Apache Hadoop Changelog

Release 0.12.1 - 2007-03-17


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-1053 Make Record I/O functionally modular from the rest of Hadoop Major record Milind Bhandarkar Milind Bhandarkar
HADOOP-1096 Rename InputArchive and OutputArchive and make them public Major record Milind Bhandarkar Milind Bhandarkar


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-1035 StackOverflowError in FSDataSet Blocker . Philippe Gassmann Raghu Angadi
HADOOP-1067 Compile fails if Checkstyle jar is present in lib directory Major build Tom White Tom White
HADOOP-1060 IndexOutOfBoundsException in JobInProgress.updateTaskStatus leads to hung jobs Blocker . Arun C Murthy Arun C Murthy
HADOOP-1077 Race condition in fetching map outputs (might lead to hung reduces) Blocker . Devaraj Das Devaraj Das
HADOOP-1083 Replication not occuring after cluster restart when datanodes missing Blocker . Nigel Daley Hairong Kuang
HADOOP-1082 NullpointerException in ChecksumFileSystem$FSInputChecker.seek Blocker . Hairong Kuang Hairong Kuang
HADOOP-1088 Csv and Xml serialization for buffers do not work for byte value of -1 Blocker record Milind Bhandarkar Milind Bhandarkar
HADOOP-1080 Cygwin path translation should occur earlier in bin/hadoop Major scripts Andrzej Bialecki
HADOOP-1091 NPE from Simon in JT stdout Major . David Bowen David Bowen
HADOOP-1092 NullPointerException in HeartbeatMonitor thread Blocker . Nigel Daley Hairong Kuang
HADOOP-1112 Race condition in Hadoop metrics Major . David Bowen
HADOOP-1108 Checksumed file system should retry reading if a different replica is found when handle ChecksumException Blocker . dhruba borthakur Hairong Kuang
HADOOP-1070 Number of racks and datanode double temporarily when upgrading from 0.10.1 to 0.11.2 Blocker . Nigel Daley Konstantin Shvachko
HADOOP-1099 NullPointerException in JobInProgress.getTaskInProgress Major . Nigel Daley Gautam Kowshik
HADOOP-1115 copyToLocal doesn’t copy directories Blocker . Nigel Daley
HADOOP-1109 Streaming, NPE when reading sequencefile Major . Koji Noguchi
HADOOP-1117 DFS Scalability: When the namenode is restarted it consumes 80% CPU Blocker . dhruba borthakur dhruba borthakur
HADOOP-1089 The c++ version of write and read v-int don’t agree with the java versions Major record Owen O’Malley Milind Bhandarkar
HADOOP-1128 Missing progress information in map tasks Major . Andrzej Bialecki Andrzej Bialecki
HADOOP-1129 The DFSClient hides IOExceptions in flush Major . Owen O’Malley Hairong Kuang
HADOOP-1126 Optimize CPU usage when cluster restarts Major . dhruba borthakur Hairong Kuang