Package org.apache.hadoop.metrics.spi

The Service Provider Interface for the Metrics API.


Class Summary
AbstractMetricsContext The main class of the Service Provider Interface.
MetricsRecordImpl An implementation of MetricsRecord.
MetricValue A Number that is either an absolute or an incremental amount.
NoEmitMetricsContext A MetricsContext that does not emit data, but, unlike NullContextWithUpdate, does save it for retrieval with getAllRecords().
NullContext Null metrics context: a metrics context which does nothing.
NullContextWithUpdateThread A null context which has a thread calling periodically when monitoring is started.
OutputRecord Represents a record of metric data to be sent to a metrics system.
Util Static utility methods

Package org.apache.hadoop.metrics.spi Description

The Service Provider Interface for the Metrics API. This package provides an interface allowing a variety of metrics reporting implementations to be plugged in to the Metrics API. Examples of such implementations can be found in the packages org.apache.hadoop.metrics.file and org.apache.hadoop.metrics.ganglia.

Plugging in an implementation involves writing a concrete subclass of AbstractMetricsContext. The subclass should get its configuration information using the getAttribute(attributeName) method.

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