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Packages that use MetricsInfo
org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 Metrics 2.0 
org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.lib A collection of library classes for implementing metrics sources 

Uses of MetricsInfo in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 that implement MetricsInfo
 class AbstractMetric
          The immutable metric
 class MetricsTag
          Immutable tag for metrics (for grouping on host/queue/username etc.)

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 that return MetricsInfo
protected  MetricsInfo

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 with parameters of type MetricsInfo
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.addCounter(MetricsInfo info, int value)
          Add an integer metric
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.addCounter(MetricsInfo info, long value)
          Add an long metric
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.addGauge(MetricsInfo info, double value)
          Add a double gauge metric
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.addGauge(MetricsInfo info, float value)
          Add a float gauge metric
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.addGauge(MetricsInfo info, int value)
          Add a integer gauge metric
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.addGauge(MetricsInfo info, long value)
          Add a long gauge metric
 MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsCollector.addRecord(MetricsInfo info)
          Add a metrics record
 void MetricsVisitor.counter(MetricsInfo info, int value)
          Callback for integer value counters
 void MetricsVisitor.counter(MetricsInfo info, long value)
          Callback for long value counters
 void MetricsVisitor.gauge(MetricsInfo info, double value)
          Callback for double value gauges
 void MetricsVisitor.gauge(MetricsInfo info, float value)
          Callback for float value gauges
 void MetricsVisitor.gauge(MetricsInfo info, int value)
          Callback for integer value gauges
 void MetricsVisitor.gauge(MetricsInfo info, long value)
          Callback for long value gauges
abstract  MetricsRecordBuilder MetricsRecordBuilder.tag(MetricsInfo info, String value)
          Add a metrics tag

Constructors in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 with parameters of type MetricsInfo
AbstractMetric(MetricsInfo info)
          Construct the metric
MetricsTag(MetricsInfo info, String value)
          Construct the tag with name, description and value

Uses of MetricsInfo in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.lib

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.lib that return MetricsInfo
protected  MetricsInfo
protected  MetricsInfo
static MetricsInfo name, String description)
          Get a metric info object

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.lib with parameters of type MetricsInfo
 MutableCounterInt MetricsRegistry.newCounter(MetricsInfo info, int iVal)
          Create a mutable integer counter
 MutableCounterLong MetricsRegistry.newCounter(MetricsInfo info, long iVal)
          Create a mutable long integer counter
 MutableGaugeInt MetricsRegistry.newGauge(MetricsInfo info, int iVal)
          Create a mutable integer gauge
 MutableGaugeLong MetricsRegistry.newGauge(MetricsInfo info, long iVal)
          Create a mutable long integer gauge
 MetricsRegistry MetricsRegistry.tag(MetricsInfo info, String value)
static MetricsTag Interns.tag(MetricsInfo info, String value)
          Get a metrics tag
 MetricsRegistry MetricsRegistry.tag(MetricsInfo info, String value, boolean override)
          Add a tag to the metrics

Constructors in org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.lib with parameters of type MetricsInfo
MetricsRegistry(MetricsInfo info)
          Construct the registry with a metadata object
MutableCounter(MetricsInfo info)
MutableGauge(MetricsInfo info)

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