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Uses of ComposableRecordReader in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.join

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.join that implement ComposableRecordReader
 class InnerJoinRecordReader<K extends WritableComparable>
          Full inner join.
 class JoinRecordReader<K extends WritableComparable>
          Base class for Composite joins returning Tuples of arbitrary Writables.
 class MultiFilterRecordReader<K extends WritableComparable,V extends Writable>
          Base class for Composite join returning values derived from multiple sources, but generally not tuples.
 class OuterJoinRecordReader<K extends WritableComparable>
          Full outer join.
 class OverrideRecordReader<K extends WritableComparable,V extends Writable>
          Prefer the "rightmost" data source for this key.
 class WrappedRecordReader<K extends WritableComparable,U extends Writable>
          Proxy class for a RecordReader participating in the join framework.

Fields in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.join declared as ComposableRecordReader
protected  ComposableRecordReader<K,? extends V>[]

Fields in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.join with type parameters of type ComposableRecordReader
protected static Map<String,Constructor<? extends ComposableRecordReader>> Parser.Node.rrCstrMap

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.join that return ComposableRecordReader
 ComposableRecordReader<K,V> ComposableInputFormat.getRecordReader(InputSplit split, JobConf job, Reporter reporter)
 ComposableRecordReader<K,TupleWritable> CompositeInputFormat.getRecordReader(InputSplit split, JobConf job, Reporter reporter)
          Construct a CompositeRecordReader for the children of this InputFormat as defined in the init expression.

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.join that return types with arguments of type ComposableRecordReader
protected  PriorityQueue<ComposableRecordReader<K,?>> CompositeRecordReader.getRecordReaderQueue()
          Return sorted list of RecordReaders for this composite.

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.join with parameters of type ComposableRecordReader
 void CompositeRecordReader.add(ComposableRecordReader<K,? extends V> rr)
          Add a RecordReader to this collection.
 int CompositeRecordReader.compareTo(ComposableRecordReader<K,?> other)
          Implement Comparable contract (compare key of join or head of heap with that of another).
 int WrappedRecordReader.compareTo(ComposableRecordReader<K,?> other)
          Implement Comparable contract (compare key at head of proxied RR with that of another).

Method parameters in org.apache.hadoop.mapred.join with type arguments of type ComposableRecordReader
protected static void Parser.Node.addIdentifier(String ident, Class<?>[] mcstrSig, Class<? extends Parser.Node> nodetype, Class<? extends ComposableRecordReader> cl)
          For a given identifier, add a mapping to the nodetype for the parse tree and to the ComposableRecordReader to be created, including the formals required to invoke the constructor.

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