Apache Hadoop Changelog

Release 2.1.1-beta - 2013-09-16


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-9944 RpcRequestHeaderProto defines callId as uint32 while ipc.Client.CONNECTION_CONTEXT_CALL_ID is signed (-3) Blocker . Arun C Murthy Arun C Murthy
YARN-1170 yarn proto definitions should specify package as ‘hadoop.yarn’ Blocker . Arun C Murthy Binglin Chang
YARN-707 Add user info in the YARN ClientToken Blocker . Bikas Saha Jason Lowe


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-9789 Support server advertised kerberos principals Critical ipc, security Daryn Sharp Daryn Sharp
HDFS-5118 Provide testing support for DFSClient to drop RPC responses Major . Jing Zhao Jing Zhao
HDFS-5076 Add MXBean methods to query NN’s transaction information and JournalNode’s journal status Minor . Jing Zhao Jing Zhao


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-9962 in order to avoid dependency divergence within Hadoop itself lets enable DependencyConvergence Major build Roman Shaposhnik Roman Shaposhnik
HADOOP-9945 HAServiceState should have a state for stopped services Minor ha Karthik Kambatla Karthik Kambatla
HADOOP-9918 Add addIfService() to CompositeService Minor . Karthik Kambatla Karthik Kambatla
HADOOP-9886 Turn warning message in RetryInvocationHandler to debug Minor . Arpit Gupta Arpit Gupta
HADOOP-9879 Move the version info of zookeeper dependencies to hadoop-project/pom Minor build Karthik Kambatla Karthik Kambatla
HADOOP-9833 move slf4j to version 1.7.5 Minor build Steve Loughran Kousuke Saruta
HADOOP-9831 Make checknative shell command accessible on Windows. Minor bin Chris Nauroth Chris Nauroth
HADOOP-9821 ClientId should have getMsb/getLsb methods Minor . Tsuyoshi Ozawa Tsuyoshi Ozawa
HADOOP-9803 Add generic type parameter to RetryInvocationHandler Minor ipc Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze
HADOOP-9802 Support Snappy codec on Windows. Major io Chris Nauroth Chris Nauroth
HADOOP-9686 Easy access to final parameters in Configuration Major conf Jason Lowe Jason Lowe
HADOOP-9672 Upgrade Avro dependency to 1.7.4 Major . Sandy Ryza Sandy Ryza
HADOOP-9669 Reduce the number of byte array creations and copies in XDR data manipulation Major nfs Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze Haohui Mai
HADOOP-9446 Support Kerberos HTTP SPNEGO authentication for non-SUN JDK Major security Yu Gao Yu Gao
HADOOP-8814 Inefficient comparison with the empty string. Use isEmpty() instead Minor conf, fs, fs/s3, ha, io, metrics, performance, record, security, util Brandon Li Brandon Li
HDFS-5128 Allow multiple net interfaces to be used with HA namenode RPC server Critical . Kihwal Lee Kihwal Lee
HDFS-5061 Make FSNameSystem#auditLoggers an unmodifiable list Major namenode Arpit Agarwal Arpit Agarwal
HDFS-5045 Add more unit tests for retry cache to cover all AtMostOnce methods Minor . Jing Zhao Jing Zhao
HDFS-4926 namenode webserver’s page has a tooltip that is inconsistent with the datanode HTML link Trivial namenode Joseph Lorenzini Vivek Ganesan
HDFS-4905 Add appendToFile command to “hdfs dfs” Minor tools Arpit Agarwal Arpit Agarwal
HDFS-4513 Clarify WebHDFS REST API that all JSON respsonses may contain additional properties Minor documentation, webhdfs Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze
HDFS-3245 Add metrics and web UI for cluster version summary Major namenode Todd Lipcon Ravi Prakash
MAPREDUCE-5478 TeraInputFormat unnecessarily defines its own FileSplit subclass Minor examples Sandy Ryza Sandy Ryza
MAPREDUCE-5379 Include token tracking ids in jobconf Major job submission, security Sandy Ryza Karthik Kambatla
MAPREDUCE-5367 Local jobs all use same local working directory Major . Sandy Ryza Sandy Ryza
MAPREDUCE-1981 Improve getSplits performance by using listLocatedStatus Major job submission Hairong Kuang Hairong Kuang
YARN-1137 Add support whitelist for system users to Yarn container-executor.c Major nodemanager Alejandro Abdelnur Roman Shaposhnik
YARN-1117 Improve help message for $ yarn applications and $yarn node Major client Tassapol Athiapinya Xuan Gong
YARN-1081 Minor improvement to output header for $ yarn node -list Minor client Tassapol Athiapinya Akira AJISAKA
YARN-1080 Improve help message for $ yarn logs Major client Tassapol Athiapinya Xuan Gong
YARN-1074 Clean up YARN CLI app list to show only running apps. Major client Tassapol Athiapinya Xuan Gong
YARN-910 Allow auxiliary services to listen for container starts and completions Major nodemanager Sandy Ryza Alejandro Abdelnur
YARN-758 Augment MockNM to use multiple cores Minor . Bikas Saha Karthik Kambatla
YARN-696 Enable multiple states to to be specified in Resource Manager apps REST call Major resourcemanager Trevor Lorimer Trevor Lorimer
YARN-589 Expose a REST API for monitoring the fair scheduler Major scheduler Sandy Ryza Sandy Ryza


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HADOOP-9977 Hadoop services won’t start with different keypass and keystorepass when https is enabled Major security Yesha Vora Chris Nauroth
HADOOP-9961 versions of a few transitive dependencies diverged between hadoop subprojects Minor build Roman Shaposhnik Roman Shaposhnik
HADOOP-9960 Upgrade Jersey version to 1.9 Blocker . Brock Noland Karthik Kambatla
HADOOP-9958 Add old constructor back to DelegationTokenInformation to unbreak downstream builds Major . Andrew Wang Andrew Wang
HADOOP-9932 Improper synchronization in RetryCache Blocker . Kihwal Lee Kihwal Lee
HADOOP-9924 FileUtil.createJarWithClassPath() does not generate relative classpath correctly Major fs shanyu zhao shanyu zhao
HADOOP-9916 Race condition in ipc.Client causes TestIPC timeout Minor . Binglin Chang Binglin Chang
HADOOP-9910 proxy server start and stop documentation wrong Minor . André Kelpe
HADOOP-9906 Move HAZKUtil to o.a.h.util.ZKUtil and make inner-classes public Minor ha Karthik Kambatla Karthik Kambatla
HADOOP-9899 Remove the debug message added by HADOOP-8855 Minor security Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze
HADOOP-9880 SASL changes from HADOOP-9421 breaks Secure HA NN Blocker . Kihwal Lee Daryn Sharp
HADOOP-9868 Server must not advertise kerberos realm Blocker ipc Daryn Sharp Daryn Sharp
HADOOP-9858 Remove unused private RawLocalFileSystem#execCommand method from branch-2. Trivial fs Chris Nauroth Chris Nauroth
HADOOP-9857 Tests block and sometimes timeout on Windows due to invalid entropy source. Major build, test Chris Nauroth Chris Nauroth
HADOOP-9806 PortmapInterface should check if the procedure is out-of-range Major nfs Brandon Li Brandon Li
HADOOP-9801 Configuration#writeXml uses platform defaulting encoding, which may mishandle multi-byte characters. Major conf Chris Nauroth Chris Nauroth
HADOOP-9774 RawLocalFileSystem.listStatus() return absolute paths when input path is relative on Windows Major fs shanyu zhao shanyu zhao
HADOOP-9768 chown and chgrp reject users and groups with spaces on platforms where spaces are otherwise acceptable Major fs Chris Nauroth Chris Nauroth
HADOOP-9757 Har metadata cache can grow without limit Major fs Jason Lowe Cristina L. Abad
HADOOP-9557 hadoop-client excludes commons-httpclient Major build Lohit Vijayarenu Lohit Vijayarenu
HADOOP-9435 Support building the JNI code against the IBM JVM Major build Tian Hong Wang Tian Hong Wang
HADOOP-9381 Document dfs cp -f option Trivial . Keegan Witt Keegan Witt
HADOOP-9315 Port HADOOP-9249 hadoop-maven-plugins Clover fix to branch-2 to fix build failures Major build Dennis Y Chris Nauroth
HDFS-5231 Fix broken links in the document of HDFS Federation Minor . Haohui Mai Haohui Mai
HDFS-5219 Add configuration keys for retry policy in WebHDFSFileSystem Major webhdfs Haohui Mai Haohui Mai
HDFS-5192 NameNode may fail to start when dfs.client.test.drop.namenode.response.number is set Minor . Jing Zhao Jing Zhao
HDFS-5159 Secondary NameNode fails to checkpoint if error occurs downloading edits on first checkpoint Major namenode Aaron T. Myers Aaron T. Myers
HDFS-5150 Allow per NN SPN for internal SPNEGO. Blocker . Kihwal Lee Kihwal Lee
HDFS-5140 Too many safemode monitor threads being created in the standby namenode causing it to fail with out of memory error Blocker ha Arpit Gupta Jing Zhao
HDFS-5132 Deadlock in NameNode between SafeModeMonitor#run and DatanodeManager#handleHeartbeat Blocker namenode Arpit Gupta Kihwal Lee
HDFS-5124 DelegationTokenSecretManager#retrievePassword can cause deadlock in NameNode Blocker namenode Deepesh Khandelwal Daryn Sharp
HDFS-5111 Remove duplicated error message for snapshot commands when processing invalid arguments Minor snapshots Jing Zhao Jing Zhao
HDFS-5106 TestDatanodeBlockScanner fails on Windows due to incorrect path format Minor test Chuan Liu Chuan Liu
HDFS-5105 TestFsck fails on Windows Minor . Chuan Liu Chuan Liu
HDFS-5103 TestDirectoryScanner fails on Windows Minor test Chuan Liu Chuan Liu
HDFS-5102 Snapshot names should not be allowed to contain slash characters Major snapshots Aaron T. Myers Jing Zhao
HDFS-5100 TestNamenodeRetryCache fails on Windows due to incorrect cleanup Minor test Chuan Liu Chuan Liu
HDFS-5099 Namenode#copyEditLogSegmentsToSharedDir should close EditLogInputStreams upon finishing Major namenode Chuan Liu Chuan Liu
HDFS-5091 Support for spnego keytab separate from the JournalNode keytab for secure HA Minor . Jing Zhao Jing Zhao
HDFS-5080 BootstrapStandby not working with QJM when the existing NN is active Major ha, qjm Jing Zhao Jing Zhao
HDFS-5077 NPE in FSNamesystem.commitBlockSynchronization() Major namenode Konstantin Shvachko Plamen Jeliazkov
HDFS-5055 nn fails to download checkpointed image from snn in some setups Blocker namenode Allen Wittenauer Vinayakumar B
HDFS-5047 Supress logging of full stack trace of quota and lease exceptions Major namenode Kihwal Lee Robert Parker
HDFS-5043 For HdfsFileStatus, set default value of childrenNum to -1 instead of 0 to avoid confusing applications Major . Brandon Li Brandon Li
HDFS-5028 LeaseRenewer throw java.util.ConcurrentModificationException when timeout Major . zhaoyunjiong zhaoyunjiong
HDFS-4993 fsck can fail if a file is renamed or deleted Major . Kihwal Lee Robert Parker
HDFS-4898 BlockPlacementPolicyWithNodeGroup.chooseRemoteRack() fails to properly fallback to local rack Minor namenode Eric Sirianni Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze
HDFS-4680 Audit logging of delegation tokens for MR tracing Major namenode, security Andrew Wang Andrew Wang
HDFS-4632 globStatus using backslash for escaping does not work on Windows Major test Chris Nauroth Chuan Liu
HDFS-4594 WebHDFS open sets Content-Length header to what is specified by length parameter rather than how much data is actually returned. Minor webhdfs Arpit Gupta Chris Nauroth
HDFS-2994 If lease soft limit is recovered successfully the append can fail Major . Todd Lipcon Tao Luo
MAPREDUCE-5497 ‘5s sleep’ in MRAppMaster.shutDownJob is only needed before stopping ClientService Major . Jian He Jian He
MAPREDUCE-5493 In-memory map outputs can be leaked after shuffle completes Blocker mrv2 Jason Lowe Jason Lowe
MAPREDUCE-5483 revert MAPREDUCE-5357 Major distcp Alejandro Abdelnur Robert Kanter
MAPREDUCE-5475 MRClientService does not verify ACLs properly Blocker mr-am, mrv2 Jason Lowe Jason Lowe
MAPREDUCE-5470 LocalJobRunner does not work on Windows. Major . Chris Nauroth Sandy Ryza
MAPREDUCE-5468 AM recovery does not work for map only jobs Blocker . Yesha Vora Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli
MAPREDUCE-5454 TestDFSIO fails intermittently on JDK7 Major test Karthik Kambatla Karthik Kambatla
MAPREDUCE-5446 TestJobHistoryEvents and TestJobHistoryParsing have race conditions Major mrv2, test Jason Lowe Jason Lowe
MAPREDUCE-5440 TestCopyCommitter Fails on JDK7 Major mrv2 Robert Parker Robert Parker
MAPREDUCE-5428 HistoryFileManager doesn’t stop threads when service is stopped Major jobhistoryserver, mrv2 Jason Lowe Karthik Kambatla
MAPREDUCE-5425 Junit in TestJobHistoryServer failing in jdk 7 Major jobhistoryserver Ashwin Shankar Robert Parker
MAPREDUCE-5414 TestTaskAttempt fails jdk7 with NullPointerException Major test Nemon Lou Nemon Lou
MAPREDUCE-5385 JobContext cache files api are broken Blocker . Omkar Vinit Joshi Omkar Vinit Joshi
MAPREDUCE-5358 MRAppMaster throws invalid transitions for JobImpl Major mr-am Devaraj K Devaraj K
MAPREDUCE-5317 Stale files left behind for failed jobs Major mrv2 Ravi Prakash Ravi Prakash
MAPREDUCE-5251 Reducer should not implicate map attempt if it has insufficient space to fetch map output Major mrv2 Jason Lowe Ashwin Shankar
MAPREDUCE-5164 command “mapred job” and “mapred queue” omit HADOOP_CLIENT_OPTS Major . Nemon Lou Nemon Lou
MAPREDUCE-5020 Compile failure with JDK8 Major client Trevor Robinson Trevor Robinson
MAPREDUCE-5001 LocalJobRunner has race condition resulting in job failures Major . Brock Noland Sandy Ryza
MAPREDUCE-3193 FileInputFormat doesn’t read files recursively in the input path dir Major mrv1, mrv2 Ramgopal N Devaraj K
YARN-1194 TestContainerLogsPage fails with native builds Minor nodemanager Roman Shaposhnik Roman Shaposhnik
YARN-1189 NMTokenSecretManagerInNM is not being told when applications have finished Blocker . Jason Lowe Omkar Vinit Joshi
YARN-1176 RM web services ClusterMetricsInfo total nodes doesn’t include unhealthy nodes Critical resourcemanager Thomas Graves Jonathan Eagles
YARN-1152 Invalid key to HMAC computation error when getting application report for completed app attempt Blocker resourcemanager Jason Lowe Jason Lowe
YARN-1144 Unmanaged AMs registering a tracking URI should not be proxy-fied Critical resourcemanager Alejandro Abdelnur Alejandro Abdelnur
YARN-1124 By default yarn application -list should display all the applications in a state other than FINISHED / FAILED Blocker . Omkar Vinit Joshi Xuan Gong
YARN-1120 Make ApplicationConstants.Environment.USER definition OS neutral Minor . Chuan Liu Chuan Liu
YARN-1107 Job submitted with Delegation token in secured environment causes RM to fail during RM restart Blocker resourcemanager Arpit Gupta Omkar Vinit Joshi
YARN-1101 Active nodes can be decremented below 0 Major resourcemanager Robert Parker Robert Parker
YARN-1094 RM restart throws Null pointer Exception in Secure Env Blocker . Yesha Vora Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli
YARN-1093 Corrections to Fair Scheduler documentation Major documentation Wing Yew Poon
YARN-1083 ResourceManager should fail when yarn.nm.liveness-monitor.expiry-interval-ms is set less than heartbeat interval Major resourcemanager Yesha Vora Zhijie Shen
YARN-1082 Secure RM with recovery enabled and rm state store on hdfs fails with gss exception Blocker resourcemanager Arpit Gupta Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli
YARN-1078 TestNodeManagerResync, TestNodeManagerShutdown, and TestNodeStatusUpdater fail on Windows Minor . Chuan Liu Chuan Liu
YARN-1077 TestContainerLaunch fails on Windows Minor . Chuan Liu Chuan Liu
YARN-1025 ResourceManager and NodeManager do not load native libraries on Windows. Major nodemanager, resourcemanager Chris Nauroth Chris Nauroth
YARN-1008 MiniYARNCluster with multiple nodemanagers, all nodes have same key for allocations Major nodemanager Alejandro Abdelnur Alejandro Abdelnur
YARN-1006 Nodes list web page on the RM web UI is broken Major . Jian He Xuan Gong
YARN-994 HeartBeat thread in AMRMClientAsync does not handle runtime exception correctly Major . Xuan Gong Xuan Gong
YARN-981 YARN/MR2/Job-history /logs link does not have correct content Major . Xuan Gong Jian He
YARN-966 The thread of ContainerLaunch#call will fail without any signal if getLocalizedResources() is called when the container is not at LOCALIZED Major . Zhijie Shen Zhijie Shen
YARN-957 Capacity Scheduler tries to reserve the memory more than what node manager reports. Blocker . Omkar Vinit Joshi Omkar Vinit Joshi
YARN-948 RM should validate the release container list before actually releasing them Major . Omkar Vinit Joshi Omkar Vinit Joshi
YARN-942 In Fair Scheduler documentation, inconsistency on which properties have prefix Major scheduler Sandy Ryza Akira AJISAKA
YARN-903 DistributedShell throwing Errors in logs after successfull completion Major applications/distributed-shell Abhishek Kapoor Omkar Vinit Joshi
YARN-881 Priority#compareTo method seems to be wrong. Major . Jian He Jian He
YARN-643 WHY appToken is removed both in BaseFinalTransition and AMUnregisteredTransition AND clientToken is removed in FinalTransition and not BaseFinalTransition Major . Jian He Xuan Gong
YARN-602 NodeManager should mandatorily set some Environment variables into every containers that it launches Major . Xuan Gong Kenji Kikushima
YARN-337 RM handles killed application tracking URL poorly Major resourcemanager Jason Lowe Jason Lowe
YARN-107 ClientRMService.forceKillApplication() should handle the non-RUNNING applications properly Major resourcemanager Devaraj K Xuan Gong


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
HDFS-5249 Fix dumper thread which may die silently Major nfs Brandon Li Brandon Li
HDFS-5234 Move RpcFrameDecoder out of the public API Minor nfs Haohui Mai Haohui Mai
HDFS-5212 Refactor RpcMessage and NFS3Response to support different types of authentication information Major nfs Jing Zhao Jing Zhao
HDFS-5199 Add more debug trace for NFS READ and WRITE Trivial nfs Brandon Li Brandon Li
HDFS-5136 MNT EXPORT should give the full group list which can mount the exports Major nfs Brandon Li Brandon Li
HDFS-5110 Change FSDataOutputStream to HdfsDataOutputStream for opened streams to fix type cast error Major nfs Brandon Li Brandon Li
HDFS-5107 Fix array copy error in Readdir and Readdirplus responses Major nfs Brandon Li Brandon Li
HDFS-5104 Support dotdot name in NFS LOOKUP operation Major nfs Brandon Li Brandon Li
HDFS-5085 Refactor o.a.h.nfs to support different types of authentications Major nfs Brandon Li Jing Zhao
HDFS-5078 Support file append in NFSv3 gateway to enable data streaming to HDFS Major nfs Brandon Li Brandon Li
HDFS-5071 Change hdfs-nfs parent project to hadoop-project Major nfs Kihwal Lee Brandon Li
HDFS-5069 Include hadoop-nfs and hadoop-hdfs-nfs into hadoop dist for NFS deployment Major nfs Brandon Li Brandon Li
HDFS-5067 Support symlink operations Major nfs Brandon Li Brandon Li
HDFS-4971 Move IO operations out of locking in OpenFileCtx Major nfs Jing Zhao Jing Zhao
HDFS-4962 Use enum for nfs constants Minor nfs Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze Tsz Wo Nicholas Sze
HDFS-4947 Add NFS server export table to control export by hostname or IP range Major nfs Brandon Li Jing Zhao
HDFS-4763 Add script changes/utility for starting NFS gateway Major nfs Brandon Li Brandon Li
MAPREDUCE-5476 Job can fail when RM restarts after staging dir is cleaned but before MR successfully unregister with RM Blocker . Jian He Jian He
MAPREDUCE-5466 Historyserver does not refresh the result of restarted jobs after RM restart Blocker . Yesha Vora Jian He
MAPREDUCE-5462 In map-side sort, swap entire meta entries instead of indexes for better cache performance Major performance, task Sandy Ryza Sandy Ryza
MAPREDUCE-5441 JobClient exit whenever RM issue Reboot command to 1st attempt App Master. Major applicationmaster, client Rohith Sharma K S Jian He
YARN-1184 ClassCastException is thrown during preemption When a huge job is submitted to a queue B whose resources is used by a job in queueA Major capacityscheduler, resourcemanager J.Andreina Chris Douglas
YARN-1116 Populate AMRMTokens back to AMRMTokenSecretManager after RM restarts Major resourcemanager Jian He Jian He
YARN-1085 Yarn and MRv2 should do HTTP client authentication in kerberos setup. Blocker nodemanager, resourcemanager Jaimin D Jetly Omkar Vinit Joshi
YARN-1049 ContainerExistStatus should define a status for preempted containers Blocker api Alejandro Abdelnur Alejandro Abdelnur
YARN-906 Cancelling ContainerLaunch#call at KILLING causes that the container cannot be completed Major . Zhijie Shen Zhijie Shen
YARN-771 AMRMClient support for resource blacklisting Major . Bikas Saha Junping Du
YARN-573 Shared data structures in Public Localizer and Private Localizer are not Thread safe. Critical . Omkar Vinit Joshi Omkar Vinit Joshi
YARN-540 Race condition causing RM to potentially relaunch already unregistered AMs on RM restart Major resourcemanager Jian He Jian He
YARN-502 RM crash with NPE on NODE_REMOVED event with FairScheduler Major . Lohit Vijayarenu Mayank Bansal
YARN-292 ResourceManager throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while handling CONTAINER_ALLOCATED for application attempt Major resourcemanager Devaraj K Zhijie Shen


JIRA Summary Priority Component Reporter Contributor
YARN-1034 Remove “experimental” in the Fair Scheduler documentation Trivial documentation, scheduler Sandy Ryza Karthik Kambatla
YARN-1001 YARN should provide per application-type and state statistics Blocker api Srimanth Gunturi Zhijie Shen