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Packages that use Buffer
org.apache.hadoop.record (DEPRECATED) Hadoop record I/O contains classes and a record description language translator for simplifying serialization and deserialization of records in a language-neutral manner. 

Uses of Buffer in org.apache.hadoop.record

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.record that return Buffer
 Buffer BinaryRecordInput.readBuffer(String tag)
 Buffer RecordInput.readBuffer(String tag)
          Deprecated. Read byte array from serialized record.
 Buffer XmlRecordInput.readBuffer(String tag)
 Buffer CsvRecordInput.readBuffer(String tag)

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.record with parameters of type Buffer
 void BinaryRecordOutput.writeBuffer(Buffer buf, String tag)
 void XmlRecordOutput.writeBuffer(Buffer buf, String tag)
 void RecordOutput.writeBuffer(Buffer buf, String tag)
          Deprecated. Write a buffer to serialized record.
 void CsvRecordOutput.writeBuffer(Buffer buf, String tag)

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