Uses of Interface

Packages that use MetricsContext
org.apache.hadoop.metrics Note, this package is deprecated in favor of org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 usage. 
org.apache.hadoop.metrics.file Implementation of the metrics package that writes the metrics to a file. 
org.apache.hadoop.metrics.ganglia Implementation of the metrics package that sends metric data to Ganglia
org.apache.hadoop.metrics.spi Note, this package is deprecated in favor of org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 usage. 

Uses of MetricsContext in org.apache.hadoop.metrics

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.metrics that return MetricsContext
static MetricsContext MetricsUtil.getContext(String contextName)
 MetricsContext ContextFactory.getContext(String contextName)
static MetricsContext MetricsUtil.getContext(String refName, String contextName)
          Deprecated. Utility method to return the named context.
 MetricsContext ContextFactory.getContext(String refName, String contextName)
          Deprecated. Returns the named MetricsContext instance, constructing it if necessary using the factory's current configuration attributes.
static MetricsContext ContextFactory.getNullContext(String contextName)
          Deprecated. Returns a "null" context - one which does nothing.

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.metrics that return types with arguments of type MetricsContext
 Collection<MetricsContext> ContextFactory.getAllContexts()
          Deprecated. Returns all MetricsContexts built by this factory.

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.metrics with parameters of type MetricsContext
static MetricsRecord MetricsUtil.createRecord(MetricsContext context, String recordName)
          Deprecated. Utility method to create and return new metrics record instance within the given context.
 void Updater.doUpdates(MetricsContext context)
          Deprecated. Timer-based call-back from the metric library.

Uses of MetricsContext in org.apache.hadoop.metrics.file

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.metrics.file that implement MetricsContext
 class FileContext
          Deprecated. use FileSink instead.

Uses of MetricsContext in org.apache.hadoop.metrics.ganglia

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.metrics.ganglia that implement MetricsContext
 class GangliaContext
          Deprecated. in favor of org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 usage.
 class GangliaContext31
          Context for sending metrics to Ganglia version 3.1.x.

Uses of MetricsContext in org.apache.hadoop.metrics.jvm

Methods in org.apache.hadoop.metrics.jvm with parameters of type MetricsContext
 void JvmMetrics.doUpdates(MetricsContext context)
          Deprecated. This will be called periodically (with the period being configuration dependent).

Uses of MetricsContext in org.apache.hadoop.metrics.spi

Classes in org.apache.hadoop.metrics.spi that implement MetricsContext
 class AbstractMetricsContext
          Deprecated. in favor of org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 usage.
 class CompositeContext
          Deprecated. in favor of org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 usage.
 class NoEmitMetricsContext
          Deprecated. in favor of org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 usage.
 class NullContext
          Deprecated. in favor of org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 usage.
 class NullContextWithUpdateThread
          Deprecated. in favor of org.apache.hadoop.metrics2 usage.

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