Apache Hadoop Changelog

Release 0.17.1 - 2008-06-23


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-3565 JavaSerialization can throw java.io.StreamCorruptedException Major . Tom White Tom White


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-2159 Namenode stuck in safemode Major . Christian Kunz Hairong Kuang
HADOOP-3472 MapFile.Reader getClosest() function returns incorrect results when before is true Major io Todd Lipcon stack
HADOOP-3442 QuickSort may get into unbounded recursion Blocker . Runping Qi Chris Douglas
HADOOP-3477 release tar.gz contains duplicate files Major build Adam Heath Adam Heath
HADOOP-3475 MapOutputBuffer allocates 4x as much space to record capacity as intended Major . Chris Douglas Chris Douglas
HADOOP-3522 ValuesIterator.next() doesn’t return a new object, thus failing many equals() tests. Major . Spyros Blanas Owen O’Malley
HADOOP-3550 Reduce tasks failing with OOM Blocker . Arun C Murthy Chris Douglas
HADOOP-3526 contrib/data_join doesn’t work Blocker . Spyros Blanas Spyros Blanas
HADOOP-1979 fsck on namenode without datanodes takes too much time Minor . Koji Noguchi Lohit Vijayarenu