Apache Hadoop Changelog

Release 0.23.8 - 2013-06-05


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
MAPREDUCE-4383 HadoopPipes.cc needs to include unistd.h Minor pipes Andy Isaacson Andy Isaacson
YARN-71 Ensure/confirm that the NodeManager cleans up local-dirs on restart Critical nodemanager Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli Xuan Gong
HDFS-4690 Namenode exits if entering safemode while secret manager is edit logging Critical namenode, security Daryn Sharp Daryn Sharp
MAPREDUCE-5065 DistCp should skip checksum comparisons if block-sizes are different on source/target. Major distcp Mithun Radhakrishnan Mithun Radhakrishnan
YARN-476 ProcfsBasedProcessTree info message confuses users Minor . Jason Lowe Sandy Ryza
HDFS-4699 TestPipelinesFailover#testPipelineRecoveryStress fails sporadically Major test Chris Nauroth Chris Nauroth
MAPREDUCE-5147 Maven build should create hadoop-mapreduce-client-app-VERSION.jar directly Major mrv2 Robert Parker Robert Parker
HADOOP-9469 mapreduce/yarn source jars not included in dist tarball Major . Thomas Graves Robert Parker
YARN-363 yarn proxyserver fails to find webapps/proxy directory on startup Major . Jason Lowe Kenji Kikushima
MAPREDUCE-5168 Reducer can OOM during shuffle because on-disk output stream not released Critical mrv2 Jason Lowe Jason Lowe
HDFS-4477 Secondary namenode may retain old tokens Critical security Kihwal Lee Daryn Sharp
YARN-690 RM exits on token cancel/renew problems Blocker resourcemanager Daryn Sharp Daryn Sharp
MAPREDUCE-4927 Historyserver 500 error due to NPE when accessing specific counters page for failed job Major jobhistoryserver Jason Lowe Ashwin Shankar
HDFS-4835 Port trunk WebHDFS changes to branch-0.23 Critical webhdfs Robert Parker Robert Parker
HDFS-3875 Issue handling checksum errors in write pipeline Critical datanode, hdfs-client Todd Lipcon Kihwal Lee
HDFS-4807 DFSOutputStream.createSocketForPipeline() should not include timeout extension on connect Major . Kihwal Lee Cristina L. Abad
HDFS-4714 Log short messages in Namenode RPC server for exceptions meant for clients Major namenode Kihwal Lee Kihwal Lee
HADOOP-9614 smart-test-patch.sh hangs for new version of patch (2.7.1) Major . Ravi Prakash Ravi Prakash
MAPREDUCE-5211 Reducer intermediate files can collide during merge Blocker mrv2 Jason Lowe Jason Lowe
HADOOP-9504 MetricsDynamicMBeanBase has concurrency issues in createMBeanInfo Critical metrics Liang Xie Liang Xie
MAPREDUCE-5059 Job overview shows average merge time larger than for any reduce attempt Major jobhistoryserver, webapps Jason Lowe Omkar Vinit Joshi


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-9222 Cover package with org.apache.hadoop.io.lz4 unit tests Major . Vadim Bondarev Vadim Bondarev
HADOOP-9233 Cover package org.apache.hadoop.io.compress.zlib with unit tests Major . Vadim Bondarev Vadim Bondarev
MAPREDUCE-5015 Coverage fix for org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.tools.CLI Major . Aleksey Gorshkov Aleksey Gorshkov


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
YARN-548 Add tests for YarnUncaughtExceptionHandler Major . Vadim Bondarev Vadim Bondarev