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Uses of QueueInfo in org.apache.hadoop.mapred

Subclasses of QueueInfo in org.apache.hadoop.mapred
 class JobQueueInfo
          Class that contains the information regarding the Job Queues which are maintained by the Hadoop Map/Reduce framework.

Uses of QueueInfo in org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce that return QueueInfo
 QueueInfo[] Cluster.getChildQueues(String queueName)
          Returns immediate children of queueName.
 QueueInfo Cluster.getQueue(String name)
          Get queue information for the specified name.
 QueueInfo[] Cluster.getQueues()
          Get all the queues in cluster.
 QueueInfo[] Cluster.getRootQueues()
          Gets the root level queues.

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce that return types with arguments of type QueueInfo
 List<QueueInfo> QueueInfo.getQueueChildren()
          Get immediate children.

Method parameters in org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce with type arguments of type QueueInfo
protected  void QueueInfo.setQueueChildren(List<QueueInfo> children)

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