Class CachedDNSToSwitchMapping

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public class CachedDNSToSwitchMapping
extends Object
implements DNSToSwitchMapping

A cached implementation of DNSToSwitchMapping that takes an raw DNSToSwitchMapping and stores the resolved network location in a cache. The following calls to a resolved network location will get its location from the cache.

Field Summary
protected  DNSToSwitchMapping rawMapping
Constructor Summary
CachedDNSToSwitchMapping(DNSToSwitchMapping rawMapping)
Method Summary
 List<String> resolve(List<String> names)
          Resolves a list of DNS-names/IP-addresses and returns back a list of switch information (network paths).
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Field Detail


protected DNSToSwitchMapping rawMapping
Constructor Detail


public CachedDNSToSwitchMapping(DNSToSwitchMapping rawMapping)
Method Detail


public List<String> resolve(List<String> names)
Description copied from interface: DNSToSwitchMapping
Resolves a list of DNS-names/IP-addresses and returns back a list of switch information (network paths). One-to-one correspondence must be maintained between the elements in the lists. Consider an element in the argument list - The switch information that is returned must be a network path of the form /foo/rack, where / is the root, and 'foo' is the switch where 'rack' is connected. Note the hostname/ip-address is not part of the returned path. The network topology of the cluster would determine the number of components in the network path.

Specified by:
resolve in interface DNSToSwitchMapping
list of resolved network paths

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