial . Johan Oskarsson Johan Oskarsson
HADOOP-412 provide an input format that fetches a subset of sequence file records Major . Hairong Kuang Hairong Kuang
HADOOP-425 a python word count example that runs under jython Major . Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-340 Using wildcards in config pathnames Minor conf Johan Oskarsson Doug Cutting
HADOOP-355 hadoopStreaming: fix APIs, -reduce NONE, StreamSequenceRecordReader Major . Michel Tourn
HADOOP-361 junit with pure-Java hadoopStreaming combiner; remove CRLF in some files Major . Michel Tourn
HADOOP-252 add versioning to RPC Major ipc Yoram Arnon
HADOOP-356 Build and test hadoopStreaming nightly Major . Michel Tourn
HADOOP-341 Enhance distcp to handle *http* as a ‘source protocol’. Major util Arun C Murthy Arun C Murthy
HADOOP-237 Standard set of Performance Metrics for Hadoop Major metrics Milind Bhandarkar Milind Bhandarkar
HADOOP-260 the start up scripts should take a command line parameter –config making it easy to run multiple hadoop installation on same machines Minor . Mahadev konar Milind Bhandarkar
HADOOP-321 DatanodeInfo refactoring Major . Konstantin Shvachko Konstantin Shvachko
HADOOP-302 class Text (replacement for class UTF8) was: HADOOP-136 Major io Michel Tourn Hairong Kuang
HADOOP-335 factor out the namespace image/transaction log writing Major . Owen O’Malley Konstantin Shvachko
HADOOP-396 Writable DatanodeID Major . Konstantin Shvachko Konstantin Shvachko
HADOOP-395 infoPort field should be a DatanodeID member Major . Konstantin Shvachko Devaraj Das
HADOOP-345 JobConf access to name-values Major . Michel Tourn Michel Tourn
HADOOP-409 expose JobConf properties as environment variables Major . Michel Tourn
HADOOP-392 Improve the UI for DFS content browsing Major . Devaraj Das
HADOOP-410 Using HashMap instead of TreeMap for some maps in Namenode yields 17% performance improvement Major . Milind Bhandarkar Milind Bhandarkar
HADOOP-394 MiniDFSCluster shudown order Minor . Konstantin Shvachko Konstantin Shvachko


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-352 Portability of hadoop shell scripts for deployment Major . Jean-Baptiste Quenot
HADOOP-313 A stand alone driver for individual tasks Major . Michel Tourn Michel Tourn
HADOOP-358 NPE in Path.equals Major fs Frédéric Bertin Doug Cutting
HADOOP-327 ToolBase calls System.exit Major util Owen O’Malley Hairong Kuang
HADOOP-360 hadoop-daemon starts but does not stop servers under cygWin Major . Konstantin Shvachko
HADOOP-354 All daemons should have public methods to start and stop them Major . Barry Kaplan
HADOOP-364 rpc versioning broke out-of-order server launches Major ipc Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
HADOOP-365 datanode crashes on startup with ClassCastException Major . Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
HADOOP-350 In standalone mode, ‘org.apache.commons.cli cannot be resolved’ Minor . stack
HADOOP-368 DistributedFSCheck should cleanup, seek, and report missing files. Minor fs Konstantin Shvachko Konstantin Shvachko
HADOOP-376 Datanode does not scan for an open http port Major . Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
HADOOP-384 improved error messages for file checksum errors Minor fs Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
HADOOP-344 TaskTracker passes incorrect file path to DF under cygwin Major . Konstantin Shvachko Konstantin Shvachko
HADOOP-383 unit tests fail on windows Major . Owen O’Malley Michel Tourn
HADOOP-380 The reduce tasks poll for mapoutputs in a loop Major . Mahadev konar Mahadev konar
HADOOP-387 LocalJobRunner assigns duplicate mapid’s Major . Sami Siren
HADOOP-385 rcc does not generate correct Java code for the field of a record type Major . Hairong Kuang Milind Bhandarkar
HADOOP-388 the hadoop-daemons.sh fails with “no such file or directory” when used from a relative path Major . Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
HADOOP-375 Introduce a way for datanodes to register their HTTP info ports with the NameNode Major . Devaraj Das Devaraj Das
HADOOP-389 MiniMapReduce tests get stuck because of some timing issues with initialization of tasktrackers. Major . Mahadev konar Mahadev konar
HADOOP-391 test-contrib with spaces in classpath (Windows) Major . Michel Tourn
HADOOP-362 tasks can get lost when reporting task completion to the JobTracker has an error Major . Devaraj Das Owen O’Malley
HADOOP-393 The validateUTF function of class Text throws MalformedInputException for valid UTF8 code containing ascii chars Major io Hairong Kuang Hairong Kuang
HADOOP-404 Regression tests are not working. Major . Mahadev konar
HADOOP-377 Configuration does not handle URL Major . Jean-Baptiste Quenot
HADOOP-226 DFSShell problems. Incorrect block replication detection in fsck. Major . Konstantin Shvachko
HADOOP-415 DFSNodesStatus() should sort data nodes. Major . Konstantin Shvachko


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-411 junit test for HADOOP-59: support generic command-line options Major . Hairong Kuang Hairong Kuang
HADOOP-418 hadoopStreaming test jobconf -> env.var. mapping Major . Michel Tourn


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-351 Remove Jetty dependency Major ipc Barry Kaplan Devaraj Das
HADOOP-307 Many small jobs benchmark for MapReduce Minor . Sanjay Dahiya Sanjay Dahiya