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Packages that use AclStatus
org.apache.hadoop.fs An abstract file system API. 

Uses of AclStatus in org.apache.hadoop.fs

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.fs that return AclStatus
 AclStatus FilterFileSystem.getAclStatus(Path path)
 AclStatus AbstractFileSystem.getAclStatus(Path path)
          Gets the ACLs of files and directories.
 AclStatus FileSystem.getAclStatus(Path path)
          Gets the ACL of a file or directory.
 AclStatus FileContext.getAclStatus(Path path)
          Gets the ACLs of files and directories.

Uses of AclStatus in org.apache.hadoop.fs.viewfs

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.fs.viewfs that return AclStatus
 AclStatus ViewFileSystem.getAclStatus(Path path)

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