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org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.impl Registry client services 
org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.impl.zk Core Zookeeper support. Basic services for the YARN registry The RegistryAdminService extends the shared Yarn Registry client with registry setup and (potentially asynchronous) administrative actions. 

Uses of CompositeService in org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.impl

Subclasses of CompositeService in org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.impl
 class RegistryOperationsClient
          This is the client service for applications to work with the registry.

Uses of CompositeService in org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.impl.zk

Subclasses of CompositeService in org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.impl.zk
 class org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.impl.zk.CuratorService
          This service binds to Zookeeper via Apache Curator.
 class RegistryOperationsService
          The Registry operations service.

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 class AddingCompositeService
          Composite service that exports the add/remove methods.

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