Interface ByteBufferPool

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public interface ByteBufferPool

Method Summary
 ByteBuffer getBuffer(boolean direct, int length)
          Get a new direct ByteBuffer.
 void putBuffer(ByteBuffer buffer)
          Release a buffer back to the pool.

Method Detail


ByteBuffer getBuffer(boolean direct,
                     int length)
Get a new direct ByteBuffer. The pool can provide this from removing a buffer from its internal cache, or by allocating a new buffer.

direct - Whether the buffer should be direct.
length - The minimum length the buffer will have.
A new ByteBuffer. This ByteBuffer must be direct. Its capacity can be less than what was requested, but must be at least 1 byte.


void putBuffer(ByteBuffer buffer)
Release a buffer back to the pool. The pool may choose to put this buffer into its cache.

buffer - a direct bytebuffer

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