Apache Hadoop 0.18.3 Release Notes

These release notes cover new developer and user-facing incompatibilities, important issues, features, and major improvements.

Fix couple of JavaDoc warnings.

Revert tmp files handling on DataNodes back to 0.17. sync() introduced in 0.18 has less gaurantees.

A long (unexpected) delay at datanodes could make subsequent block reports from many datanode at the same time.

Improve how RPC server reads and writes large buffers. Avoids soft-leak of direct buffers and excess copies in NIO layer.

  1. Only datanode’s offerService thread shutdown the datanode to avoid deadlock;
  2. Datanode checks disk in case of failure on creating a block file.

WARNING: No release note provided for this incompatible change.

fix memory leak of user/group information in fuse-dfs

This patch HADOOP-4620.patch (1) solves the hanging problem on map side with empty input and nonempty output — this map task generates output properly to intermediate files similar to other map tasks. (2) solves the problem of hanging reducer with empty input to reduce task and nonempty output — this reduce task doesn’t generate output if input to reduce task is empty.

TestDistributedUpgrade used succeed for wrong reasons.

Included librecordio in release for use by xerces-c (ant -Dlibrecordio=true -Dxercescroot=<path to the xerces-c root>)

Added a new conf property dfs.namenode.decommission.nodes.per.interval so that NameNode checks decommission status of x nodes for every y seconds, where x is the value of dfs.namenode.decommission.nodes.per.interval and y is the value of dfs.namenode.decommission.interval.