Uses of Interface

Packages that use MetricsPlugin
org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 Metrics 2.0 
org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.filter Builtin metrics filters (to be used in metrics config files) 
org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.sink Builtin metrics sinks 

Uses of MetricsPlugin in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2

Subinterfaces of MetricsPlugin in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2
 interface MetricsSink
          The metrics sink interface

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 that implement MetricsPlugin
 class MetricsFilter
          The metrics filter interface

Uses of MetricsPlugin in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.filter

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.filter that implement MetricsPlugin
 class org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.filter.AbstractPatternFilter
          Base class for pattern based filters
 class GlobFilter
          A glob pattern filter for metrics.
 class RegexFilter
          A regex pattern filter for metrics

Uses of MetricsPlugin in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.sink

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.sink that implement MetricsPlugin
 class FileSink
          A metrics sink that writes to a file

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