Interface Progressable

All Known Subinterfaces:
MapContext<KEYIN,VALUEIN,KEYOUT,VALUEOUT>, ReduceContext<KEYIN,VALUEIN,KEYOUT,VALUEOUT>, Reporter, TaskAttemptContext, TaskAttemptContext, TaskInputOutputContext<KEYIN,VALUEIN,KEYOUT,VALUEOUT>

public interface Progressable

A facility for reporting progress.

Clients and/or applications can use the provided Progressable to explicitly report progress to the Hadoop framework. This is especially important for operations which take significant amount of time since, in-lieu of the reported progress, the framework has to assume that an error has occured and time-out the operation.

Method Summary
 void progress()
          Report progress to the Hadoop framework.

Method Detail


void progress()
Report progress to the Hadoop framework.

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