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Uses of TaskAttemptID in org.apache.hadoop.mapred

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 class TaskAttemptID
          TaskAttemptID represents the immutable and unique identifier for a task attempt.

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.mapred with parameters of type TaskAttemptID
static TaskAttemptID TaskAttemptID.downgrade(TaskAttemptID old)
          Downgrade a new TaskAttemptID to an old one

Uses of TaskAttemptID in org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce that return TaskAttemptID
static TaskAttemptID TaskAttemptID.forName(String str)
          Construct a TaskAttemptID object from given string
 TaskAttemptID TaskCompletionEvent.getTaskAttemptId()
          Returns task id.
 TaskAttemptID TaskAttemptContext.getTaskAttemptID()
          Get the unique name for this task attempt.

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce with parameters of type TaskAttemptID
 void Job.failTask(TaskAttemptID taskId)
          Fail indicated task attempt.
 org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.v2.LogParams Cluster.getLogParams(JobID jobID, TaskAttemptID taskAttemptID)
          Get log parameters for the specified jobID or taskAttemptID
 String[] Job.getTaskDiagnostics(TaskAttemptID taskid)
          Gets the diagnostic messages for a given task attempt.
 void Job.killTask(TaskAttemptID taskId)
          Kill indicated task attempt.
 boolean Job.killTask(TaskAttemptID taskId, boolean shouldFail)
          Kill indicated task attempt.
protected  void TaskCompletionEvent.setTaskAttemptId(TaskAttemptID taskId)
          Sets task id.

Constructors in org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce with parameters of type TaskAttemptID
TaskCompletionEvent(int eventId, TaskAttemptID taskId, int idWithinJob, boolean isMap, TaskCompletionEvent.Status status, String taskTrackerHttp)

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Methods in with parameters of type TaskAttemptID
protected static String CLI.getTaskLogURL(TaskAttemptID taskId, String baseUrl)

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