Class Partitioner<KEY,VALUE>

  extended by org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.Partitioner<KEY,VALUE>
Direct Known Subclasses:
BinaryPartitioner, HashPartitioner, KeyFieldBasedPartitioner, TotalOrderPartitioner

public abstract class Partitioner<KEY,VALUE>
extends Object

Partitions the key space.

Partitioner controls the partitioning of the keys of the intermediate map-outputs. The key (or a subset of the key) is used to derive the partition, typically by a hash function. The total number of partitions is the same as the number of reduce tasks for the job. Hence this controls which of the m reduce tasks the intermediate key (and hence the record) is sent for reduction.

Note: If you require your Partitioner class to obtain the Job's configuration object, implement the Configurable interface.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  int getPartition(KEY key, VALUE value, int numPartitions)
          Get the partition number for a given key (hence record) given the total number of partitions i.e.
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Constructor Detail


public Partitioner()
Method Detail


public abstract int getPartition(KEY key,
                                 VALUE value,
                                 int numPartitions)
Get the partition number for a given key (hence record) given the total number of partitions i.e. number of reduce-tasks for the job.

Typically a hash function on a all or a subset of the key.

key - the key to be partioned.
value - the entry value.
numPartitions - the total number of partitions.
the partition number for the key.

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