Class AuthenticationFilterInitializer

  extended by org.apache.hadoop.http.FilterInitializer
      extended by

public class AuthenticationFilterInitializer
extends FilterInitializer

Initializes Alfredo AuthenticationFilter which provides support for Kerberos HTTP SPNEGO authentication.

It enables anonymous access, simple/speudo and Kerberos HTTP SPNEGO authentication for Hadoop JobTracker, NameNode, DataNodes and TaskTrackers.

Refer to the core-default.xml file, after the comment 'HTTP Authentication' for details on the configuration options. All related configuration properties have 'hadoop.http.authentication.' as prefix.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void initFilter(FilterContainer container, Configuration conf)
          Initializes Alfredo AuthenticationFilter.
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Constructor Detail


public AuthenticationFilterInitializer()
Method Detail


public void initFilter(FilterContainer container,
                       Configuration conf)
Initializes Alfredo AuthenticationFilter.

Propagates to Alfredo AuthenticationFilter configuration all Hadoop configuration properties prefixed with "hadoop.http.authentication."

Specified by:
initFilter in class FilterInitializer
container - The filter container
conf - Configuration for run-time parameters

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