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Packages that use Index
org.apache.hadoop.record Hadoop record I/O contains classes and a record description language translator for simplifying serialization and deserialization of records in a language-neutral manner. 
org.apache.hadoop.typedbytes Typed bytes are sequences of bytes in which the first byte is a type code. 

Uses of Index in org.apache.hadoop.record

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.record that return Index
 Index CsvRecordInput.startMap(String tag)
 Index RecordInput.startMap(String tag)
          Check the mark for start of the serialized map.
 Index BinaryRecordInput.startMap(String tag)
 Index XmlRecordInput.startMap(String tag)
 Index CsvRecordInput.startVector(String tag)
 Index RecordInput.startVector(String tag)
          Check the mark for start of the serialized vector.
 Index BinaryRecordInput.startVector(String tag)
 Index XmlRecordInput.startVector(String tag)

Uses of Index in org.apache.hadoop.typedbytes

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.typedbytes that return Index
 Index TypedBytesRecordInput.startMap(String tag)
 Index TypedBytesRecordInput.startVector(String tag)

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