Package org.apache.hadoop.mapred

Interface Summary
InputFormat<K,V> InputFormat describes the input-specification for a Map-Reduce job.
InputSplit InputSplit represents the data to be processed by an individual Mapper.
JobConfigurable That what may be configured.
Mapper<K1,V1,K2,V2> Maps input key/value pairs to a set of intermediate key/value pairs.
MapRunnable<K1,V1,K2,V2> Expert: Generic interface for Mappers.
OutputCollector<K,V> Collects the <key, value> pairs output by Mappers and Reducers.
OutputFormat<K,V> OutputFormat describes the output-specification for a Map-Reduce job.
Partitioner<K2,V2> Partitions the key space.
RecordReader<K,V> RecordReader reads <key, value> pairs from an InputSplit.
RecordWriter<K,V> RecordWriter writes the output <key, value> pairs to an output file.
Reducer<K2,V2,K3,V3> Reduces a set of intermediate values which share a key to a smaller set of values.
Reporter A facility for Map-Reduce applications to report progress and update counters, status information etc.
RunningJob RunningJob is the user-interface to query for details on a running Map-Reduce job.

Class Summary
ClusterStatus Status information on the current state of the Map-Reduce cluster.
Counters A set of named counters.
Counters.Counter A counter record, comprising its name and value.
Counters.Group Group of counters, comprising of counters from a particular counter Enum class.
FileInputFormat<K,V> A base class for file-based InputFormat.
FileOutputCommitter An OutputCommitter that commits files specified in job output directory i.e.
FileOutputFormat<K,V> A base class for OutputFormat.
FileSplit A section of an input file.
FixedLengthInputFormat FixedLengthInputFormat is an input format used to read input files which contain fixed length records.
ID A general identifier, which internally stores the id as an integer.
JobClient JobClient is the primary interface for the user-job to interact with the cluster.
JobConf A map/reduce job configuration.
JobID JobID represents the immutable and unique identifier for the job.
JobQueueInfo Class that contains the information regarding the Job Queues which are maintained by the Hadoop Map/Reduce framework.
JobStatus Describes the current status of a job.
KeyValueLineRecordReader This class treats a line in the input as a key/value pair separated by a separator character.
KeyValueTextInputFormat An InputFormat for plain text files.
MapFileOutputFormat An OutputFormat that writes MapFiles.
MapReduceBase Base class for Mapper and Reducer implementations.
MapRunner<K1,V1,K2,V2> Default MapRunnable implementation.
MultiFileInputFormat<K,V> An abstract InputFormat that returns MultiFileSplit's in MultiFileInputFormat.getSplits(JobConf, int) method.
MultiFileSplit A sub-collection of input files.
OutputCommitter OutputCommitter describes the commit of task output for a Map-Reduce job.
OutputLogFilter This class filters log files from directory given It doesnt accept paths having _logs.
SequenceFileAsBinaryInputFormat InputFormat reading keys, values from SequenceFiles in binary (raw) format.
SequenceFileAsBinaryOutputFormat An OutputFormat that writes keys, values to SequenceFiles in binary(raw) format
SequenceFileAsTextInputFormat This class is similar to SequenceFileInputFormat, except it generates SequenceFileAsTextRecordReader which converts the input keys and values to their String forms by calling toString() method.
SequenceFileAsTextRecordReader This class converts the input keys and values to their String forms by calling toString() method.
SequenceFileInputFilter<K,V> A class that allows a map/red job to work on a sample of sequence files.
SequenceFileInputFormat<K,V> An InputFormat for SequenceFiles.
SequenceFileOutputFormat<K,V> An OutputFormat that writes SequenceFiles.
SequenceFileRecordReader<K,V> An RecordReader for SequenceFiles.
SkipBadRecords Utility class for skip bad records functionality.
TaskAttemptID TaskAttemptID represents the immutable and unique identifier for a task attempt.
TaskCompletionEvent This is used to track task completion events on job tracker.
TaskID TaskID represents the immutable and unique identifier for a Map or Reduce Task.
TaskReport A report on the state of a task.
TextInputFormat An InputFormat for plain text files.
TextOutputFormat<K,V> An OutputFormat that writes plain text files.
Utils A utility class.

Enum Summary
JobPriority Used to describe the priority of the running job.

Exception Summary
FileAlreadyExistsException Used when target file already exists for any operation and is not configured to be overwritten.
InvalidFileTypeException Used when file type differs from the desired file type.
InvalidInputException This class wraps a list of problems with the input, so that the user can get a list of problems together instead of finding and fixing them one by one.
InvalidJobConfException This exception is thrown when jobconf misses some mendatory attributes or value of some attributes is invalid.

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