Apache Hadoop Changelog

Release 0.10.1 - 2007-01-10


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-851 Implement the LzoCodec with support for the lzo compression algorithms Major io Arun C Murthy Arun C Murthy


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-857 IOException when running map reduce on S3 filesystem Major fs Tom White
HADOOP-863 MapTask prints info log message when the progress-reporting thread starts Major . Devaraj Das Devaraj Das
HADOOP-815 Investigate and fix the extremely large memory-footprint of JobTracker Major . Arun C Murthy Arun C Murthy
HADOOP-600 Race condition in JobTracker updating the task tracker’s status while declaring it lost Major . Owen O’Malley Arun C Murthy
HADOOP-864 bin/hadoop jar throws file creation exception for temp files Minor . Sanjay Dahiya Sanjay Dahiya
HADOOP-866 dfs -get should remove existing crc file if -crc is not specified Major fs Milind Bhandarkar Milind Bhandarkar
HADOOP-871 java.library.path is wrongly initialized by bin/hadoop when only pre-built libs are present, but custom-built ones aren’t Major . Arun C Murthy Arun C Murthy
HADOOP-868 Fix the merge method on Maps to limit the number of open files Major . Devaraj Das Devaraj Das
HADOOP-865 Files written to S3 but never closed can’t be deleted Major fs Bryan Pendleton Tom White
HADOOP-873 native libraries aren’t loaded unless the user specifies the java.library.path in the child jvm options Major util Owen O’Malley Owen O’Malley
HADOOP-880 Recursive delete for an S3 directory does not actually delete files or subdirectories Major fs Tom White Tom White
HADOOP-879 SequenceFileInputFormat can no longer read from data produced by MapFileOutputFormat Major . Bryan Pendleton Doug Cutting