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org.apache.hadoop.fs An abstract file system API. Generic i/o code for use when reading and writing data to the network, to databases, and to files. 

Uses of FileContext in org.apache.hadoop.fs

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.fs that return FileContext
static FileContext FileContext.getFileContext()
          Create a FileContext using the default config read from the $HADOOP_CONFIG/core.xml, Unspecified key-values for config are defaulted from core-defaults.xml in the release jar.
protected static FileContext FileContext.getFileContext(AbstractFileSystem defaultFS)
          Create a FileContext for specified file system using the default config.
static FileContext FileContext.getFileContext(AbstractFileSystem defFS, Configuration aConf)
          Create a FileContext with specified FS as default using the specified config.
static FileContext FileContext.getFileContext(Configuration aConf)
          Create a FileContext using the passed config.
static FileContext FileContext.getFileContext(URI defaultFsUri)
          Create a FileContext for specified URI using the default config.
static FileContext FileContext.getFileContext(URI defaultFsUri, Configuration aConf)
          Create a FileContext for specified default URI using the specified config.
static FileContext FileContext.getLocalFSFileContext()
static FileContext FileContext.getLocalFSFileContext(Configuration aConf)

Constructors in org.apache.hadoop.fs with parameters of type FileContext
AvroFSInput(FileContext fc, Path p)
          Construct given a FileContext and a Path.

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Methods in with parameters of type FileContext
static SequenceFile.createWriter(FileContext fc, Configuration conf, Path name, Class keyClass, Class valClass, compressionType, CompressionCodec codec, metadata, EnumSet<CreateFlag> createFlag, org.apache.hadoop.fs.Options.CreateOpts... opts)
          Construct the preferred type of SequenceFile Writer.

Uses of FileContext in org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.v2.hs

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.v2.hs with parameters of type FileContext
protected  List<FileStatus> HistoryFileManager.scanDirectoryForHistoryFiles(Path path, FileContext fc)

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