Uses of Class

Packages that use AbstractMetricsContext
org.apache.hadoop.metrics.file Implementation of the metrics package that writes the metrics to a file. 
org.apache.hadoop.metrics.ganglia Implementation of the metrics package that sends metric data to Ganglia
org.apache.hadoop.metrics.spi The Service Provider Interface for the Metrics API. 

Uses of AbstractMetricsContext in org.apache.hadoop.metrics.file

Subclasses of AbstractMetricsContext in org.apache.hadoop.metrics.file
 class FileContext

Uses of AbstractMetricsContext in org.apache.hadoop.metrics.ganglia

Subclasses of AbstractMetricsContext in org.apache.hadoop.metrics.ganglia
 class GangliaContext
          Context for sending metrics to Ganglia.

Uses of AbstractMetricsContext in org.apache.hadoop.metrics.spi

Subclasses of AbstractMetricsContext in org.apache.hadoop.metrics.spi
 class CompositeContext
 class NoEmitMetricsContext
          A MetricsContext that does not emit data, but, unlike NullContextWithUpdate, does save it for retrieval with getAllRecords().
 class NullContext
          Null metrics context: a metrics context which does nothing.
 class NullContextWithUpdateThread
          A null context which has a thread calling periodically when monitoring is started.

Constructors in org.apache.hadoop.metrics.spi with parameters of type AbstractMetricsContext
MetricsRecordImpl(String recordName, AbstractMetricsContext context)
          Creates a new instance of FileRecord

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