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Packages that use RecordOutput
org.apache.hadoop.record (DEPRECATED) Hadoop record I/O contains classes and a record description language translator for simplifying serialization and deserialization of records in a language-neutral manner. 

Uses of RecordOutput in org.apache.hadoop.record

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.record that implement RecordOutput
 class BinaryRecordOutput
          Deprecated. Replaced by Avro.
 class CsvRecordOutput
          Deprecated. Replaced by Avro.
 class XmlRecordOutput
          Deprecated. Replaced by Avro.

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.record with parameters of type RecordOutput
 void Record.serialize(RecordOutput rout)
          Deprecated. Serialize a record without a tag
abstract  void Record.serialize(RecordOutput rout, String tag)
          Deprecated. Serialize a record with tag (ususally field name)

Uses of RecordOutput in org.apache.hadoop.record.meta

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.record.meta with parameters of type RecordOutput
 void RecordTypeInfo.serialize(RecordOutput rout, String tag)
          Deprecated. Serialize the type information for a record

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