Apache Hadoop Changelog

Release - 2011-05-11


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-7108 hadoop-0.20.100 Major . Arun C Murthy Arun C Murthy
HADOOP-4343 Adding user and service-to-service authentication to Hadoop Blocker . Kan Zhang Kan Zhang


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
MAPREDUCE-478 separate jvm param for mapper and reducer Minor . Koji Noguchi Arun C Murthy
HDFS-457 better handling of volume failure in Data Node storage Major datanode Boris Shkolnik Boris Shkolnik
HDFS-1626 Make BLOCK_INVALIDATE_LIMIT configurable Minor namenode Arun C Murthy Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze
MAPREDUCE-2316 Update docs for CapacityScheduler Major capacity-sched, documentation Arun C Murthy Arun C Murthy
HADOOP-7247 Fix documentation to reflect new jar names Major . Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
MAPREDUCE-1943 Implement limits on per-job JobConf, Counters, StatusReport, Split-Sizes Major . Mahadev konar Mahadev konar
MAPREDUCE-2355 Add an out of band heartbeat damper Major jobtracker Owen O’Malley Arun C Murthy


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-6907 Rpc client doesn’t use the per-connection conf to figure out server’s Kerberos principal Major ipc, security Kan Zhang Kan Zhang
MAPREDUCE-1280 Eclipse Plugin does not work with Eclipse Ganymede (3.4) Major . Aaron Kimball Alex Kozlov
HADOOP-7190 Put metrics v1 back into the hadoop-20-security branch Major metrics Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
HADOOP-7232 Fix javadoc warnings Blocker documentation Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
HADOOP-7143 Hive Hadoop20SShims depends on removed HadoopArchives Major fs Joep Rottinghuis Joep Rottinghuis
HDFS-1822 Editlog opcodes overlap between 20 security and later releases Blocker namenode Suresh Srinivas Suresh Srinivas
HADOOP-7246 The default log4j configuration causes warnings about EventCounter Major . Owen O’Malley Luke Lu
HADOOP-7253 Fix default config Major . Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
HDFS-1022 Merge under-10-min tests specs into one file Major test Erik Steffl Erik Steffl
HADOOP-7259 contrib modules should include build.properties from parent. Major build Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
HADOOP-7215 RPC clients must connect over a network interface corresponding to the host name in the client’s kerberos principal key Blocker security Suresh Srinivas Suresh Srinivas
HADOOP-7258 Gzip codec should not return null decompressors Major . Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
HADOOP-5647 TestJobHistory fails if /tmp/_logs is not writable to. Testcase should not depend on /tmp Major test Ravi Gummadi Ravi Gummadi
HADOOP-7040 DiskChecker:mkdirsWithExistsCheck swallows FileNotFoundException. Major . Boris Shkolnik Boris Shkolnik
MAPREDUCE-2365 Add counters for FileInputFormat (BYTES_READ) and FileOutputFormat (BYTES_WRITTEN) Major . Owen O’Malley Siddharth Seth
HADOOP-7163 “java.net.SocketTimeoutException: 60000 millis timeout” happens a lot Major ipc Owen O’Malley Devaraj Das
HADOOP-7243 Fix contrib unit tests (fairshare, hdfsproxy, datajoin, streaming) Major . Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
MAPREDUCE-323 Improve the way job history files are managed Critical jobtracker Amar Kamat Dick King
MAPREDUCE-2278 DistributedCache shouldn’t hold a ref to JobConf Major distributed-cache, tasktracker Arun C Murthy Chris Douglas
MAPREDUCE-1699 JobHistory shouldn’t be disabled for any reason Major jobtracker Arun C Murthy Krishna Ramachandran
MAPREDUCE-1118 Capacity Scheduler scheduling information is hard to read / should be tabular format Major capacity-sched Allen Wittenauer Krishna Ramachandran
MAPREDUCE-1233 Incorrect Waiting maps/reduces in Jobtracker metrics Major jobtracker V.Karthikeyan Luke Lu